4 Best Ways To Find Twitter Trending Topics And Hashtags in 2021!

twitter trending topics and hashtags guide

Twitter trending topics are a great way for those who are struggling to get more engagements on Twitter. Here we will try to explain why to use them, where to find them and how you can take advantage of today’s top topics.

Upon going through this post, I am sure you can measure your success with a clear analysis.

One of the easiest ways by which you can engage with more people as an individual or a company is Twitter trending hashtags today. These trending topics now are a great way to become part of popular trends going around. By joining in these Twitter global trends, you can increase your Twitter engagements to reach a greater audience.

In case you are new to Twitter and want to know more about building your profile and getting started with Twitter.

Read our Twitter for dummies guide to know more about the tips and tricks.

How to see what’s Twitter’s trending topics are on top Today?

The answer is simple, you can identify Twitter trending searches today by top trending #hashtags.

Just an introduction, hashtags were not the original part of the Twitter world when they started. It’s only in 2007 that they come up with the #hashtag and it changed the whole social media world. All relevant ones can be grouped by these Twitter hashtags and can see all discussion going around them with just a click.

These hashtags help a lot as Twitter is all about what’s happening right now in the world. One of the most important points when using Twitter trending topics is to use one that is having masses involved. Today, apart from Twitter, Instagram hashtags also there to let their users discover new content.

Few things to keep in mind when using Twitter trending topics today:

  • You can use as many hashtags as you want (with 240 words limit) in twitter.
  • However, Twitter itself recommends two hashtags per tweet as a best practice for users.
  • Do not use any punctuation in your hashtags, as it will be considered only up to the mark where punctuation is used.
  • Using solely numbers as hashtags will not make it a link for twitter search.

So, you now know how to use Top Twitter hashtags and news, but where to find these trending topics?

Here are a few tools that can help you to easily identify trending hashtags on Twitter, that you can use in your marketing strategy:

Twitter website

What else is better to find hashtags from where they originally came from.

Visit the Twitter website and you will find all the real-time Twitter trending topics listed for you.

Choose what suits you best and join in the conversation.

Sprout Social

sprout social for hashtag search

Here not only you can find the Twitter top trending topics but you can also analyze how your hashtags are performing.

You can choose to start with their free trial and opt-in for a paid monthly subscription if you like.

Remember, any time a relevant hashtag is much more important for you than using Twitter trending topics hashtags for your tweets.

But, how do you tweet a trending topic that helps you or your organization?

Here, Sprout Social gives you a clear understanding of what’s behind a trending hashtag on Twitter.

With this, you as an individual or as an organization can easily relate your content to trending topics hashtags.

One of the best parts about Sprout Social is that it gives you the frequency of a trending Twitter topic that you wish to use for your engagements.

Indeed a great site to get a total insight into social trending analysis.


agdef identify trending twitter topics

You can discover what Twitter trending topics are popular right now.

A free service that not only provides top trends but also gives a proper definition of each and every trending Twitter hashtag.

They have a clear and simple interface that everyone can use without much an issue.

If you want to know more about a hashtag, you can view the credit for any of the top hashtags you wish to use.


use hastagify for topics trends on twitter

You can use hashtagify to find the top hashtag on Twitter and Instagram.

This site is not limited to hashtag search but gives you an option to further explore the Twitter trending topics that work best for you.

They claim to be one of the most advanced tools available online for social media marketers.

Their custom suggestion based on the user profile that helps individuals and organizations take full advantage of Twitter trending topics today.

Here are how you can get best out of Twitter Trending hashtags today.

  • Try sending Twitter trending hashtag for special occasions to your followers rather limiting to only plain generic messages.
  • Always look for what are top one today to include the same to become part of top trends.
  • Use Twitter trending topics to promote your organization or skill. But that doesn’t mean that you just tweet about a topic.
  • Keep in mind how you can correlate with these.

Future planning is a key strategy when you want to take full advantage of Twitter trending hashtags. For example #MondayMotivation is something you can plan at weekends to offer special discounts to your customer.

If you will analyze, you will find ample of these trending on Twitter topics that trends weekly.


There is no doubt that keeping track of all the trending hashtags on Twitter can help you build your brand with ease.

However, using Twitter trending topics needs to be planned well in advance for broader reach. If, you want to take full advantage of these top trending hashtags on Twitter, start using an automated tool that helps you save a lot of time.

Though many of these tools are not free they are worth the time they save for you. As social media marketers, your focus shall be more towards creating content and strategies for growth.

Rather, spending time identifying the best Twitter trending topics for you.

Once you learn how to take advantage of Twitter trending topics, you can grow your Twitter followers fast. This opens new doors for you to take advantage of and monetize your account.

If, you are able to build a good following, read how you can get paid to tweet with pay per tweet programs.

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