Best YouTube Monetization Methods For Creators

how to monetize youtube channel

YouTube is big, so big that it helped content creators make millions through YouTube monetization. Make no mistake, most of the peoples who earn with YouTube are not celebrities or famous peoples.

These were unknown before they started the channel. The creative things they bring for their followers made them YouTube star. If you see the top 10 peoples who earn with YouTube, you will wonder they do things as simple as unboxing toys and have millions of followers.

But, there is a majority of YouTube users who are on the other side which is yet to figure out how to earn with YouTube.

Sound easy and simple, still, few common questions that come across in everyone’s mind are:

  • Becoming a YouTuber
  • Starting a Channel
  • Growth path
  • How to monetize YouTube Channel and
  • YouTube monetization options

This post is written keeping in minds all of the above questions newbies ask or have doubts about. Keeping aside these commonly asked questions, one thing is absolutely clear.

To earn with YouTube monetization you have to become a creator and stop being a person who spends enormous time watching videos. In short, you need to switch the side, focus and start creating content.

So, let us start looking for answers to the above question and help you clear your mind.

Becoming a YouTuber?

That’s a tough question to answer. Though, you need to introspect why you are choosing this path. The series of the question may answer your queries:

Is being a YouTuber a good Idea?

Not everyone who uploads a bunch of videos is called a YouTuber, though they often do. For calling yourself as a YouTuber, one has to be consistent and build a library of niche specific video content which helps monetize YouTube channel.

Before you start a channel, you must ask a few basic questions to yourself:

Is YouTubing a good career for you?

The choice is yours, however, a very less percentage of peoples who start their YouTube journey is focused enough to make YouTubing a career. These individuals are focused, put a lot of planning from start and set up goals such as:

  • What niche to select for videos
  • Frequency of video uploads
  • Growing their subscribers
  • When to start YouTube monetization
  • How to standout and collaborate

Here is one major confusion, is YouTube a job or hobby?

Where the majority of newbies do not make up their mind between two. I consider the easiest of the solution to start with a part-time hobby and scale it after a few months of experience.

The same also applies when you will monetize YouTube videos. So, some serious brainstorming to be done before you decide to become a YouTuber. But, one this is for sure, if you get success, this is one of the best jobs without a degree or college education!

This indeed is the most important phase of your journey, here you will decide about your future. The suggestion is to take time and consider all the aspects like time, earn with YouTube and efforts to put forward. However, without a doubt YouTube gives you an opportunity to become famous just like many become influencer on Instagram and other sites..

Starting a Channel

Once you are over the phase of brainstorming, comes the easiest part as per me. Before you start working on your channel and look for YouTube monetization video. The first thing that you need is to finalize your niche.

I have mentioned in my earlier post about how to select a good niche for your blog, here too most of the things remain unchanged except few.

YouTube is a visual platform, hence some niche does better when compared to a blog. Here are some of the YouTube channel ideas that tend to do much better than others:

  • Makeup
  • Gaming
  • Yoga
  • Unboxing Products
  • Tech Reviews
  • Travel
  • Fashion
  • Digital Marketing
  • Humour
  • Vlogging

Years have passed but above are still the best ideas to earn with YouTube. If, you have no idea about niche selection and wondering what should I upload for better YouTube monetization later.

Simply, just pick one of the above YouTube channel ideas for beginners that grow faster. In case, you are planning to go ahead with your own niche go ahead and research YouTube keyword list before finalizing.

Here are other key points that which one must keep in mind when starting your channel


  • Login to YouTube with your Gmail account
  • Go to your account setting
  • Click on the create a new channel
  • Select a name for your channel
  • Click on create About Section

This is important, fill your channel’s about section with a good description which reflects what kind of content you create.

Within this section, you can put a link to your blog or website or just link your social media platforms. All of this will appear in a single section of your channel.

Cover Photo

When a visitor visits your channel, immediately he will notice the cover photo which should clearly mention your channel name.

This is a visual representation of your content to introduce your channel. Choose a good image but focus shall be your channel name. Use as creative art as you can to stand out.

Channel Art.

The same thing applies here as the cover photo. If required, you can take services of best freelancing sites to hire a good graphic designer for professional channel art.

Here is a good example of a channel page:

yourtube channel page

How to grow your YouTube Channel 2019 and beyond?

Once you set-up your channel and uploaded some video. It’s time to start putting some time to grow your YouTube channel free and paid strategies.

Let us start with the free strategies:

YouTube Channel Keywords

YouTube is watched by millions of people’s daily which mean your targeted audience too is out there. They are looking for videos through search keywords which they put into the search bar.

With the proper use of YouTube channel keywords in your video title will help your video show up in organic search results.

I suggest using a free YouTube keywords tool called search autocomplete to identify the best keywords for your niche.

Here is an example of how to identify the most popular YouTube keywords list for your video title.

youtube keywords helps monetization

When using the YouTube Keywords tool suggestion, make sure that you use them in:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Tag
  • Channel Info Competitor Analysis

One of the best free ways for SEO is to analyze your YouTube competitors for the same niche.

This will give you an idea not only for creating video content. But also helps you to identify which videos are performing well in search results.

You can also identify the use of YouTube monetization methods etc. Always a good idea to peek into the YouTube competitors to get new ideas, adapt strategies for your own growth.

Use Video Tags

Before uploading your video content ensure that the right and popular YouTube tags with you. In fact, you should create a popular YouTube tags list to use for your niche video content ready with you.

Tags play a key role to identify your videos to the relevant searches and related videos. While using the tab, please remember to use the best word to word YouTube channel keywords as a tag for your video.

