Who Views Your Instagram Stories and Photos? Best Ways To In 2021!

can you see who viewed your instagram photos and stories. how to check who stalked me on instagram

Do you doubt that someone is trying to hack your Instagram account? Although Instagram does not let you see who views your Instagram, few methods can help you identify the same.

Without a doubt, today Instagram has become one of the most popular platforms for image sharing among social media sites with some fantastic features. Moreover, it is part of Facebook, and hence it is enhancing its popularity by many folds. Instagram lets you follow anyone, and others can follow you too. Plus, you can also view the profile of any Instagram registered member.

As you know, Instagram helps companies become a brand and even helps many bloggers and webmasters make a stable income. There are always peoples who want to spy on you with an ill will. That is why it becomes essential to identify such a profile who views your Instagram over some time.

You may feel that there is no need to know who is watching your account and harassing all of your Instagram moves. However, think twice before making your mind and read these reasons:

  • You are popular, and that is why people are viewing, including your haters.
  • Someone might be stealing your content or taking ideas for their new content.
  • People who are your competitors in real life might want to spook on you.
  • There is a chance of hackers trying to hack your Instagram account.
  • Avoid Instagram stalkers.

So now you must be interested to know if any dubious person is there who views your Instagram profile for stalking you?

Anyways, no matter what is the reason, if you see someone bothering or stalking on Instagram due to your popularity. Without fail, you must maintain security and precautions to avoid unwanted situations and Instagram stalkers.

When you discover that there are too many people following you every day, your Instagram account is very popular. Hence there is always a need to take extra precautions for your account.

Keep reading the article, and we have suggested a few solutions that can help you find an answer to your question related to profile views.

In this article, we are giving the best ways to clearly explain how to know who views your Instagram profile. The best part is that all these methods help you are completely free.

What does this mean? It means that you do not have to spend any money from your pocket.

Remember, Instagram doesn’t allow you to find this out; hence you need to be a little smart and use some proven solution to know who views your Instagram profile. Still, with all the research, we list the top methods that have helped me discover who is seeing my Instagram at no cost.

How To See Who Views Your Instagram Photos?

Yes, this can be done to an extent, and below are two of the most popular apps. You can download these for iOS and Android devices for FREE.

But remember that any app cannot provide you the information that you are looking for from Instagram. This is due to the algorithm changes that have restricted the use of API to a third party. Only use these apps if you are desperately want to know “who views my Instagram profile,” else, move to the next part of this article that gives the option to use the Instagram app for the same.

Follower Analyzer App

mobile app to keep track of instagram stalkers for free. check who are visitor of my instagram profile

So, you want to see who views your Instagram profile, right?

Here is a Follower Analyzer for Instagram, which can track all the visitors to your Instagram account. Apart from this, there are many features that you would love to use to grow your Instagram account.

Here is a short summary of features that this app offers:

  • This app can track who unfollowed you and who did not give you a follow back.
  • Track any new followers or fans
  • Data about most active followers, plus followers with no engagement
  • Who commented on your post, plus who is inactive
  • View your top post, which received most comments, likes, etc.
  • Get data for most viewed videos.
  • You can also analyze any account that followed you, or you wish to follow.

But how this app is helpful to identify who views my Instagram?

You can use the feature of tracking people who view your Instagram video to identify the same. This app can track all the people who follow your Instagram account, and you can scan their profile. Which gives you some extra data to block or unfollow dubious Instagram stalkers.

This is one of the best apps to know who views your Instagram profile. A useful one that you can keep on your smartphone.

But remember, due to recent algorithms changes done by Instagram, you might get notices from them. As any unverified by Instagram, apps are now allowed to use their API data.

Ana.ly Mobile App

easy way to keep a check on your instagram stalkers and story viewers

If you want to find out who views your Instagram profile, then this app is for you. This is free to use, but you can easily download it for Android and iOS equally.

Upon downloading, this app can collect the data from your Instagram profile to analyze to present what you want to know. Though there is no guarantee if results are 100% legit or not, you can still get some good insight.

Here are some other features that you can use apart from identifying who views your Instagram stories, photos, or profile.

  • Know who follow or unfollow you
  • Get information on people who blocked you
  • People who you did not follow you back
  • Who viewed my Instagram stories
  • Get an insight into your likes and comments

You can download it for free from the Android or iOS app store FREE. As shared earlier, the data you will see is not 100% authentic; it can still give you an idea of what exactly is happening with your account reach.

About Stories: Can I See Who Views My Instagram Stories?

From the time Instagram introduced the story feature for its users, its usage has been beyond expectations. Now many celebrities focus more on creating videos for stories rather than publishing just images on their Instagram.

If you are worried about who views your Instagram story, I guess you are not aware of some of the best privacy settings that it offers.

Remember, whenever you publish a story on your account, it automatically follows your account’s privacy setting. This means, if you have made your account private, then your stories become private too. This feature is not available auto when you publish any other content like photos.

Hence you get to know who views your Instagram story as per the following process:

  • Go to your profile and select the story for which you want to see viewers.
  • An easy feature of swipe up on the story from the bottom of the screen and there you are. All the analysis of your stories, including who viewed the story, who clicked next, etc. are there to check. You can identify your Instagram stalkers through this methods to take necessary action.
  • What more, once you see someone that you want to ignore, just check the little X, and it is done. This person is now banned from viewing your stories. Do not worry, this feature will not block the person from viewing your other content.

Conclusion – Can you track Instagram stalkers?

Through the above methods, you can get an idea of who views your Instagram photos or stories. If you are not yet switched to the business profile on Instagram, I suggest you do the same at the earliest.

With that, you will get a whole lot of analytical features to make your account more popular. Side by side, it offers many data that you can check to get ideas of engagement, viewers, and reach.

If you find that someone is stalking you on Instagram and cannot identify through the above methods. The right way is to make your account private to only show content to people you follow, or you can also report the account to Instagram. But, there are many ways to view private Instagram stories through websites.

Thanks for reading this article, and now you know how to see who views your Instagram story or photos.

Frequenty Asked Question – Who viewed my Instagram?

Why is it important to keep a check on who viewed my Instagram?

This is not necessary and not applicable to everyone; however, if you doubt that someone is either stealing your content or reporting you unnecessarily or stalking on you. Then, there is a need to go with any of the methods that we have shared above.

Is it safe to use these mobile apps for Instagram stalking?

As you will visit the pages of download, you can go through the user’s feedback on their security. Though app stores do take care of many things for you, it is always suggested to go through the details of the app before downloading. Users’ feedback is another great way to get you an idea of how safe these apps are.

How to ensure these methods give 100% authentic data on profile views?

There is no guarantee that you will get 100% authentic data due to the algorithm of Instagram, which makes it difficult to attract all the data through API, though it was possible up to a few years back. Hence use the app data at your discretion; there is no guarantee attached to them.

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