How To Change Netflix Region For FREE and Watch Other Countries Netflix in 2021

how to change netflix region or country for free or with vpn

Netflix is available in many countries today, still during travel one would want to know how to change Netflix region to get access to unlimited entertainment. As Netflix does have a contract in place with all the major movie studios, their content is restricted to specific countries where you have the subscription.

For the very same reason, there is a restriction on content made specifically for your home country.

Though the library of the latest TV shows and movies is very vast, sometimes, people look for ways to get access to other region content. That is why they try several ways to watch Netflix from other regions.

Let us have a look at how you can watch Netflix shows and movies from other countries.

How To Change Netflix Country On Netflix Account Safely?

Right now the only way to watch movies from other regions on Netflix is through VPN access. Most VPN companies have servers in all major countries where Netflix has established its brand.

But, before we move forward, please note that Netflix is quite good at deducting access through VPN and you might find your account in trouble if so happens.

If you have access to VPN, here is how to change Netflix country:

  • The first step would be to sign up for Netflix if you have not done so.
  • Next, compare all the VPN plans and choose one that is best suitable for your need.
  • Download VPN, and choose the country where you want to get Netflix content for other countries.
  • Login to your account, and you should be ready to watch content.

Does Using VPN to change Netflix location only solution?

Yes, this is the only solution that you have with your Netflix account. However, as said earlier Netflix might detect your VPN and start displaying a message for the same and block the access to content.

Using VPN itself is not illegal and some really big brands provide the same. 

As shared earlier, Netflix has specific content that is created for the countries. And, access is not available to other counties due to commercial bounding.

Otherwise, you can also try sites like Netflix in your country, or look if Netflix student discount is available for better rates.

How To Change Netflix Country With Free VPN?

While free VPNs are quite popular for access certain sites online. It would be a bad choice to use them to change Netflix region. First of all free VPN are not of good quality and using them will increase the chances of getting detected and blocking content. Second, these come with a limited amount of data and you might not able to watch the full movie from other regions with them. Third, there is always an issue of privacy with the free services and you never know what data is being used by these companies.

Hence, it is always better to get a well-paid VPN subscription that will give you peace of mind.

Best VPN To change Netflix location?

Paying for non-stop entertainment is not a bad thing if your pocket allows you to do so. The same applies if you want to watch the best content from all over the world during holidays with Netflix.

Choosing a good VPN provider is not that difficult and with these, you can easily change Netflix location. Here are our picks for paid VPN services for Netflix access.

Nordvpn For netflix

No introduction is needed for Norbvpn which is one of the top VPN providers. You can access their 5400 servers in all major countries where Netflix is available. As we shared above how to change Netflix region to choose Norbvpn for watching movies and TV shows.

Surfshark VPN

Available in 64 countries with 3200 servers, can help you watch Netflix of other countries. Their best selling points are speed and high uptime compared to their competitors. Their services can be taken on your mobile phone or pc alike.

CyberGhost VPN For Netflix

Another great choice if you want to change the Netflix region with the help of a VPN. CyberGhost is available in 90 different countries with a decent number of services to choose from. You can access almost every countries where Netflix is available.

Is It Worth Changing Netflix location

It all depends on what your goal is if you are getting bored with watching the same kind of content on Netflix. Changing your Netflix location to other countries can be refreshing. Though this will cost you as you need to get a reliable VPN so that they do not detect you. But remember to watch the best streaming service for movies, you need the best VPN!

We hope you know how to change Netflix region and watch content from all over the world. Please leave if you know any other tricks of Netflix!

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