Later when you will start YouTube monetization, these YouTube channel keywords play a vital role to identify content and play relevant advertisements. Rest all relevant close or broad tags must come later. Keep the list of tags limit maximum to 20 as this is a good number for YouTube to identify your content.

More than that may confuse the algorithm about the content. In case you find it difficult to identify the right kind of tags for your videos, check YouTube tag finder to help you out.

Always go through the list of keywords suggested by YouTube keyword tool before uploading your new video.

Clickable YouTube Thumbnails

Generally, peoples avoid using clickable YouTube thumbnails that attract the user to click on your video. Remember, once your video is appearing on search results, a thumbnail can play an important role after that.

These visual snapshots of your videos must be attractive enough to make peoples click on them to go through your quality content.

Though one pick auto YouTube thumbnail generator after loading of your video, a custom thumbnail is always a good idea to go with. Creating your best YouTube thumbnails is not difficult as you can create them on any of the visual software.

You can easily learn how to create a thumbnail for YouTube with online site Canva. Once your channel set-up and have uploaded a few videos, it’s time to work on the growth strategies for your channel.

Content Sharing

This is the easiest and free if you work the right way. Creating social media accounts to promote your content to receive traffic for your videos. Start requesting on through your social media account for share, subscription, and video likes.

Creating a Facebook page to promote your channel is a great way to get more engagement for your video content. Learn how to use Twitter trending topics and hashtags to promote your content through Twitter.

You can go through this Twitter for dummies guide, later on, to understand followers engagements can bring a lot of traffic to your video content.

Interact, Engage and React

This work two ways, first you engage with your viewers who leave a reply on your videos. Try to interest for at least first 10/15 comments on your videos. This will help others to encourage more engagement.

Second, find other like-minded channels and start engaging with them too. Leaving a comment or asking to check out your channel always help build reputation amount like minded peoples.

Become consistent with your uploads

This is one of the important aspects of growing your YouTube channel fast. Try to be as consistent as you can with new video content for your channel.

You can fix a schedule and let your audience know when you upload the fresh videos. This helps your audience know when to come back to your channel for new content.

What Are The Best YouTube Monetization Methods For Creators?

Let’s have a look at top 5 ways to monetize YouTube channel. These are the favourite methods that Youtubers adopt worldwide.

1. YouTube with AdSense

The easiest way to monetize YouTube Channel is through Google AdSense.
Now that there is a change in YouTube monetization requirements. A channel must have at least 1000 subscribers with 4000 hours of watch time.

Above metrics, a channel must achieve within 12 months of starting a new one. Hence, it’s a good time to start a channel and wait till you hit the desired metrics through good content.

I suggest you go through the detail terms and conditions that YouTube put up for the qualification to monetize YouTube channel with AdSense.

2. Use YouTube to Fill Your Funnels

If you are not aware of funnels, this is the right time you learn more of it. Till the time your channel is eligible for the YouTube monetization requirements, you can use your views to fill your funnels.

As suggested earlier, you must build useful and helpful content for your viewers. This must point viewers to opt-in either at the end of your video and in the video description.

By this, you will grow your email list for sending the series of your relationship building emails and products to offer in later stages.

3. Monetize YouTube Channel with Affiliate Marketing?

This is one of the best ways to monetize YouTube channel if not the best one. I am sure there is already a niche in mind for your YouTube channel and all videos are relevant to the niche only.

Here is one tip, always promote products which are genuine for your YouTube monetization. You can start or end your videos with sharing a few good things about the affiliate products.

If it’s a physical product you can show how to use it or if it’s a digital product show how that can bring change to their life.

One of the most important aspects you have to keep in mind when using affiliate marketing for YouTube monetization. That is, answering the most commonly asked question about the product.

If you can resolve the doubts that one may have about the product, your chances of making a sale increases automatically.

Learn affiliate marketing business success formula and affiliate marketing rules that help newbies to understand how it works.

4. Contact brands for YouTube Monetization

You may have to wait for some time till a few thousands of subscribers and views on your YouTube videos. But, merely subscribers or views won’t help you get the sponsored from brands.

Quality content is more important, better if you have content relevant to the brands you are approaching for the sponsorship.

5. YouTube and Amazon works well

Heard of Amazon associate? Peoples who promote Amazon products through their websites. However, if you work smartly, YouTube monetization with Amazon is an amazing option for you.

Though the commission rates are not lucrative but you will still earn with YouTube. It has enough money to motivate you and keep you going. You income will definitely increase if you keep creating quality YouTube content.


So, those were the 5 YouTube monetization options that you have in your hand. Again, before you start with any of the above, keep these things in mind:

  • Merely building a YouTube channel won’t help you.
  • Become consistent with the content upload.
  • Focus on the quality of content that helps subscribers.
  • Don’t forget to promote your channel through social media.
  • Call to action at the start or end of the video to gain more subscribers.
  • Focus on YouTube SEO to gain generic views.
  • Go through the YouTube monetization rules 2019 thoroughly.
  • Monetize YouTube account with the best suitable option.
  • Must put a disclosure on the YouTube video or description about sponsored videos.

Hope you will gain a few tips from above to Monetize your channel and earn with YouTube. There is no doubt that YouTube is one of the most legit ways to make money online.

Just in case if YouTube does not allow you to Monetize YouTube channel, check our top 5 YouTube alternatives for video content creators use to earn money.

These alternatives of YouTube are not as big as YouTube still they work wonders for content creators.

Always remember to keep an eye on YouTube monetization updates to stay in touch with the latest guidelines.

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