Spotify Family Plan Cost And How To Use Spotify Family Invite in 2021?

spotify family plan cost and spotify family invite in 2021

Since Spotify family plan came up, they are with their pricing range giving some fierce competition to Google play music, Apple music and Pandora. With competition in mind of said three leading music streaming services, Spotify family plan cost is what getting them more subscribers than before. 

Earlier, users were paying $5 per month for each user with a limitation of a maximum of four subscribers. The total cost was $29.99/month for a family of four and was in an expensive bracket for music lovers.

But with the introduction of the new plans, their base premium plan remains unchanged to $9.99/month one subscriber. With the price drop now, one family of six, i.e., one primary member, plus five other members, and this Spotify family plan costs only $14.99/month.

If you want to take advantage of this new plan and would like to save money on a Spotify student discount subscription, here is how you can get the same.

Spotify Family Plan Price and Review – How To Upgrade?

If you have a Spotify account, it’s easy to upgrade the same into a family plan. To start, you have to visit the Spotify website, log in, and make the necessary changes. Yes, this process is not possible through your mobile app or even a desktop app. 

The process remains the same for free users and premium users alike. Here are the easy steps which you need to follow:

  • Go to the website with your web browser and log in with your credentials. Those who are first-time users, need to create an account first.
  • Upon log-in, go to the family tab (
  • Here you get a payment page where one needs to enter the payment details, which is mandatory to proceed further. Once done, you can click on the Start my Spotify Premium.
  • You can use the invite option to add your family members through their membership email address, which they use for log-in to Spotify. Remember, you can invite up to five with your Spotify family plan.

Benefits of Spotify Family Premium Plan 2021 – Does It Cost More?

spotify family review

Here are the top benefits that subscribers get when they choose to go for the family plan. I have already explained how the Spotify family plan cost from an individual account. Now is the time you know more about its features which not available with any other plans.

  • Parental Controls: For the families, a great feature indeed. As per Spotify, this is one of the most requested features from their subscribers, which is now part of the Spotify family plan. With this, parents can now control the explicit content filters for the family subscribers. 
  • Family Mix Playlist: A personalized playlist for the complete family members to enjoy. Mind it; this is an exclusive feature that comes with the family plan. A continuous update can be done by the primary member for the family mix and a better sharing and listening experience.
  • The Family Hub: Paid primary subscribers can manage their family’s Spotify settings from one place. It includes removing an existing member or adding a new family member, keeping addresses up to date, and adjusting parental controls accordingly.

See, how good are the features of Spotify family plan price vs individual price one. That is the reason it is becoming popular day by day where family member stay under one roof.

How To Add or Remove Spotify Family Membership Users

Those who wish to add or remove members to their Spotify family plan again need to do the same from the web browser. 

Visit for the addition or removal process. You can only add a new family member in Spotify if there are vacant slots (5 max). As we shared above, Spotify for family only allows five family members plus the primary subscriber. 

As there is no process of blocking the access of any of the members, the only way to stop them from using the Spotify family is removal. It is possible through an invitation to a new member and automatic removal of the subscription of selected users.

Once your family members become part of this exclusive membership, there is no other discount and offer for students will be applicable.

How to Accept Spotify Family Invite?

Now that you know most of the process, which is simple and easy for anyone with basic internet knowledge. Time to understand how to accept Spotify family invite as new users will receive for the subscription.

The invitee can also send a direct link, or they will receive an email notification for the Spotify family plan inclusion. 

Upon receipt of the link, one has to click on the link to get started as a family member. Generally, the link will contain the “Accept Invitation” text, which will take them to either creating a new account (only for new users) or to the redeem process.

Once the new users are in, they can start enjoying the full benefits that come with the Spotify family premium plan on the mobile app.

Location Sharing With Spotify Family Membership

According to the Spotify family plan terms and conditions, they will require members to provide their location data “from time to time” to them. That is to ensure that all family members live under the same roof.

As the family plan is quite popular now, there were a lot of cases of plan abuse. The saving that their plan for family gives is enormous, as six members can enjoy the premium at only $14.99 per month. 

Though there been outrage because of this action for the Spotify family plan, you can’t blame them for this. Users, especially college students using Spotify, share much cheaper plans with their friends when they do not live together. They were trying to save money and the Spotify family plan cost $2.50/month per person when playing this trick. I understand that the plans which Spotify offer to students already have a significant saving, hence there is no point going against their terms. Want to save more money? here is our Netflix student discount guide to help you.

When you join the Spotify premium family plan, you agree to their terms and conditions which clearly state the following:

Spotify family plan cost and conditions

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