Pins For Pinterest – 5 Viral Pinterest Pin Creation Tips For 2021

viral pins for pinterest

Everyone is looking for success with pins for Pinterest, which are a excellent source of traffic for blogs and businesses. To make it easy for you, here are top Pinterest hacks that are used secretly for creating a viral pin for Pinterest.

Though getting success with Pinterest is all about pinning the content or your images from the blog. What holds the most critical position is your content quality, plus frequency. Ideally, one must target at least one quality article a week, which is ideal for creating a pin for Pinterest.

Another way around is to create new pins for your old posts, just in case you can’t update your blog with new posts. That is considered as fresh content by Pinterest for your profile. However, this is always used as the second-best option. Here are the best of five tips for you:

Create Viral Pin For Pinterest With 5 Easy Tips

Do Keyword Research

pins keywords

Undoubtedly, keyword research is many times is taken as the research on Google to find niche related keywords for blog or website. Where Pinterest has its keyword tool, which focuses on the creation of the ads. But, you can take advantage of this free Pinterest keyword research tool to find popular keywords for your pins.

These keywords will help you make viral pins for Pinterest from your content. You can also use these keywords as hashtags just like Twitter trending for your pin description. However, keep the number of hashtags to three or four only.

Pinterest Pin Size

There is a misconception that fancy Pinterest pins are bound to get more engagement. Keeping it in mind, many users start creating fancy sizes that do not fit into the follower’s feed properly. The ideal viral pin for Pinterest is 600×900 in size, and Pinterest gives them top priory for users’ feed. Other things to be kept in mind are the clear and easy text with a proper demonstration of a call to action. It is no hidden secret that a call to action plays a vital role all over social media platforms to generate money with a higher click-through rate. Here is what Pinterest says:

pinterest pin size

Create Relevant Boards

It is the first step for your Pinterest boards strategy, and you must create 4-5 relevant boards for your pins. Pinning viral pins to relevant boards can help you get more exposure for your profile for sure. It is also helpful in getting a higher rate of engagement for your pins, which generally results in traffic to your blog or affiliate marketing landing page.

Keep in mind the earlier shared keyword strategy, which also applies to the creation of new boards. I am sure, right keyword followed by proper size and relevant boards can help create viral pins for a Pinterest profile.

Joining Group Boards

Yes, it is still relevant though many experts say that joining group boards is a waste of time now. As Pinterest is updating its algorithm more frequently than ever, users who use group boards for spamming are suffering the most.

But, joining only relevant group boards and pinning your pins there can still help you a lot. Please do remember that viral pins for Pinterest always come from niche-specific boards. Hence, give preference to quality over quantity, and you will find success with group boards.

Creating Fresh Content & Pins

Creating fresh content is another critical point when you want to make viral pins for Pinterest for your profile. I post 8-10 new pins per week to help to inject fresh content into my boards. When making different pins for a single URL, keep in mind the unique pin title and description. By this, Pinterest will treat your pin as fresh content, which will help you rank them higher for your keyword. Once you are done all of the above, you can then apply for the Pinterest business account which allows the rich pins.

Bonus Tip – Consistency in Creating Viral Pins For Pinterest Profile

My final tip for making viral pins for Pinterest is consistency in choosing the right keyword, posting frequently, and repining to relevant boards. Users who use all features of Pinterest consistently are the ones who attract more traffic toward their blog, website, or even to new YouTube channels. But, being frequent doesn’t mean that you go all out from when your profile is new. Start with adding 10 pins to your newly created boards, and as time goes by, start including your content pins for viral Pinterest images.

Final thoughts

Pinterest today is one of the most popular social media platforms to drive traffic and get more exposure for your business. You can achieve a lot with your Pinterest profile, only if you stay focused on the tips, as mentioned above. I am sure you acknowledge that these tips are easy to follow and can help you get a significant increase in your Pinterest analytics and traffic. Stay focus and keep building viral pins for Pinterest to help you drive more traffic and sales from your business.

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