How To Record Netflix In 2021 – Best Ways To Capture Netflix For FREE!

how to record netflix and watch offline

Are you tempted to record Netflix shows or movies that you want to watch over and over? Then, you are not the only one who loves to see movies with Netflix on a binge on a holiday. With more movies and shows release every day, there is a limited time in our busy lives to watch all of these. Hence, many times we just want to go to length to find ways to save our internet bill. There are many that show you how to capture Netflix streaming video for free.

Today you will get to know a few of the favorite methods that let you capture Netflix. But before that, the million-dollar question arises.

Is It Legal To Capture Netflix On Your PC Or Android?

I guess you have to go through the guidelines at the time of signing for the Netflix subscription. The answer is a big NO!

There are many reasons behind that but the main reason is that they want to earn with monthly subscriptions. But, once you record the show, you won’t be coming back to watch the same on their app or direct TV. Though there are very few chances of you getting caught in this illegal act, there could be consequences if you get.

It is my personal opinion, but they offer many discounts to their new subscribers that let you watch shows again and again without any additional charges. For those who are in college, they also offer a Netflix student discount which is quite economical.

If you are short of money to pay for the monthly subscription, look out for the sites like Netflix but free. These sites are good alternatives and you can have some nice movies and shows for the weekend. I would recommend you to go through the details as published by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act Services.

Let us move to the second key question.

Video Quality When You Record From Netflix

Here is another reason I do not recommend using any method to record Netflix. The quality you will get from any app or method will be far inferior to the HD quality that you won’t like. This is from my personal experience that it just turn off the mood to watch the same movie or show again. On the other hand, the time consumption for this exercise is way too much. Plus there is no guarantee that you will get to capture the whole movie.

Hence, I again make way for the much safer and quality way is to watch Netflix offline.

Can you Watch Netflix Offline After Download?

Yes, you can with certain limitations as per the terms of Netflix!

Netflix itself allows downloading their shows and movies for offline watch. You can do the same with their app and available for almost all handheld devices available on market. By this, not only you can watch offline Netflix but the quality of the download will be of superior quality. Still, few things that you need to keep in mind are as following:

  • Netflix download is available with their app only.
  • When downloading Netflix shows, please ensure that you do that with wi-fi and not with your cell phone data. Otherwise, you end up consuming all your monthly data limits without knowing.
  • You can watch offline Netflix offline only when you are logged into your app.
  • Netflix downloaded shows are available for a limited time only for offline watch. In many cases, the limit is seven days where for selected shows, it is 48 hours. After the time limit, the offline Netflix shows will get removed from your app.

You can also find out the ways to watch shows from other countries and change the Netflix region through VPN.

How To Record Netflix FREE

There are many applications and websites which let you capture Netflix to watch offline. Here are some of the top sites and applications you would like to try.

Record With Bandicam For Netflix

If you are into downloading different types of videos or creating videos, you must be aware of the Bandicam website. They have software for your need and can be downloaded from their website for free. A simple guide on how to record Netflix is also available that will help you to get things smoothly.

Record Netflix With Vidmore

You can easily screen-record your favorite TV shows and movies from Netflix with the help of Widmore. Their screen recorder is quite capable of capturing any of the best streaming services you come across. What more, a complete tutorial on how you can download and watch Netflix offline is also available for free!

Any Video Recorder For Netflix

Another useful tool that you can use to capture Netflix is Any Video Recorder. It just does the job without much of a hassle. The best part is you can download the videos on your PC and watch it later. But as shared earlier the quality of videos won’t be as good as when you download Netflix videos on the official app.

Final Words: Is it Worth To Record From Netflix?

None of the above can be compared to watching Netflix on their app with high quality. Though, if you find any movie that you want to watch over and over again, the best is to download and watch offline Netflix without a wi-fi connection.

When you capture Netflix from different tools, there is a certain problem that you might face. This is due to their high-tech streaming platform which senses video capturing. With this, a lot of time you will get to record only black screen instead of the actual show.

If you are on a budget, try out some of the Netflix alternatives that provide free access to quality shows.

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