YouTube Thumbnail – Create Custom One Without Thumbnail Generator!

Custom youtube thumbnail

Do you want more views for your YouTube videos? Then you must know that single-handled if you know how to make YouTube thumbnail clickable, there is a potential to increase your engagement by 100-500% alone.  Professional social media content creators know this secret hence take the advantage of YouTube thumbnail generator for their videos.

Your custom YouTube thumbnail is the first things that appears in the search and user has split of second to make a decision to click or scroll down. A click worthy one can grab the attention of prospect viewer and force him to click and watch your content. For those who monetize Youtube, creating good one is a must for higher engagment.

But, How To Make Without YouTube Thumbnail Generator?

Creating a good one for your videos is not easy if you do not aware of the basic requirements. Hence, it is utterly important to understand that for higher engagement, subscribers, and engagement, you must pay attention to your custom YouTube thumbnail. Also, if you already have one for your videos, create a good one and check guidelines on how to change thumbnail with a better one.

Here are the three key points that you need to keep in mind.

1. A Focused image For Thumbnail

Using a image which describe your content is the number one rule of creating a good one. No matter which YouTube thumbnail generator you are using, a relevant picture that focus on your subject is always used. Hence, a image that is not relevant to your subject is a no-no!

Think from the prospective of a views, how would be feel if your image and content is not matching and he has to search again for his query or click back in browser.  You will not only use a prospect subscriber but your stats of views will also take a hit.

2. Clear Title of Thumbnail

So, how to make YouTube thumbnail title that grab attention within few seconds?

Using text alongside a image will increase your chances of click and view. Do not confuse here with the video title, we are talking about the text for your custom YouTube thumbnail. A title works same as using a image, however, it increases chances of catching the attention when your video comes up in search.

Again, keep the title text relevant to the content of your video, if done right, your views will increase tremendously!

3. Color Scheme Of Thumbnail

You makes a perfect one for YouTube video is when you use image, text and best colour scheme.  It in indeed a recipe for success with your content and channel. It helps you to standout and make your YouTube channel more recognizable to the viewers. 

But what kind of color schedule one should use to create YouTube thumbnail?

The answer would be using contrasting colors which ensures that the image and text are easily readable.


Using saturated colours for your custom YouTube thumbnails will automatically draws the attention due to its natural look.

Now that you know what it takes to create beautiful clickable one here is an easy option for your to create the same within 60 seconds.

How Can Thumbnail Generator Help?

There are many thumbnail generators available for YouTubers to make a great one without much of an effort. If you are limited to creating few videos for your channel, you might use above mentioned tips to create one.

However, if you are really serious about making money with your channel, I highly recommand to use a thumbnail generator that makes life easy.

Here is one that can build custom thumbnail in 60 seconds while keeping the best practices of a good one.

Watch this video to have a look at the perfection in which how to make YouTube thumbnail for all your videos.

YouTube Thumbnail generator

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  1. This is such a nice article. You have clearly mentioned all the points needed to create a beautiful YouTube Thumbnail. This is nice as I think we need to add images in an aspect ratio also. I am using YouTube Thumbnail Downloader(link in my profile) to get any video thumbnail for reference.


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