YouTube Alternatives For Creators That Pays Well

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Top YouTube Alternatives For Creators

Video sharing site YouTube has helped millions of video creator to earn money from the most casual of their content. Though there were a lot of YouTube alternatives for creators were available in market earlier.
There were not many who were taking them seriously for uploading their video content.

With YouTube vloggers, unboxing and funny content creators have acquired followings in millions. Which converted into views and monetising money from YouTube.

But, recent YouTube updates has made it difficult for small time video content creator to start making money with YouTube.

As per new terms for creators, at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of views will enable advertising on the content. Which is discoursing for new and small creators.

Small time niche related content creators are facing penalties from YouTube now. These creators are the one who was dependent on affiliate related income.

Learn more about how to find best niche for you, in case you have not yet finalized one for you. That is why content creators are looking for YouTube alternatives to make money.

If you were planning to start and how to grow your channel on YouTube fast, but unaware of the new terms and conditions. These listed are few alternatives to YouTube to create money from video content.

Remember, these are only few YouTube alternatives for creators and we will add more in future.

List of best YouTube alternatives for creators to upload content

1. Dailymotion

Out of al other alternatives to YouTube for creators, Dailymotion is our top choice. Dailymotion is out there from quite some time now and allows video monetization program with profit share of up to 70%.

Minimum pay out is $100 and signup is free to video content creators. Their in-stream video ads help creators to generate higher earnings with relevant ad content. Just like YouTube they too have multiple formats of ads to suit your videos and channel.

A strict policy of Dailymotion for earning is original videos of the creator.
If you are a vlogger with original video content this is best YouTube alternative for creators and you can build your audience for you with Dailymotion.

2. Vimeo On Demand

The high quality content site which allows content creators to sell their videos to fans, offering options for subscribing, buy or rent the content. You have an option to make your videos available to the specific geographical audience or to a global audience.

Vimeo profit share is up to 90% which is quite high and income is transferred to PayPal account. However, Vimeo is not free to join. Its cost $17/mo. Billed annually, and only original copyrighted videos of the creator are allowed the upload.

Try Vimeo as a YouTube alternative for creators if you are not yet eligible for monetization for YouTube.

3. The Vault

This is a video monetization platform which let content creators upload their videos and make money. They help your content get viral on social media or on YouTube.

Another great feature is that they allow their partners and clients to buy your creation. Vault only allow self-created videos hence keep in mind the originality.

Not great, still will work for you a YouTube alternative for creators to upload content for earning money.

4. Amazon Video Direct

If you have quality original video content and from the country where electronic payments are supported by the Amazon this is a great site. If you are an Amazon Prime Member and watch their content, just imagine your content being available for streaming in 1080p full HD to the Prime members.

You will make money based on hours of streaming by prime members.

5. Envul

Another great site to make money with video content if you are a Gamer. Their affiliate program enables you to earn 10% of your referral income share. For every unique 1000 video views, you can earn up to $3 from your content.

You generate revenue for every 30 seconds of video content watched by the viewers. So try to use this only if you create gaming videos.

This is a great YouTube alternatives to make money with video sites are not big as YouTube itself. But work well for small and medium creators to add additional income to their pocket.


Now that you know the top alternative of YouTube start creating content for these websites also. In case your YouTube earning is now growing or you are not happy with the traditional YouTube monetization methods.
Have a look at how content creators are monetizing YouTube with other alternatives and earn from them too.

You can also try our guide to help you grow your existing YouTube channel, if you are wondering why you have slow growth. I hope you will like our short list of top alternatives to YouTube for small time creators out there.

We will see, if in future we can add other video content uploading sites similar to above YouTube alternatives for creators.

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