Spotify vs Pandora Comparison 2021-Pros and Cons

spotify vs pandora

Are you confused choosing between Spotify vs Pandora premium? Here is this article we try to make the best of comparison to help you take the final call between Pandora vs Spotify!

For quite a long time, Apple and Spotify have been dominating and among the best music streaming services business. Mainly the Spotify, which is a Swedish-born app that has its footprints spread throughout Europe, North America, and many Asian countries, was launched in 2008. On the other hand, Pandora been in the industry for a longer period is all set to achieve the milestone of the decade in 2020.

This year Pandora launched a unique music streaming service known as Pandora Premium. From the look of things, though, it seems this new service is all set to give Spotify and Apple music a run for their money. Before our comparison of Spotify vs Pandora Premium, let us start to look at both of them from an individual standpoint, to have a feel of either.

Pros and Cons of Spotify vs Pandora Premium

Spotify Pros and Cons

Let us start with Spotify, which is a bit more logical, as this is what is leading in the industry, and most people know about their service. Spotify is known as the go-to music streaming all-around service. Unlike iTunes from Apple, which is well known for its limitation to apple devices, Spotify is compatible with almost every operating system and device in the market. As it is a podcast and video service, hence you will always see a lot of videos of your favorite music track as you stream them.

All of this is provided you have it installed on the right gadgets. With a selection of 40 million-plus songs to choose from, Spotify does have some of the most diverse music collections for any of its subscribers to enjoy.

So, here are some of the most popular things that subscribers like about Spotify

spotify or pandora premium


  • Spotify comes with a price tag of only $9.99 per month, but that allows you to have unlimited access to a wide range of songs.
  • It is compatible with almost all major operating system devices, including PCs and excluding Apple devices.
  • Users can choose to download songs to listen to them offline, which helps subscribers to save a lot of internet costs.
  • Subscribers not only get the best of new and old original songs from the artistes but also an exclusive number of karaoke and cover tracks according to their interested.
  • One who chooses to take Spotify services gets a 30-day free trial period before they convert into a fully paid monthly subscriber. If you feel this is a key comparison point between Spotify vs Pandora, keep reading further!
  • There is no doubt about the quality of music which comes with their service, atop with the massive database of songs. Subscribers can easily find any of their famous and obscure music without much of a hassle.
  • You can save your favorite songs to your cloud and listen to them anytime, anywhere the next time you have access to the internet.


  • Spotify’s trial period is much shorter compared to other services, for example, Pandora Premium, which gives 60 days for some users, and almost six months for other subscribers.
  • Though karaoke and covers have a good following, if you are not a fan, this might annoy you.
  • There is no auto-generation option for Spotify to add songs to your favorite playlists automatically.
  • Manually addition of songs, if you want to create a playlist for yourself. Though, Spotify does offer you related songs that you can then add to your new playlist.
  • You need to be a subscriber for Spotify premium subscription to remove ads.  This is a common point amount all the music or content streaming sites like Netflix, Spotify or Pandora.

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Let us move to the second part of this comparison between Pandora vs Spotify and see how good is Pandora premium.

Pandora Pros and Cons

pandora vs spotify

Though Pandora is new to music streaming, they are ready to give some fierce competition to already established services. They have offers for most of the services that Apple and Spotify do and then some exclusive ones. They have made it clear in the newly launched Pandora service that they are here to stay, and below are the reasons:


  • Undoubtedly they have a wide variety of songs, though short of what Spotify offers, still, enough for their users to enjoy.
  • Its app and interface is minimalist, which makes it easy for users to navigate and appealing to all those who use Pandora.
  • Pandora Premium offers its new subscribers a 30 to a 60-day free trial. So when you choose Spotify or Pandora, you get at least 30 days free!
  • They provide more personalized service. That is why it takes the lead from competitors when it comes to the most appealing feature of the Pandora Premium subscription. Wherewith the Spotify users need to have used it for a reasonable period before the app can generate lists for you. Pandora Premium automatically makes your favorite playlist in a minute for you as you like your first song. If you’ve been an old user of Pandora, all the songs which you’ve thumbs-up will now be made available to you as a “My Thumb ups” playlist.
  • In the past, Pandora was only allowing users to choose which signal to tune it to, but with the new services, it will enable you to select your very own songs.
  • You can also use Pandora Premium to download your favorite songs to listen to offline later.


  • Pandora Premium only allows users to listen to their favorite songs; for lovers of music videos, one needs to stick to videos sharing sites like YouTube.
  • Pandora premium works on users smartphone and most of the devices which can be connected to a smartphone, unfortunately not to a PCs.
  • Pandora Premium offers individual subscriptions only, where Spotify has a family, students, and other group subscription offers for new subscribers.

Same as Spotify, ads can only be removed with a subscription to Pandora Premium. Basically, there is no difference between Spotify or Pandora when it comes to the ad-free music streaming apps experience.

With this, our pros and cons of pandora vs spotify comparition ends.

What would I recommend after Pandora vs Spotify Premium comparison?

One of the major points of using Pandora is their personalization, Pandora Premium definitely leads here. This differentiated service makes Pandora leads in this comparison of Spotify vs Pandora premium in the streaming services bracket.

However, not offering videos and no PC playing options is what makes Pandora Premium second to Spotify. The former has a lot more to come up with to become one of the top music streaming services. My choice for listening to music without any hassle is still Pandora Premium.

So, after reading the above comparison, did you made your mind between Spotify vs Pandora?

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