Best Spotify Student Discount 2021!

spotify student discount

Spotify is a leading music streaming app, which has immense popularity among a significant population. They offer a lot of plans, but my focus is on Spotify student discount, which is available at almost 50% of the premium subscription.

This post is an in-depth analysis of said student offer on how to take advantage and what services they will get. Once you are through with this post, you will have few options in your hand on how to get the Spotify student discount.

So, keep reading till the end!

Before we move forward, here are a few numbers that describe their growth:

  • Number of Users (as in 2019): 232 million active users
  • Total Number of Paid Users (as in 2019): 109 million
  • Total Number of Ad-Supported Users: 129 million monthly users

The above numbers make them the most subscribed music streaming service. With almost 40% of the global share in the music streaming industry. Over 50 million songs in their database, make them the favorite of students of all ages.

Let us move forward and see how you can increase your college saving with this music service:

What Is Premium Spotify Student Discount In 2021?

student discount on spotify

Their premium account cost €9.99/month, but for Spotify with student discount, it cost only €4.99/month. This offer is including a three-month free trial of the premium account. 

The bad news is, this is only applicable to the existing university and not for high school students.

If you are still in school or pass out from university, you are not eligible for a student offer. It also makes it almost impossible for you to apply for this exclusive offer. 

Those who are looking for a Spotify student discount hack to get the said discount. Here are a few facts that you should pay attention to before trying:

  • You need a valid payment method to apply for a discounted offer. Which mean, prepaid cards and Spotify gift cards won’t work for you.
  • Considering paying through a third party like a telecommunication provider or cable operator? Unfortunately, they do not accept these. One needs to make payment to Spotify only, which brings the first point in action again.
  • Even using fake or old student TOTUM cards like UniDays, StudentBeans, or NUS won’t work here as they have outsourced their verification services to SheerID. To take Spotify with student discount, one needs to provide details, including university data. This data then gets confirmed by the university or institution.

It is quite challenging to pass through their verification service by any means. I know students love free stuff hence, there is a way for college and school students for Spotify student discounts.

Let us see how you can still get the discounted subscription!

How Can College Graduates and School Students Get Premium Spotify Student Discount At Low Price!

how to get Spotify with a student discount in college for 4 years?

Yes, that is correct! There is a possibility to use the premium content FREE. Where there is a will, there is a way, and thinking out of the box can help you enjoy a subscription for no cost to you. Forget the Spotify student discount hack, use the following tips to use it for FREE!

Go through the Spotify Family plan or Duo offers, details marked in red below are where you have to concentrate.

Everyone enjoys music, including Dad, Mom, and siblings. You have a deal if you can convince your parents to take the subscription to enjoy unlimited music. For a family of four, go for the family (€3.75 member/month) or two-member family can go with Duo account (€6.25 member/month).

As you can see, if either case, monthly charges will be well-discounted membership. Pay your share with your pocket money to your parents to get your own Spotify with a student discount.

If your parents are gracious enough not to take your pocket money, you get a premium account for free. For those who do have not to option left, this is how to get the student discount on Spotify with a trick!

Once you sorted out the main problem to take a premium Spotify student discount. Time to apply or help your parents take a subscription with ease. Do read another post to get Netflix discounts for students with a similar trick or how you can get Netflix free account in college!

What is the difference between Premium and Free Spotify Options?

premium spotify student discount


Though with a free account, you can get access to the database of over 30 million music tracks, they are with ads. Who would want to get disturbed by advertisements in the middle of a music track? With premium, may it be a regular or Spotify student discount account, you listen to music ad-free.

Number of Features:

With a premium subscription, you get offline listening, sound quality, and Spotify Connect. Plus, in demand is fast if you have anything in mind which is not yet on the playlists. The free account has limited online listening and few device-related restrictions. Premium subscription also allows you to save 3,333 songs on three different devices.

Audio quality

Free subscription has only 96Kbits/sec audio quality, which many may not find crisp. Where, with premium Spotify student discount or any premium subscription, you get 96Kbits/sec, 160Kbits/sec, and 320Kbits/sec. 

These audio qualities are quite helpful when you have different speed connections for your device. Though few times you can face issues with your data plan due to the high usage of data by Spotify.

How To apply for Spotify Premium Family or Duo Subscription?

How that you know how to get the student discount on Spotify, here is how you can start. Please note, if you are eligible for a Spotify with student discount and have a free account, here is how to apply:

(For those who have premium already but want Spotify student discount, here is what you need to do: Head to “Profile” and click on “Subscription” and do as per the instructions mentioned below from step 4)

  • Start signing up for a free account ( Those who already have a free account can skip this step)
  • Open the homepage of Spotify and click on the “Upgrade” tab, which is near the top-right corner of the webpage.
  • Here you have to click “Try Premium Free” or (“Get Spotify Premium” in case you were using a free trial).
  • From above, you will reach to the online payment page, where you have first to click the “Change Plan” option.
  • Scrolling downwards, you will see “Subscribe to Premium for Students” option. Click the “Get Student” option.
  • Almost done, the next stage is to verify your student status.
  • You have to fill out some details about yourself and your status as a student.
  • Now you have to Click VERIFY upon completing all the required fields.

Wait for a confirmation email with complete instructions. In the email, you will receive the details of further steps, including payment details. So this is how to activate student discount on Spotify subscription from an individual or free. You can also check the Spotify vs Pandora comparition to check how Pandora can be a good alternative.

The 4 Years Limitation Of Student Discount On Spotify!

If you already using the discount for 4 years in college, and staying back for further education. Then, there is no way you can get your Spotify student discount further.

There been many discussions around this topic within the Spotify community but, I guess the company does not have the plan to extend the same.

Right now, you have to review your subscription every 12 months and 3 times during 4 years. Let us see if there is any policy change for this in near future.

Final Words

If you have a few bucks to shred as a college student, I recommend you to go for a discounted Spotify account. In case you are short of cash, stick with the free account until you start earning as a college student. If you want to go for better sound quality and offline features, take the help of your parents.

School students can use premium Spotify student discount subscriptions with the help of their families. Applicable only if you can conveniences your parents. Check out our list of best streaming service for music that offers discounts on their subscription.

I hope you like the above tricks, with which you now know how to get the student discount on Spotify or pay a lower price. If you still have any doubts left, check out our F&Q:

How do I extend my Spotify with a student discount?

You have to get your subscription extended after 12 month expiry period. Note that you can only do this 3 times during the entire discount period.

Can you only have Spotify students for 4 years?

Yes, this is limited for 4 years by Spotify. Though there are many discussions within the Spotify community, till now they have not extended this further to 4 years period.

How long does Spotify with Student discount last after graduation?

If you have already spent your 4 years in college and have taken advantage of the discount there is not a further period after graduation. You can apply the tricks we mentioned in the article for some Spotify student discount, but that would not match with what a student gets.

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