App For Pandora Music REVIEW 2019- FREE vs Premium

app for pandora music

The music streaming industry is enormous, and there are a lot of players out there to grab the share of the pie. In this post, I will review the app for Pandora music, which is one of the tops recognized names when it comes to music streaming.

Earlier Pandora app was unable to keep up to the names like Spotify, and they are back with a bang. In my opinion, Pandora free app is still far being a threat to the big players, but they are introducing decent new features.

Mind you, when it comes to the premium app for Pandora music, they do have innovative and competitive features. Let us dig in and check how useful it is.

Free App For Pandora Music vs. Premium Plan

Free Subscription.

  • A simple sign-up form will get you the free account of Pandora music with limited features. The most frustrating one of these is your limit to skips song per hour, which is six!
  • Frequency of audio ads is annoying
  • No offline playbacks
  • Paid Subscription (Plus and Premium)
  • Plus costs $4.99 per month with the app for Pandora music. You also get:
  • Ad-free music experience
  • Unlimited song skips
  • Tracks rewind.
  • Though they offer offline playback on mobile devices but limited to only four stations.

The premium cost $9.99 per month and ad-free music experience. You also get:

  • Unlimited offline playback
  • On-demand playback
  • Playlist customization option

Premium Family Plan costs $14.99 per month (up to six family members)

  • All of the premium features

Pandora Streaming bitrate and Compatibility?

pandora free vs premium plans

With every free account, you can stream your favorite music at 64Kbps(standard) only. It means that even if you have a slow connection, you can not change it to low-speed streaming.

Premium accounts allow you to stream music at 64Kbps (low), 64Kbps (standard), and 192Kbps (high) consistently, however, connection speed does matter. Please note that the low rate is only available on a mobile app for Pandora.

No matter if you connect your home wi-fi or a public connection, it works fine everywhere. Though, peoples who use Spotify Extreme at 320Kpbs may get disappointed with it’s streaming speed.

This app is accessible for both Android and iOS devices smoothly alike. I tested it on my android phone and found it is an entirely pleasant experience. The app is easy to navigate and quite attractive, too. I like the performance of its app better than its web version.

I like the performance of its app better than its web version.

Pandora mobile app use with:

  • Latest Fitbit devices
  • All Android Wear
  • Most Apple Watch

If you want, here are the links to where you can download iPhone app for Pandora Music and download Android app.

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