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5 Reasons Why To Cancel Spotify Account Rather Permanent Delete Spotify!

Spotify is a great music streaming service and offers millions of songs you can listen to at any time. But, sometimes when you want to focus on other important things, you might want to cancel Spotify account. Today, you will see why canceling is a better option anytime rather than deleting Spotify account permanently.

There is no doubt that subscription charges are not something that you just keep paying whether using it or not. For sure these are quite expensive plus consume a lot of your cell phone data for streaming.

Here is some common reason you might want to look away from it.

Top Reasons People Delete Spotify Account

When it was launched, it took the streaming world by storm and in a sport span earned millions of subscribers. Today, their services are available in many countries and their expansion is getting stronger.

Switching To Alternative Services

With time, few Spotify alternatives are equally good. Though their music library is not as strong as theirs, still they are good alternatives and cost a fraction little.

Sometimes, people get bored by listing to songs and want to switch to movie streaming services like Netflix. People have different choices, I would love to watch a new movie every day rather than listing to a song again and again. What more, if I want to listen to a song, I just go straight to YouTube and listen to unlimited songs.

This is one of the main reason people delete Spotify account due to switching to other services. Some of the best alternatives are Amazon Music, Apple Music, and Pandora app. You can go through our comparison of Spotify vs Pandora to choose which one is better

Expensive Subscription Charges

I agree paying $ 9.99/ month is not cheap, but this is how much you have to pay. Or, if you are in college, you can also try for the Spotify student discount which is quite economical for a specific period. Keeping the current trends in mind, this is very much possible that you have more monthly subscriptions in place. If your pocket allows you to keep paying $9.99/month is fine, otherwise, wiser to delete Spotify account. Not only it will save money, but you can listen to your music on YouTube for free. There is an option of Spotify family plan subscription, which is quite cheap. For those who find individual plans costly, can go for that one too.

Limitation of Cell Phone Data Plan

Quite frustrating that you can be listening to your favorite music if you run out of cell phone data. That is why it becomes important to understand how much data does Spotify uses monthly. If you know how much time you would be spending while streaming music, you can choose the right plan. However, if you already have other services on your cell phone which consume data, hence better to keep important one and delete other. This is the reason, sometimes people feel like paying for streaming and cell phone plan is not economical, hence choose to delete Spotify from their mobile.

Remove Credit Card Details

As many people use their credit cards to pay for the subscription, they do not feel comfortable afterward. Hence, they think to cancel Spotify account to remove the details from their database. If this is the case, write to customer support and put forward your queries to them. I am sure they will help you out, of course, they are one of the premium music streaming services today. They spend a lot of money to keep everyone’s privacy intact and put forward their best efforts to save your details from going into the wrong hand.

Cancel Spotify Premium Trial Subscription

I have seen many people delete Spotify account when their trial subscription end comes near. This is not a reason to delete, rather go for the cancellation of a premium subscription and they won’t charge you anything. As they also have the free version of their streaming service, you can opt for the same. However, you have to hear annoying ads now and then with the free option!

If you are in college, check out the Spotify student discount and see how much money it saves. For some reason, if you feel that is still expensive, it is better to opt for other alternatives where you can listen to your favorite music.

Cancel Spotify Subscription Instead Of Deleting

As you have to pay for the monthly subscription to stream, consider to cancel Spotify rather than deleting it. If you are not going to pay, your subscription automatically stands canceled and you wont to able to stream music. As and when in the future you feel like you need to get back with them, you can start paying. This will save time and you do not have to go through the complete process of sign-in again.

How To Cancel Spotify Premium [ Step By Step]

This is quite easy and will take a couple of minutes to get rid of your account till you want it back. When you cancel Spotify account, it doesn’t mean that it is deleted, but you are only moving away from a premium subscription. With this, you will automatically come back to free plans with limitations.

Here is how you can do it:

If you are canceling your Spotify Premium before your monthly subscription date. You can still listen to premium services and you will movie to free plan on expiry of the same. It is better to get the best out of the remaining days and use it wisely to the full potential of this app.

Do you hate listing to music with ads?

Yes, I too in the same category and hate every time my music is interrupted by ads. If you have already made up your mind, let us see how you can delete Spotify account completely.

How To Delete Spotify Account Completely [Step By Step]

As we have shared earlier, it is not difficult rather easy to delete an account and you can do it quickly. But, you must understand what would be happening to it after. Many people do not know these things, that is why I thought of bringing them before going to the deleting part.

Let us start deleting process:

But, all the above steps are for canceling, where we want to delete Spotify account?

The process of permanent delete follows after the above steps, here is how to move forward.

This is how to delete Spotify account permanently.

What next?

If you have linked your Spotify to other applications, it is better to revoke the access after the above step.

Also, to confirm if your account is gone or not, it is better the check your registered email ID for the mail from them. In case you do not get any mail instantly, it is better to wait for some time. If this does not happen, it is a good idea to contact them through email and clear any doubts that you have in mind.

Q – What will happen to my offline playlists?

Ans – Once your delete Spotify account, your playlist will be gone with that. There is no way you can access that later when you create a new account. Everything to be done from scratch if you have many followers. In process of deleting, Spotify will let you know what else will be lost, read everything carefully. If you feel you cannot afford so, stop with the process.

Q – What will happen to my credit card details after account deletion?

Ans – There very few chances that you might get charged on your credit card. If this happens, you can contact their support team and put forward your claim. They are rather quick to resolve the question asked by their customer. To avoid this, it is always better to remove your card details before you proceed to cancel Spotify account or permanently delete it.

Q – Can I create a new account with an old username?

Ans – I doubt that is possible, once you delete your account, still you can try to make a new account with the same username. Though there are few chances as just like any other application, they do not let people get old usernames registered.

Final Words: Cancel Spotify Or Delete Spotify?

I prefer to cancel an account rather deleting it from their platform. There are few cons with account deletion like username, follower, or playlist. Keeping an account with free services is always better, you might want to get back to their premier services in the future. With a free account, it is quite easy to upgrade.

With the above, I hope you now know how to cancel Spotify Premier account or delete the same permanently. Please let us know if you have any other ideas to keep an account alive rather than opting for these options.

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