Losing Instagram Followers – 5 Best Ways To Stop?

losing instagram followers

Gaining followers on Instagram is what every user is working on by creating content and posting frequently. But, many times, you notice that you are losing Instagram followers for no reason though you think you are doing everything right from your end.

Millions of people use this platform, and it is becoming harder day by day to increase your following due to frequent updates. There could be many reasons users never stop losing Instagram followers and have no idea how to deal with it. In this article, I have tried to write on the main reasons that you can check to take the necessary steps to stop the decreasing followers’ number.

Reasons You Are Losing Instagram Followers Fast!

For easier reference, I would like to put all these reasons into two separate categories. One that you do not have any control over and are related to the platform only. Two, an adaptation of wrong strategies that let you keep losing Instagram followers.

The reason I think of the above two different reasons is to ensure that you can check where you need to pay more attention. Not only will these help you save your precious time, but you can put the same to learn and focus on the right issues.

2 Technical Treasons For Decreasing Followers Count!

Spam Accounts Detection

loosing instagram followers for no reason

There is a lot of spam accounts creation happen on their platform against which they act frequently. Apart from this, a lot of bots, fake and inactive accounts are there, which they get rid of through updating their algorithm and blocking. 

If you have many of them as followers, your number might decrease due to their detection and action against these spam accounts. However, this should not be a discouragement to you as it gives you a perspective about why your engagement rate was lower. This could be the reason for very few likes and comments on your content or decreasing followers number.

Keep a check on who follows you, and good practice would be to ban such accounts as they follow you. An easy way to identify these accounts is their name, Instagram bio space, and their feed, spend some time checking that. There is no remedy to this, and these will keep popping now and then. It’s good you are losing followers on Instagram that do not provide any value to you. Check out how you can make your bio breathtaking with the help of many Instagram font generators easily!

Follow-Unfollow Tactics 

Since IG took off in the social media space, following-unfollowing is known as the fastest way to increase numbers. This is nothing you can do about it, as there is quite an increase in peoples who use these tactics. It is one of the reasons that peoples fall in the category of spam account and removed by them every now and then.

Ideally, you should not fall for their game and stop following any random people. Most probably, they will unfollow you in the next few days and you will see a decreasing followers number. Such accounts are a severe issue to your engagement ratio; hence you need to stay alert. Mind you, tools such as Stim Social Instagram still help you to gain at a faster speed, only if you are interested and not act like spam!

5 Wrong Strategies That Are Reason For losing Instagram Followers?

how to stop losing followers on instagram

Your Engagement Level

Social media is all about interaction from both sides when it becomes one-sided, the relationship ends. Check if you are interacting with your following enough to keep them motivated for more engagements with your content. It is one of the most significant truth which Instagram users turn away from and become a reason for losing followers on Instagram. Now almost everyone uses the strategy of using Instagram hashtags for likes and visibility instead of providing quality content. 

Anyway, publishing content is nothing if you do not connect with your audience through engagements. You must take time out of your schedule to value what peoples are interested in. Instagram itself has a lot of functions that can you can use for engagement with your community. Start with responding to a few of the best comments, like their content or share to stop decreasing followers number.

Create Instagram caption ideas that the audience likes and tag your most active users as a part of an engagement to see the results. Another right way to get engaged with your audience is when you ask a question on an Instagram post. These are just examples, but you can come up with more such ideas to keep the engagement from both sides to stop losing followers on Instagram.

Flood of Content

Though it is always a good thing to become consistent with your posting, many times, too much content can encourage people to unfollow. If you have created your account, keeping in mind a specific niche, it is advisable to publish content by understanding the ideal time and frequency. Even those who are using such strategies to promote their business with Instagram need to pace it well.

To be honest, it is a double-edged sword, and your admirers may like a flood of content, on the other hand, others may not like it. Publishing too much content may be another reason that people are clicking unfollow, and you were losing followers on Instagram. 

Again, I found a lack of proper schedule or time as a reason behind too much content publishing at one go. If you find it challenging to schedule your post, search for tools like Later or Buffer, which is quite useful to stop losing Instagram followers. 

Inconsistent Post Schedule

how to stop losing followers on Instagram

Opposite to the earlier reason, your lack of consistency can also outcome in losing Instagram followers. It is one of the most common issues that people face after creating their cool Instagram username and profile. Many start with a plan, but then it doesn’t take time to deviate from it due to a lack of ideas and they start losing followers on Instagram.

When someone follows you, it is your content that keeps them waiting for more. But, when you stop posting for days, they will look somewhere else. Most probably, it will result in losing Instagram followers due to your inconsistent or too gap between posts. 

The easy fix for this is to use some third-party tools, but they will cost you a little money. Through them, you can schedule for many days well in advance in one sitting. This means, when someone lands on your page through an Instagram search, a consistent grid can convenience them to follow you.

Quality of Pictures and Videos

After all, IG is a visual content platform with millions of quality images shared daily. If you were facing the issue of losing followers on Instagram, check if the quality of your photos. If you have doubts about your quality, check a few relevant niche accounts or Instagram influencer for comparison. Mediocre and poor quality of your videos and pictures could cost you in decreasing followers number.

Reasons for poor quality are either your mobile camera or your skill level. Here, you are the best judge for the conclusion. If this is so, you can choose to go for a better camera or go for a short Instagram photography trick course if your budget allows so.

There is never a wrong time to upgrade your gadgets, app, or skills to help perform better. Quality followed by a consistent schedule can help you gain more engagements instead of losing Instagram followers.

Irrelevant Content

People become fans due to the content that they saw on your Instagram feed grid. For example, if you are into a fashion niche, stick to that only. If you start publishing off-topic content, you can begin losing Instagram followers.

The two of the most common reasons that turn users away from niche is due to lack of ideas or attention-seeking. However, such things do not work, instead, it encourages low engagement and decreases followers’ number.

A great way to stay on top of this is looking for content inspiration online, finding ideas for pictures, create Instagram stories or captions.

Final Words

As mentioned earlier, losing Instagram followers due to the technical part is nothing to worry about. Instead, focus more on what is in your hand to become famous on Instagram. Remember, technical reasons may end up you getting added advantage of engagement in a higher percentage.

Keep creating quality content and try to involve more with your audience through the different types of engagements. If you follow the right strategy, it will help you to top decreasing followers number on your page.

Do let me know if there are other reasons for losing Instagram followers, that I missed pointing out!

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