Ask A Question On Instagram Post With Instagram Stories Questions Sticker!

how to ask question on instagram

A high level of followers engagement is what every Instagrammers is working towards. Publishing many stunning images is one of the most common and favorite strategy in play for most of the accounts. However, influencers do use question on Instagram to get higher engagement and connection with their audience.

It is not a secret strategy on the importance of asking a question on Instagram, helping users to grow their account much faster compared to one who underutilizes or do not use them. There is no doubt it helps peoples seeing your posts in a much higher number, hence is a must use for everyone.

In this article, I am sharing a few thoughts about the type do well alongside its use with the stories. Hence I would segregate it two parts, what to ask and how to use Instagram question post.

Please note that I have tried to give only examples to introduce you to this strategy, once you are familiar with this. You can research your niche and come up with your creative ideas, list them, and take benefit. With the help of below, you can fill your Instagram feed grid with highly engaging content to attract peoples.

5 Question On Instagram That Does Well : How To Ask!

instagram question post

A call to action (Like/Share/Tag) followed by the question with a 5%-10% post is a good practice. Hence in case, I do not use the same below, keep that in mind!

What’s Keeping You Busy?

Though this question looks straight and straightforward, it has a lot of potentials to be an ice-breaker. Considering that social media’s existence is due to this very reason i.e., sharing lives with others, this Instagram question post are underutilized!

Think like a regular day communication we had with our loved one whom we are not meeting frequently. These can open them up, and we can know what’s going on with their lives. A perfect question on Instagram is one that generates the interest of followers who just check the Instagram caption in posts.

I do not know which niche you are in, but this can be twisted according to any niche, all you have to do it keep it into the present moment. Here are a few examples (different niche) on Instagram question post:

  • Dish you cooking/eating/trying today?
  • Project are you working on now?
  • What destination are you thinking of traveling?

Response to a question on Instagram that connects with the followers in the present moment tends to do better.

Question About Product Feedback

how to ask a question on instagram

This is one of the favorite question on Instagram used by an influencer who do business with Instagram or endorse products. I tend to think that such things are part of the endorsement deals, but recently I realized that it is both ways.

Users who are or want to become Influencer on Instagram ask such questions to take feedback if they are promoting the right product. On the other hand, the company recommends them these to see if sponsoring a person made an impact on sales (consider engagements as proof). Anyway, you can copy this strategy according to the product or services you promote.

  • What was the best part of using the (product)?
  • Who do you want to recommend this (product/service), tag all/friends!
  • What do you want to make this (product/service) better? Leave a comment!

Above are the ideas that you can take or question to ask on Instagram, but you can change the language, tone, and niche accordingly. If you are endorsing products and have a link in Instagram bio, they will get encouraged to click them!

Question about Choice

instagram question post

People are proud of their choices, and they go in length, explaining or sharing the same. A good question on Instagram would be to open up your followers about their life choices. Whenever you share an inspiration quote or picture, consider asking followers about their inspiration. For example:

  • What do you want to be?
  • What one thing would you do to change yourself?
  • Who do you idolize?
  • What would you do?

Ensure that whatever you ask, it should be something relevant to the viral Instagram photo that you have posted. Keep it simple with a broader perspective to help more peoples starting a conversation. As many peoples use Instagram search to find content, use the right hashtags for likes in your Instagram question post caption will help you reach more of them.

Ask For Opinion

answering Instgarm post

People love to give an opinion, and an opportunity to get a lot of replies in your feed. A good part about asking such a question on Instagram is the relevance with almost all the niches around. Such one has characteristics to trigger and feelings, which converts into the response to the post.

Another good part of the opinion question to ask on Instagram is that everyone has a different one. It automatically makes it eligible for the vast number of people’s connection with them. These can be simple and straightforward like:

  • Do you like Tea or Coffee?
  • What you prefer, home-cooked or restaurant food?
  • What color shall I wear, Red or Pink?

Try to keep all these question on Instagram relevant to either your niche or things in real life. Engagement on these also helps you to decide what your audience like, which can help you contact brands for endorsements later.

Give Tips, Tricks, and Facts

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Everyone knows that creating a niche-specific page on Instagram is what can help you become famous on Instagram fast. You must have put a lot of thought before creating one for you and knows a thing or two about the topic.

There is an ideal opportunity to ask a question on Instagram, which is highly specialized in your niche.  For example, if you operate a page related to fashion, then you must be aware of the color that one wear at day or night time. Here are few example of such Instagram question post:

  • Do you know what (color) dress to wear during (time) helps….
  • What makeup to wear in (event)..s
  • Which (brand) launched in (year)….

People give a lot of importance to such a tip, and trick question to ask on Instagram can help them in their daily life. On the other side, a lot of engagements to your content. Moreover, these can establish you like the niche authority, which again results in more followers and opportunities to make money with Instagram.

Now that you know what kind of question to ask on Instagram to improve your reach and engagement, let us move to the second part of our post.

Using Instagram Stories Question Stickers

question sticker

I am sure you are already aware of Instagram stories questions sticker used by influencers and brands to interact with their audience. These are where you can get maximum mileage and another must-have for your strategy.

In case you are short of Instagram stories ideas, my favorite tip would be to visit the branks and influencers to get inspired and break the shackle. 

Here is a brief introduction on how to add stickers to your Instagram question post:

  • Open your app
  • Tap the sticker button right after you upload your video or photo to stories.
  • Select the one you like best and start typing what you want to ask.
  • Once done, you need to select the right place according to your templet design.
  • Share your Instagram stories questions sticker with followers

Here is what will make your instagram stories questions sticker Engaging

Instagram Stories Questions Sticker

Use Question and Answers

You need preparation beforehand to create your Instagram stories questions for upload. Choose between keeping it specific to your niche, or you want to the broad one. Match the question with cool Instagram fonts that matches the emotion and intention.

If you analyze, you must be aware of day and time you get maximum engagement on your posts. Choose the best time to publish to reach the maximum number of followers. Another great way would be to let the audience know when you are posting the question on Instagram.

Get Feedback

World over big brands and companies rely on customer feedback to make their product or services better. Leaping this, you too, can use the question to ask on Instagram for your content and new ideas they would like to see more frequently. 

Do not end by posting your content, but get back to the most common one by answering and let your followers know you care about them.

Tell Them You Listen

A follow-up answer post against the most frequent question on Instagram that you received is another excellent strategy to connect with your audience. Not only will you make more fans, but you will send a clear signal that you listen to them.

If you will follow the above, increase their chances of becoming a brand or influencer in Instagram space. Those who are using automation tools like Stim Social Instagram, keeping an eye on every comment become even easier to track.

Show Your Expertise

Instagram stories questions give you ample opportunity to show your expertise to your followers. Consider this more of a blog where peoples visit to get solutions and advice for a specific niche. 

Trust me, and your audience will appreciate this and become more loyal with free advertisement to your account. Do not expect anything against this, the more free advice you put forward, the more valuable the resource you will become.

Final words

Gone are the days when choosing a cool username for Instagram, posting an image was the only method of higher engagement. With time, Instagram has changed a lot, thanks to the updates and many new features.

Stories are a way to go forward if you want to establish yourself as a brand or want to monetize Instagram.

With the above tips you can come up higher on algorithm when users search for stories, images, and hashtags. Take advantage of all of the above tips, which will become a vital part of your success. Do share your ideas about the question on Instagram that has helped you in your journey!

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