How Much Data Does Spotify Uses? – 3 Best Ways To Reduce Spotify Data Usage!

how much data does spotify uses and how to reduce spotify data usage in 2021

Listening to your favorite artist on Spotify is one of the best things now. The only problem is consuming my mobile data well before the day ends. Hence, I tried to figure out how much data does Spotify uses and how to get the best out of your mobile data plan for longer listening. There is no doubt over the popularity of Spotify and how it has changed the life of many artists. Chances are if you as an artist can build some good music, you will be paid quite well.

Anyway, consuming mobile data is not only the concern of Spotify users. People who love staying online on Facebook, YouTube, and 24×7 Netflix also face the very same issue. Data is getting expensive every year, though I heard that in Asia it is getting cheaper. Leaving all of the above behinds, let us come back to our topic and check the data usage by Spotify.

How Much Data Does Spotify uses With Each Steaming Quality?

The amount of internet data that Spotify uses depends on the quality in which you want to hear your song or playlist. Here are some predictable average usage of data one can estimate:

  • When you listen in Spotify normal quality – 40MB/Per Hour
  • For high-quality streaming – 70MB/Per Hour
  • If you love the extreme quality – 150MB/Per Hour

Though there are no exact figures of data consumption while streaming Spotify. Still, the above will give you an idea of where you stand while listening on your phone.As the above estimate clearly shows that you can control how much data does Spotify uses during streaming. You can control if you are short of a data pack from your mobile service provider.

Now let us look at how much data does Spotify uses so that you can save the expensive data.

Change Spotify Automatic Quality To Low

As you are there are three different audio quality settings on your Spotify app. Before you made you mind on this data, remember some of the best streaming service for music consume very high data including Spotify.

Let see what you get with the Spotify:

  • For normal quality – 96kbps
  • With high quality – 160kbps
  • During extreme quality – 150kbps

The simple rule is that the higher quality (extreme) of Spotify will use more data. Hence you can choose the quality according to your data plan rather than listening to the Spotify automatic quality. I agree that the quality of music does matter that too when you are listening to your favorite song, playlist, or podcast. But, also keep in mind the expensive data rates to save yourself some money.

Download To Reduce Spotify Data Usage

Download To Reduce Spotify Data Usage

This is a great way to save your internet data, but only Spotify premier users can do this. Or, you can also check the Spotify family plan cost which also saves money for the family of four. Downloading Spotify songs with your home wi-fi connection can reduce Spotify data usage while on the mobile network.

If you are a music lover like me, there is every chance that there are set songs that we listen to on loop. That is why when you download Spotify songs at home, doesn’t matter how much internet does Spotify uses on wi-fi. It is much cheaper than your data plans.

With downloads, you will always get to listen to your favorite song or podcast anytime without using your mobile data. This can be done through offline mode, once your songs are downloaded and stored on your mobile device.

However, please do ensure that you change the setting of your app to “only download with wi-fi”. Otherwise downloading will consume all your mobile data without you knowing how much data does Spotify uses on your cell phone.

Spotify On Wi-Fi Connections

Spotify On Wi-Fi Connections for data saving

If you are a student and live with your parents, it is always wise to use the home wi-fi for Spotify.

Does Spotify use wi-fi?

No, it doesn’t, still, the data rate of wi-fi is more economical compared to Spotify cell phone data. A lot of college-going take advantage of wi-fi, like getting Netflix student discount or using Spotify family plans cost.

Hence always use wi-fi to download Spotify songs on your device so that you do not be dependent on mobile data for listening to your favorite songs.

Choose Spotify Cell phone Data Plan wisely

Another piece of advice for please who listing a lot of songs on Spotify is to choose your cell phone data to plan wisely. It is often frustrating when all data plan is gone well before the billing cycle.

I understand that there is not much you can do, but a good plan can help a lot. This will ensure that you are fully aware of the consumption of data and use the same accordingly.

Yes, Spotify uses a lot of data, that is why a cell phone plan makes all the difference.

Final Words

With over 50 million songs and million of podcasts streaming on Spotify, today they have become leaders in their category. There is no compromise with the quality of songs available, but they come with two different costs.

One, with the Spotify premium plan and the other with your cell phone data consumption. If your pocket allows you both, well there is no question how much data does Spotify uses. Otherwise, try to use above mentioned methods to reduce Spotify data usage.

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