Stim Social Review – UPDATED 2019 – Stim Social For Instagram Price & Free Trial

stim social review

Let confess, growing an Instagram account is no child’s play and you do need help to grow. This is the reason many growth services are becoming popular among users. Here I present, the Stim Social one of the top web tools to automate engagement and growth.

I hope you have gone through my three-step guide to getting famous on Instagram. Where the third and final step was to automate the tasks to be more productive.

When you have money on your side, you can outsource many tasks save time. Where, as an individual to keep increasing followers, like and comments, you do need an easy to use the tool.

But before we move forward, let us first check what goal do you have. This is an important aspect while you choose any automation interface. Here is what you should list and check before proceeding:

What is your goal with automation?

  1. Gain new followers daily that too organically?
  2. Marketing of your product or services to increase sales and branding?
  3. Becoming an Instagram influencer to attract sponsorship deals?
  4. To drive traffic to your site or blog for advertisement or affiliate revenue?

Once you lock on any of the above it becomes easier for you to choose and analyze required help. Among many online tools, Stim Social does catch my eye with a simple dashboard and pricing. Before you start using this tool, I recommand to write a cute Instagram bio for the maximum impact to get following and engagements. So here are the details which you must know about their services for growth.

Stim Social Review – UPDATED 2019

The more engagement that you have on your Instagram, the more reach you get. This is why you do need an automation service that is reliable, simple and fits in your budget.

Though, there are many other services available through website module or downloadable software. You would love to use Stim Social for Instagram growth web tool for you.

Here is what you will get:

stim social review for Instagram engagements

All niches accepted

Users from all niches like Food, Travel, Fitness, Blogging, Fashion, and e-Commerce use their services. Which mean there is no limitation on what niche you promote with them, your Instagram is bound to grow.

If case you want to know more about the niche, I recommend going through my blog niche selection guide.


I am sure before considering Stim Social Instagram growth platform, you already have these analyzed:

  1. Prospect audience and demography
  2. Targeting specific geographical location
  3. Ideal peoples which are relevant to your niche with a huge following

With all the above, your task of using this tool become much easier through filters.

You have the option to choose from many inbuilt filters to use for your Instagram. If you know your target audience, hashtags or users it becomes easy to interact with them with this tool. This also ensures that you do not follow or engage with any random person but the one with best results. If you have used your app for the research and searching, please do ensure that you delete Instagram searches from your app for cleaner result.

Their interface tool allows users to select and target one to five relevant hashtags. Plus, you have the choice to let them target geolocation and demography which deem fit for your own niche.

My advice is to research the topics as suggested above to maximize results with Stim Social. Once you log-in to your account you will get your dashboard to choose the best filters. You can choose what suits best your marketing or personal goals.

Likes on Auto

Another feature that you will get with Stim Social is auto like for you. This web tool like posts relevant to your niche which helps more people get the notification. By this, your chances of getting more followers or engagement increases. Though do not expect all those to follow you back, but yes you will get few followers through this tool.

Through auto like Stim Social gives your Instagram two different types of exposures. One, let the users identify your account and second those mutually in your niche. This increases the chance for the click on your profile link which can be either be an offer or visit to your site/blog.

Overall with this feature, you receives more activity with likes.

Do you know your username plays a big role for niche specific searches on Instagram? Ensures that your username do contain your niche word or you can try to change your Instagram username for better results with niche. Just in case, you find no niche relvenat name, you can try this Instagram username generators to get one for you.

Follow account on Auto

Stim Social Instagram auto-follow feature is another one to increase your engagement. With this tool, you can easily target those which are relevant to your niche. Following users with same interests always has the potential of getting a follow back. With auto-follow, you will also get engagement with followers of your target users.

Cleaning The Feed

With auto-follow and like actions you tend to receive new visitors to your profile. The first thing they go through is your feed to judge your profile. I am sure you know how to write a perfect Instagram caption for your content which will play a role here. On the other hand, there is no guarantee that profile that you select to auto-follow have quality content. This is where another filter from Stim Social for Instagram web interface comes handy.

You can choose what content to be displayed in your feed by blocking unwanted users. Which helps with a clean feed that peoples like and one of the factors of getting followers.

In simple words, this web interface’s dashboard shows your growth analysis in real-time.

Stim Social For Instagram – Should You Try?

your dashboard view

I would say YES…But only if you are desperate for the rapid growth of your account. Otherwise, stay focus on organic growth and in-person engagement for you.

Having said that, growing activities become difficult once your number crosses 1000 followers. As you tend to spend more time engaging with your followers or checking your feed. Where one should be spending more time creating quality content, rather engaging. Quality content is no doubt number one factor that speeds up the process of getting famous.

