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how does twitter for dummies guide 2019

Not everyone uses Twitter to maximize the potential of the microblogging site. How to use Twitter is a what every individual and marketer must know. Though, it look easy and simple, there are only few who know how twitter work for dummies?

Twitter works same for everyone as it work for an experienced social media professional, only difference is that professional knows the small details where they need to pay attention. These small details makes all the difference that matters and helps them grow faster then peoples who do not know how to use Twitter well.

This how to use Twitter guide is to advice beginners to take advantage of the millions of users. All this by just paying attention to small but important details.

We have listed 11 things for new or amateur users can do to find ways for growth. But, let me tell you that though its look easy, it can be difficult to start with.

Though, it’s a fast moving social platform these tips and tricks can definitely get focused you to get best out of it.

Here is our beginners tips:

Twitter for Dummies: How To Use Twitter In Its Full Potential?

One of the most common mistakes that user who do not know how to use Twitter is not optimizing their profile.

  • Choosing a Twitter handle – Always choose a handle that represents you. If you are an individual choose your name (if available) or use a different combination that it allows you. Check examples of names by visiting acocunts in your niche to get an idea. On the other hand, if you are representing your company, an ideal username same as blog/website domain.
  • Use Twitter Bio – Another advice is to fill your bio with an impressive description that explains you/blog/website/organization etc.
  • Your display image – Choose a professional looking display image for your username.
  • Use Twitter’s Pinned Tweet Feature- Use this feature to display your best tweet to which you want exposure.

We know that everyone do not knows how to use twitter, but above pointed twitter, advice can make you stand out from the crowd.

2 -Create and Share your own content

Due to the volume in which Twitter works, new users find it difficult to find valuable ideas. Out of all SM platforms, twitter’s post shelf-life is the shortest, this makes it important to share your own more frequently.

For example, if you have 100 followers, chances are that your tweet will be seen only by 10% of them by max.

There can be multiple reasons for this, such as, their own following which make sit difficult for them to keep track of everyone. Hence, all the tutorial you find will agree that it’s is important for you to keep sharing.

That too with higher frequency so that maximum of your following can see them. Our how to use Twitter advice is to share as much content as you can that is relevant to your profile.

Learn how you can take advantage by using Twitter trending hashtags to get more out of this.

3 -Retweet The Quality Content

One of the biggest mistakes peoples who do not nowhow to use twitter properly is to avoid sharing from others on their timeline. They get greedy and want peoples to read their own only.

However, this can cost them a lot.

Sharing good quality image or video from others is as important as sharing your own content.

  • First, sharing from others will makes you develop a relationship with creators.
  • Second, your followers will appreciate the quality post that is coming from your twitter account.
  • Third, this will help you to establish yourself as an account for quality and valuable content source.

All of above will result in higher followers and reach growth?

4 – Create Lists

One of the biggest advice on how to use Twitter is to start using lists for growth.

Not only twitter lists are important, but it also allows users to use in a more managed way. As you start growing and following a lot of peoples of different professions for networking. It becomes difficult to get hold of each one of them through your feed.

Best way to overcome this is by managing those uses as per their interest and specialties by adding them in different lists. This will ensure that you see tweets from a different set of peoples separately and don’t have to scroll through hundreds of pages.

Best ideas are to make a list of your friends, professional network, family, etc.

5 – Videos Shares For More Engaging

So, how does twitter work for dummies to get more engagements? Simple, share more visual content from your handle, this is applicable to twitter beginners and pros equally.

If you have noticed peoples with high followers list, influencers and professionals post short videos. There is a reason for this, tweets which contain videos tend to get more engagement compared to simple text.

Remember our advice on sharing content on twitter for dummies above. You can do this by searching relevant videos for your niche and post them to get higher engagement rate on Twitter.

6 – Images Work Well Too

If you find it difficult to get the relevant videos for twitter upload, include images. Twitting images with your content is another great way for high engagement with followers.

So, how to use Twitter effectively?

Visual marketing is way to go, this always has edge over text content copies with limited characters.

You can use free online tools like CANVA to create images for you for free. We mentioned frequent twitting advice above, mix that with different images.

You will notice the increase rate of engagement on your tweets with this.

7 – Monitor and Scale with Twitter Analytics

If you are on the internet from quite some time, you must be aware of marketers using google analytics to know the different criteria for their post.

Do you know, that Twitter too have analytics for each account? The best part is, this is free for all users!

Use it’s analytics to measure each and every aspect of your account. Like, followers, tweet reach, best tweets, engagement analysis, etc.

This will help you to scale and build a strategy for further growth online. Learn how you can join pay for a tweet program and earn money on Twitter.

8 -Don’t be Shy, Join Chats

Yes, you read it right!

This is another step how to use Twitter upto full potential is don’t shy away from joining in the already going public chats on your niche topics.

These are a great way to reach out to peoples who are interested in your subject. When you add value to an ongoing chat, peoples can notice you and you will get quality followers.

This also gives you an opportunity to build authority on your niche and networking with like-minded professionals.

9 -Encourage People to Engage with Tweets

Whenever you tweet from your account, make sure to add a call to action.
For example, adding “what do you think?” or “RT for….” or “Like this, if you…” etc.

This CTA will increase the engagement on your tweet hence, more reach. You can always see a higher engagement when you use a CTA in your tweets compared to just plain text.

10 -Use Automated Tools

This will answer most popular question i.e. How do you become famous fast?

Well, there is no certain answer for the above question. However, another good twitter instructions for dummies is to make use of free automated tools.

This will help you to automate your tweets in advance so that you can spend time creating creative images and Videos. As we shared above, you need to frequent posting to get more engagement and followers.

You cannot sit in front of your laptop or mobile all the time to keep sending the tweets.

Here free tools like Tweetdeck come in handy to schedule your tweets for many days in the future. It’s easy, simple and productive, do use this free tool to save your time.

11 -Keep learning

Stay up to date with all the latest trends and tips for the twitters.

Gain more information and knowledge for your niche while keeping in mind how you can get more exposure.

Here is twitter for dummies book that you can read to sharpen your skills to the next level.

To understand, please watch this twitter for dummies YouTube video from which you can implement tricks for getting successful in 2019:


Twitter is a great free SM platform with a lot of scope for individuals, business owners, and marketers.

You can take advantage and start getting traffic for your blog also through this Twitter tutorial. We have explained in another article how you can get paid to tweet if you use the twitter right way.

We are sure, you liked above how to use twitter for dummies, to learn few correct basics for beginners.

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