Best Ways To Change Instagram Username Easily In 2021

change Instagram username

Among all used social media platforms, Instagram is standing out due to its reach. Generally, users create their username unknowingly the power of a good username in helping more followers. If you have also made the same mistake, here is how to change Instagram username to be done properly.

Changing usernames is not a big task, and all it takes is a few moments to complete. However, there are things in which one needs to pay attention to minimize the risk of lower engagement. Many times, users get confused between usernames and nicknames, which again do not help them achieve their goals. Hence, today, in this article, we will focus on one topic i.e., how to change username on Instagram?

We will give a checklist to make all the changes smooth and help you retain your engagement rate. Let us move forward to the topic:

Things To Know Before Instagram Username Change!

There are many reasons when you change username on Instagram become necessary. But few things which one must consider are mentioned below. These points are even more vital if you monetize your Instagram account through sponsorship. Please go through these so that you do not get into trouble with your account:

  • Once you drop your username, it may become available for other users. Though chances are quite slim for this, still there is a possibility.
  • Upon you changing your name, there is always a fear of not getting that back for even you. If you have any doubt of your change Instagram username may not work for you. It is always better to open a new account and post the changes to your audience or fans. If you become a famous Instagram account, the advice is to keep the old too.
  • If you operate your account for doing business on Instagram, you need to change any printed stationery or promotion material accordingly. It means you have to spend money to update your changing username there.
  • You have to spend time updating your other SM profiles, where your a changing Instagram username is mentioned. It includes a blog or website, email signatures, your mention outside the app, etc.
  • There is every chance of reduced likes and shares on your previous engagements. If you use automation tools like StimSocial Instagram, remember to change your details in tool also.
  • When you finilize the ideas for your Instagram username change, ensure that no ban words are selected. Else, you can end up either get Instagram action blocks or suspension of your account.

How To Change Username on Instagram– Checklist and Best Practices

It will take two or fewer minutes if you already have your new required for Instagram username change ready with you. I am sure before you have new ideas on hand before following further steps, otherwise, try some best instagram username generator tools to find perfect one for your account.

Please follow these steps and refer to the image:

how to change instagram username
  • Click the profile icon on the right-hand bottom
  • Click “Edit Profile” on the front screen
  • You can see your username after your nickname
  • Go ahead and enter a new username which you want to use for your profile
  • Scroll down and click “Submit.”
  • You now have your new username ready for you.

Best Practices After Instagram Username Change

That was easy!

Now that you have changed your username, here are few things that one must pay attention to afterward. In my opinion, one must consider these things before the change, still, if you have not yet thought of these, here are what you can do:

  • Change link at all locations where your old link was, that including SM, blog, website, brand material, etc.
  • For those who are doing social media monetization, promote a blog, or have a small online business. Without wasting time, change the link with the new Instagram username URL. It becomes more critical if you have a considerable following, and your fans/customers have tagged you in the past. Communicate properly that why you have done change and where they should contact/tag you going forward.
  • If you cross-promote with social media tools and accounts, make necessary changes to all of your accounts. Bloggers can change the new link in their blog signature or contact us page. Ideally, one should change username on Instagram to all the places that you have linked in the past.

All of the above is even more critical if you are an Instagram Influencer in your niche.

Will my old Instagram URL redirect to my new URL?

It’s not going to happen if you have an old accounts, which is listed in google search. To counter this, use your phone to post more viral Instagram images with your new username and hope Google index it fast.

If you do not find your new username not indexing, there is nothing you can do about it. All you have to consider is wait as there are no set guidelines on how soon it will take. Being one of the top-rated domain, be assured that Google will index faster than others.

The good news is, within the app, your new URL will automatically update. All your mention of old username with the change to a new one, but it is subjected to the cached updates. It ensures that you do not end you losing followers on Instagram, for out of the app links, I shared what you can do to update your Instagram URL.

Final Thoughts

Many times to change username on Instagram is out of hand, and one has to take that decision. With the help of the above mention tips, you can make that move smoothly and save your time.

Be prepared for any unwanted situation which may arise and keep your checklist handy with you.

If you would like to add anything to the above, please drop a comment and let me know. I would be happy to answer any query or question you may have relevant for how to change Instagram username.

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