Get Paid To Tweet With Money Making Twitter Tips

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get paid to tweet with pay per tweet program

Earn money from twitter the micro-blogging site with millions of user base worldwide. We will discuss how you can get paid to tweet through different monetization options available.

Pay per tweet, generating traffic and affiliate marketing are some of the best options that helps you get paid by twitter through indirect ways.

These are the best ways to make money on twitter without consuming much of your time.

Please note, when you monetize twitter account, there is no guarantee of how much you will earn. But, you can definitely get paid to tweet if you have a good following.

Most of the time you make money tweeting for companies who go through your profile from different platforms and check your followers and quality of content.

So, here are the easiest ways to earn money through twitter profile:

Start making money twitter – Try Pay Per Tweet

You can enroll for a pay per click program online and start campaigning for them to earn money from twitter.

There pay per tweet program is what you an check to monetize your twitter account.

One such company is Linqia who works with great brands and have relevant campaigns as per your twitter niche.

Linqia help influencers like you to connect with best brands, who are looking for an audience for their brand.

They have in place minimum requirement for social media influencers, if you get in, you will be paid per tweet.

Here how you can qualify for their pay per click program for the twitter.

  • 2500 + social followers on your twitter profile.
  • Should be posting stories at least 1x/month
  • Located in North America (though you can apply if not from North America but your followers are primarily from that region ).

Hence, before applying you must check the above eligibility and see if you qualify for pay per tweet programs that help you get paid on twitter.

They have a great pay-out module, you can make up to $220 per campaign from your account and earn money from twitter.

Pay Per Tweet Programs – Easy Way To Make Money On Twitter

You can enrol for pay per tweet programs at Sponsored Tweets and earn money from twitter profile.

Once your profile is approved you can bid for the companies giving an offer for pay per tweet.

Pay per tweet programs is easy as many time pre-written tweets are made available for you.

Your job is to copy and paste them to your tweets, in fact, the easiest way to earn money from twitter.

Make Money on Twitter with Shopping

If you love shopping online and have a decent monthly budget for your shopping you can earn money from twitter while shopping.

You can sign up for Ebates and shop in your favorite e-commerce sites like
Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Macy’s etc.

They give deals and promo codes to its users with great cash back or double cashback deals. Their cashback is up 40% on 2500 online stores. You shop and keep making a big fat check or PayPal payment for yourself on the way.

Moreover, you get $10 cash bonus when you sign-up with Ebates. You can refer a friend and earn up to $25 per referral additional bonus to earn money from twitter.

Though this is different from pay per tweet programs but still is a good option for you to get paid to tweet. This is fun for peoples who love shopping and like to recommend best product to others.

Plus, you get paid to promote on twitter for things that you have yourself tried and tested.

Drive Traffic from Twitter

Another great way to make money with your twitter accounts is driving traffic to your blog, website or eCommerce store.

By this, you will get a new customer, visitors for your blog, website or eCommerce store.

This is not the direct way to where you will get paid to tweet but, driving traffic can help you generate money from display advertisements on your blog.

Another benefit of this strategy is that your blog/website will get a link from social media to your blog/website that will help you move up in the search ranking of Google.

Twitter can help you reach to a broader audience and exposure, this indirectly helps you make money through higher visitor count.

Get a better job via Twitter

This is again not directly linked with get paid to tweet strategy. However, if you use twitter the right way, you can get lucky to find a better job based for you.

Sound interesting?

Start with your twitter profile, make a profile that showcases your experience in your field. Writing the right keywords that describe your expertise.

• Use professional display picture and header.
• Search for the peoples or companies that interest you.
• Share your thoughts tagging them.
• Comment on their share and reply.
• If they follow you back, tweet them a private message on topics of their interest.

Remember, you just don’t get paid to tweet directly, there are many indirect options too.

These options can help you in the long term. Promotion of your business, finding a job and building links for your blog are long term options which you should consider.

Learn more with Twitter for Dummies Guide for growth of your twitter profile and how to use twitter trending topics.

Hope you like these options and will apply to get paid to promote on twitter products that you love.

Or, you can to ahead and making money twitter and get paid to tweet with websites that pay per tweet on twitter.

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