10 Best Netflix alternatives In 2021 – Free and Paid Streaming Sites Like Netflix!

alternatives to netflix free streaming sites like netflix

Are you looking for popular and best free streaming service as Netflix alternatives? Do you want to get unlimited entertainment on your PC or smartphone?

If yes, keep reading until the end to find your options.

Yes, there are a lot of them where people’s free streaming services are non-stop. Without a doubt, it is on top of everyone’s list when it comes to 24 x 7 steaming. But the below-listed apps like Netflix are also quite popular.

The most common feedback about them is their monthly charges among ordinary people. Though there is no comparison of Netflix student discounts, these paid and free alternatives come in handy as most of them are cheaper.

The below list is in two different categories of free and paid options. So let us check and find out which are the best streaming service for movies and TV shows!

Top 10 FREE Netflix Alternatives For 2021 Ads Free!

streaming sites like Netflix that are free to watch

Our first alternative to Netflix for free is Popcornflix, with a variety of free shows and movies for you. Its users call it the best free version due to the ability to watch a movie and TV shows without spending a dime.

The top genres are available for free streaming services and frequent delivery of new content. Many of the movies available here are not even on Netflix!

The best part of this alternative to Netflix is its availability on all major devices. For example, it is available on Android and iOS devices, and you can also watch it on Xbox, PlayStation 4, and Roku.

What’s more, all the above is without paying anything that is too ads-free!

For the fans of indie movies and shows, Crackle is another of Netflix alternatives as free streaming sites!

Though like all free versions, this too has a limited range, still you can find many blockbusters on their platform. As Crackle is a Sony-owned product, watching top adventure movies is possible.

To start watching Crackle, visit their website, get registered, and you are ready to go. You can access their website on your PC and its iOS app.

Users say Crackle “sites like Netflix but free!”

youtube premier streaming service

Ok, you must be wondering how come YouTube made this list of alternatives to Netflix and Hulu? But, if you only know YouTube as a video streaming content upload site, you have not yet explored it!

It’s free, but you need to spend quite some time searching for your favorite content. Then, there is every chance that the one you found would be not of high quality.

How does it work?

Start with a term of your favorite movie on YouTube and set the filter to 20 minutes or more. I am sure, and you can find movies released a couple of years back in HD quality.

You can use this everywhere with an internet connection and your laptop with you. The best part of this Netflix alternatives is that it also has a paid service called YouTube Premium, where you can rent content. All most of the content on YouTube is free, there are endless hours of videos that make it one of the best sites like Netflix.

Lionsgate and Paramount are two of the leading studios, and you can watch their movies free on Tubi TV. With a variety of TV shows and movies on demand, this is a free alternative to Netflix.

It is available on their website, which you can watch on your PC after registration. Plus, you can download their app for your smartphone.

Though Vimeo looks and feels like a good alternative for YouTube. Few people use this video-sharing site as a Netflix alternative for free.

If you have not yet watched their featured, independent movies, and TV series, I recommend you to get registered and start watching them for free.

But, keep in mind that the quality of the alternatives to Netflix and Hulu is not as per paid alternatives. Still, their original movies are worth giving a shot as it does not cost any money.

You can start watching free movies by downloading Vimeo iOS and Android app though it is always accessible on our desktop or laptop. There is no doubt that this is one of the best free streaming platform to watch.

Paid Streaming Site like NetFlix

Paid Streaming Services apps Like NetFlix

If you are looking for an original TV series and streaming services like Netflix, here are some similar paid services. As we said earlier, these have cheaper monthly charges you can enjoy on your smart TVs.

One of the best services like Netflix alternatives is Amazon Prime Video. They are not below the par when it comes to the selection of blockbusters movies and TV shows. Plus, a ton of Amazon original content in the form of TV series and movies.

When you compare the cost, it is $8.99 per month against Netflix’s $9.99 per month. So, there is a saving of one dollar per month for you. With this saving, you can get Prime Video at $8.99 per month. The new range of shows offered by them is what makes it the best alternative to Netflix.

