Mobile Photography Tricks To Go Viral On Instagram

smartphone and mobile photography tricks for instagram

Do you want to take your mobile photography seriously? Are you interested in phoneography that bring more likes, shares, and comments on Instagram and Facebook?

Peoples are purchasing expensive digital cameras to take stunning images. Plus, accessories, equipment, and photo apps to edit their photos which cost near $2000-$3000!

Nevertheless, who want to carry the heavy, big and expensive DSLR camera’s to a dinner party or outing with friends? No one!

But, what if you can achieve the identical result as DLSR with creative smartphone photography editing apps?

Interesting, right?

Yes, your smartphone camera is capable of producing the same quality. Unfortunately, very few know about these mobile photography tricks, even after using smartphones from ages.

Everyone today is utilizing their smartphone camera for taking street photographs, food images for social media uploads. But few influencers take photos with the phone which gets engagements in thousands!

This is why I am writing this article while keeping in mind two questions every phoneography wannabe asks:

  • One, How do I take professional pictures with my smartphone?
  • Two, is there any smartphone photography course and how to join?

Each picture that you catches on the smartphone goes straight online. Generally, peoples have different intentions when sharing pictures.

Either they want to share their life moments with loved ones, or they want to get their image go viral. Every second, thousands of images uploaded online, but 99.9% of those images go unnoticed.

Doesn’t matter if you use photos taken with iPhone or Android and enhance in mobile photography editing apps. Without basic phoneography skills, achieving the desired result is difficult.

Let’s start with our first point:

How do you take professional mobile Instagram Photos?

To take pictures that seem professional with your smartphone, you need to keep many things in mind. Here are the most significant aspects of mobile phone photography that helps peoples take better pictures.

Pay attention to the lighting

Outdoor pictures always look exceptional, thanks to the natural lighting. Where people face problem is while taking pictures Indore. Using flash is the priority of most people, where one should look for natural light first. Consider opening all the curtains for better lighting quality, or best is to take the stuff outside.

Check the background

Ever wondered why every picture of Instagram Influencer look so damn good?

Here is one of the reason which you need to keep in mind next time you take a pictures.

While doing mobile photography one must keep the background in mind. Generally, peoples are in a hurry to take the shot and ignore the same.

Where if you want your photos to look better, check for the messy backgrounds. A good background makes a photo pop-up and you get a good snap for Instagram or Facebook.

Try different angles

Have you noticed, some of the most stunning photos taken with iPhone are from an angle? Especially for Instagram photography, take photos from different angles then choose the one that looks best.

Don’t stick with the traditional, straight general looking photos from the phone. It matters how do you hold your phone when taking a picture, with different angles. This converts them into an adventure, which peoples love!

Zoom or distance?

I know it’s addictive to take the close-up shots with phone photography. But it kills the quality, looks and feels of the photos. With zooming, appears the pixelated, grainy photos on the phone. No matter how costly the camera phone you own, it doesn’t look clear!

Can’t stay away from the close-up photos? Well, a simple answer is to go closer to the target.

Lens cleaning

Whether it’s android photography or photos taken with iPhone; the lens is critical. Keep your lens clean all the time is mobile phoneography 101.

It helps dodge those blurry images or spots during photography using smartphone. Do not forget to clean your lens with a soft and clean cloth to wipe with lens cleaner.

Take many photos

Yes, do not take only one photo and upload it. Preferably, take many from different angles and give yourself an option to choose the best one.

Though, it might take a few more minutes of your life. But when it’s come to online uploading, only best image make it!

Invest in Good mobile Photography Editing apps

Do you think all mobile photography Instagram celebrities upload are raw immediately taken images?

You will get disheartened to know that not only they are dependent on the filters. But, they also invest heavily in good photo editing app.

There are many available in the market, from free to paid alternatives. If you are serious, buy a paid mobile photography app. These make your life much easier and you will get better-looking photos.

Now comes at the second point of our article.

How to rock Instagram Mobile photography?

When we check our Instagram feed full of artistic and stunning looking photographs. All we want is to take photos like them and upload on our timeline.

Later, we usually stuck in an enigma which distracts us more and more. What phone is best for photography? or Which cell phone has the best camera?

Unknowingly, resolutions to these questions generally stop at spending $200-$300 on new smartphone and apps.

Several do join mobile photography courses which again cost them approximately $1000-$1500. Moreover, most of these instructors will expect you to either buy the latest camera or upgrade an existing one.

Ok…. Have a look at the following photographs and tell me if these are from an expensive DSLR or smartphone camera?

mobile photography tricks for instagram

These smartphone photographs are taken after learning from the smartphone photography course that I am suggesting you next.

Not only this course is pretty powerful, but it gives you exposure to the camera tricks not known to many. These tricks are particularly for getting your pictures to go viral on social media.

Also, this one is the most affordable one among any mobile photography courses you will come across.

Only, if you choose to enroll for this, you will get FREE bonuses, that include following:

  • 100% money-back guarantee within 8 weeks! (So, if the course doesn’t work as it claims, you will get your money back)
  • Lifetime consultation from the mentor (Worth $500)
  • FREE report to make your picture featured on Instagram and Flickr. That helps you get popular on Social Media! (Worth $27)
  • FREE report on how to make passive income with your photography. Yes, it is possible and you get it! (Worth $27)
  • FREE photo editing software! (With same features Photoshop cost $500 +)

All the above benefits will cost you only $27

Yes, you heard it right, only $27 with 100% money-back guarantee within 8 weeks. What more, you get access to these mobile photography tricks moment you sign up!

So, get set to astound your friends and family with your best photos taken with a smartphone. Furthermore, these draw in more likes, comments and share on your social media profiles.

As you start to get your hands on inside tricks of phone photography editing that only experts know. You will see the change in every photo that you takes, same as a professional.

Can you make money on Instagram with photography after this trick? You need to brainstorm on your own, though there is every chance with all the essential reports are included for FREE!

Check out and join TODAY by visiting this smartphone photography course website below.

Mobile Photography Course with FREE bonuses!

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