Stim Social gives you far better results compared to any random shoutouts package. These shouts you can buy generally in $5-$10 through contacting random users monetizing their Instagram.

My personal experience with them is that they do increase your followers. But, only for the short period, with time none of them stick. All that money is gone and you receive zero engagement from such followers.

Is Stim Automation for you?

Let be honest, you landed here either searching for followers or engagements. Which is enough to identify you are struggling to get follower, likes or comments on your content.

Everyone faces this situation, though some at the start were few after a few months. This can happen due to many reasons like tough competition or you not being consistent.

If this is what makes you look for a solution to your problem. I hope Stim Social comes handy for not only saving a lot of your time but avoiding penalties.

Here is a summary of all the benefit you can expect:

  1. No download required and you can change filter or review analysis on the go from anywhere.
  2. Easy to use dashboard and set filters according to your need [ Check filter guidelines in their FAQ]
  3. Increase in the number of followers naturally with auto-follow while keeping an eye on the daily limit.
  4. Increase the engagement rate of your Instagram with like [the extra benefit of getting followers]
  5. Keeping your timeline clean [through blocking or muting peoples as per need]
  6. Save you time for creating quality content for your audience[ read why this is important for growth]
  7. Save money on fake offer you receive in your DMs now and then.

You always have an option to do all of above by yourself. But, there are slim chances that you will save yourself from the banning. Which is due to aggressive use of following, like or commenting to increase engagement.

Do they Offer Free Trial?
stim social free trial

I am personally a big fan of any free trial and consider it as an extra benefit from service providers. A free product sample is a marketing strategy that is now adopted by many organizations. This is the first thing that I looked for when I was researching for the Stim Social Review.

Here too, with Stim Social free trial is available for 5 days to check the product. The best part is that everyone is eligible for their 5-day free trial upon creating an account with them.

You can sign-up for their website with basic details and no credit card details are required. Which ensures that you use the only free trial and there is no auto-billing scare in case you decide not to use them.

Upon creating a free account, you need to connect your Instagram with them. Here are why Stim Social free trial is beneficial and cool in many ways:

  1. You can try the services that we mentioned above
  2. Feel and check their dashboard
  3. Get familiar with the filters that are on offer
  4. Make your mind on quality and easiness of tool for your goals
  5. You get fee engagement for your Instagram for 5 days which is a plus

So, there is no reason you not to try Stim Social free trial except sharing your Instagram details with them. But how much you have to shed monthly for their paid services?

Let’s discuss the pricing!

Stim Social Price – Is it fair?

So you now know what you need and benefit but how much these will cost you?

The Stim Social price is quite flexible keeping in mind users goal for them. The range starts from as low as $10/month to high as $100/month for the usage of their web tool.

Here is how much each paid plan will cost you:

price of all plans

The level of engagements that you will receive with each Stim Social price plan is as per the following:

benefits of all plans

We would say that the price is decent and flexible keeping in mind the user’s goals. Those who want to grow at a slow pace can go with the basic package (fast). You can choose according to your budget and see which works best for you before going for full fledge plans.

What are the cons?

Though we have mentioned many good things in this review for your growth. There is/are always cons attached when using bot-based services you take. Recent updates of the Instagram algorithm are quite strict for the usage of automated services.

Here is what you need to keep in mind while using Stim Social for Instagram services:

  1. Your unfamiliarity with automation bots working. It’s a bot-based web service which is not liked by this social media platform.
  2. Choosing too many aggressive filters to look suspicious. Please do read their instruction before selecting any filter for your growth.
  3. No personal touch with your fans. This happens any time due to lay-back approach as your tasks will be on autopilot.
  4. Monthly spending on this paid services. After all, money is money, you have to shed some on their services if they work for you. Though, Stim Social prices are nothing for agencies or companies for the
    individual it a bit high.
  5. Customer service contact is available only through online communication. This means, resolution of your queries or problems may take more time to compare to phone support.
  6. Though Stim Social free trial period is for 5 days, the initial 2 days will be wasted in warming up the account.

Final words…

You now know most details that you need to know about this automation service. Keep the pro and cons of their web tool and make your mind if you does need this. You can also grow your account organically with in-person active if you give time. But time is the most expensive commodity these days…and Stim Social price is nothing in front of that!

Remember, though this web interface will help you get more engagement for you. Few other factors play an equal role in the growth and cannot be ignored.

Content is the number one factor alongside the quality of the profile you have. No matter which quality and expensive service you use. Without these two, you will never get followers sticking and engaging with you.

Please leave a comment on Stim Social review and your experience of using their services. We would love to know more about the growth that you got from its usage or any difficulty that you faced.

In case you have any other tool that worked for you, drop the link in the comment section. I will try to write about them and compare with this Stim Social review for our users.

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