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Resolve Netflix Buffering Issue On Smart TV and Mobile App!

Everyone loves watching nonstop movies with their Netflix subscription. Through its work flawless almost every time I binge watch my favorite TV shows. There were few incidents when I faced the Netflix buffering issue. It was quite frustrating the first time I saw this happing, later I got everything fixed with little help through online searches. If you have still not identified why does Netflix kees buffering on your smart TV or mobile. Here is a short guide that will you to resolve the issue quickly.

How To Know If It Is A Netflix Buffering Issue in 2021?

There could be several problems that you can face either due to Netflix or with your device. Hence, it becomes important to first know where is the real problem, which will help for faster resolution.

Netflix Shows Black Screen

If in the middle of a TV show or movie you find you are stuck with the display of the black screen. This could be due to Netflix buffering. All you have to do is to wait for a while and it will be back to normal. However, if you could not see after few mins, you need to resolve the same.

Fronzen Netflix Images

Here is another common point people face due to buffering. Normally, this too will come back to live pictures quickly, and you do not have to do anything. If after few minutes your screen is still frozen, you need to move to the next step to identify the reason.

Circular Patters on Screen

This is the most common symptom of Netflix buffering, just like we face online when browsing a site. This clearing shows that you are not getting proper signals locally. If this is due to internet signals, most probably it will come back to normal. Otherwise, you need to check your internet device signals, which we will discuss later. The same problem can be faced with sites like Netflix streaming and will be the same most of the time.

All of the above three points are quite common to identify the Netflix buffering but can be resolved. Though these will come rarely if your connection, the device is properly maintained. However, if you are facing these frequently, you need to check the following:

If Netflix keeps buffering on Smart TV

Check if your smart TV is getting proper signals for displaying Netflix at a proper speed. If you are not getting proper speed on your wi-fi device, this could be the reason. Generally, you should check what type of home wi-fi connection you have and if that is fit to play Netflix flawlessly. Here are recommended figures of internet signals for playing Netflix without buffering:

If your connection is giving you lower speed than the recommended one, there would always be an issue of unavoidable buffering of Netflix.

Netflix Buffering On PC or Laptop

IF you enjoy watching Netflix on your PC or Laptop, there could be a couple of reasons for buffering. I was frustrated when I got my Netflix student back in 2019, but now I know how to get the solution. It is not an issue anymore, rather I love to resolve the same with a cool mind.

First, check your browser if it is compatible with displaying HD quality. IF yes, check if you are watching Netflix on an outdated browser, If yes, immediately update it to the latest version by closing and restarting.

Second, check if your internet suddenly is down with the recommended internet speed as mentioned earlier. With the above, you probably will get back to watching Netflix,

What if Netflix Buffering Problem Is Still There?

You can try to check your wi-fi modem for high sped signals. To check the same, you can directly connect your device with the modern through a cable and check if speed is fine. Many times, due to interruption of a different kind, the signal of wi-fi do not come as per company specification. If you have tried everything and your Netflix buffering is still on, it is better to contact their customer support. They will suggest you the troubleshooting to be done for a quick resolution.
I hope you can identify why does Netflix keep buffering and how to resolve this!

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