If you are into watching fantastic TV shows and movies, there is a plan for a full prime Video Library. The price is more at $10.99, which includes extra benefits of free shipping. All it is available with a 30-day free trial. You can access their content through your laptop or mobile from anywhere.

hulu sreaming services like netflix but not free

Hulu is another site like Netflix with original content and popular streaming services. Apart from this, you can watch your favorite hit shows from the past and today.

Plus, their exclusive content is one of the best available for their subscribers.

You can start with a subscription of $7.99/month, with a discounted price of $5.99/month (limited time) for new customers. Please note that this basic membership comes with ad support. Hulu is available on your desktop, laptop, Android devices, iOS devices, and even on Xbox One. Overall can take place as a Netflix alternative for watching movies and TV channels.

Hallmark-owned Feeln is another popular option for feel-good movies fans. Most movies are family-friendly and heart-warming, which is a choice for specific groups.

Though the movie catalog is not significant to other rivals, they have a good variety. The motive of Feeln is to cater to a particular audience and an alternative to Netflix.

You can get Feeln for a yearly subscription fee of $35.99 or choose a monthly subscription of $5.99. Streaming site of movies is available on their website, or you can download their Android and iOS apps. One of the best video streaming service around today that is catching up with top competitors.

cbs all access streaming services apps like netflix

For one who loves to watch TV shows and content, CBS is a great Netflix alternatives. You get episodes on-demand and live TV and a great selection of movies on variety of devices.

Basic membership starts from $5.99 a month, which is not ad-free. For the content without any commercials, you can choose to take membership for $9.99 a month. Streaming is available on mobile apps as well as on PC.

For those who are moving away from traditional mainstream movies, MUBI is a Netflix alternative to bank on. You can enjoy a whole lot of independent movies and classic films. What more, a group of experts chooses a film each day for inclusion in their catalog.

The monthly membership starts at $5.99/month with the option to watch on PC and Android or Apple devices. You can easily use these streaming apps like Netflix from anywhere!

With SelectTV, you get access to over 40,000 TV show episodes, 100,000 movies, and 2000 channels. You can call this cable TV, streaming content networks, and one of the best Netflix alternatives. All the content is from major TV networks like NBC, TLC, and FOX.

Pay a monthly subscription fee of $2.99 month to get access to all the content mentioned above. Access to SelectTV is no your PC only with no App option.

Are These Apps Like Netflix Worth Trying In 2021?

Everyone has a different taste for entertainment, that is why a lot of these apps are in existence. If you are happy with free streaming sites like Netflix, there is no need for you to shift to other sites like Netflix.

Still, if your pocket allows you, try out and check what other apps have in store for you. For sure, all of the above-mentioned sites are big brands with subscribers all over the world.

Few of these are much cheaper compared to Netflix but the number of shows and movies is also in less number. Just like the Netflix student discount, you can also get some discounts for students from Amazon and few others. Hence, make your own decision and see if these apps like Netflix are worth your money and time.

Final words

As many of these streaming apps like Netflix are free, you can choose to get all of them. Many who are looking for non-stop entertainment, all provide quality content.

Leave your comment on your favorite alternative to Netflix from the above list. For inclusion in this list of paid and free Netflix alternatives, drop a comment.

Is Hulu better than Netflix?

When it comes to the overall library of content either movies or TV shows, Netflix is way bigger than Hulu. But if you are looking for live TV and exclusive content, Hulu can be a good Netflix alternative.

Is Amazon prime better than Netflix?

There is no additional service that you get with Netflix except access to their movies and TV shows. Where if you get an Amazon Prime membership, not only content but there are many benefits attached with it. However, when it comes to content, Netflix is way better than Amazon prime.

Who is Netflix’s biggest competitor?

All the sites like Netflix which we have listed in our articles. However, as shared that nothing comes close to the amount of content that is streaming on Netflix. With the exclusive content products, they are miles ahead of others.

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