Instagram Bio In 2020 – How To Use Bio Space To Maximum

good instagram bio ideas

Creating an Instagram bio is simple if you know the basics of a good one that grabs the eyeballs. As visitors are always in a hurry to get the content they want, this may result in skipping a good bio.

I am sure you can anytime write a better bio then many, still, here is this guide you will get a few informative tips to make your standout. For small business and content marketing owners, it becomes even more important to write their business bio to take their audience to a business page.

5 Tips To Help You Write A Good Instagram Bio

Include Your Name Or Business Name In Bio

Though this is a common factor, still, I am mentioning it to start with the fundamental tips.  Just in case, if you are one of those who have not done it till now, I am sure you will make the changes fast after reading these cool Instagram bio ideas.

Moreover, using your name in your bio helps the audience find your “real” profile or business page through an Instagram search function. If you are not doing this, you are looking for new followers and business prospects. Instagram nickname and username are the only things that pop us during a search query; hence, it becomes essential.

You can also use mixing your name with your niche and business details to take full advantage of space for Instagram bio. It plays a vital role if you are monetizing Instagram to earn money!

Mention Your Skills

After your name, the next top priority shall be to mentioning your skill that you are using your profile. It is a perfect opportunity to let peoples know what they can expect from your Instagram feed grid.

Mentioning your skills in Instagram bio space also ensures that only the niche-specific audience follows your profile. As peopls are always looking for good Instagram influencial account to follow, this tip can help you get engaging followers.

Keywords Rich Bio

As keywords are not taken by the search algorithm, including keywords for your bio will make it more attractive for a niche audience.

Using keywords in your bio will also add value for visitors who are looking for specific content. There are higher chances of peoples following you for your content, and keywords give the first picture of your content. You do not need any Instagram bio generator to tell you what is best used for your niche, as you know what your niche is all about.

If you are wondering about the right keywords, go ahead and check out the Instagram bio examples from famous instagram accounts to take some lead.

Using Instagram Bio Link

using instagram bio link

The only place where Instagram allows a clickable link to its users is a link. Use your Instagram bio link wisely and choose one that you want your audience to visit upon clicking. Using a call to action is undoubtedly a great way to increase clicks on your link.

If you are an individual who wants to promote your other social media accounts or an affiliate marketing offer, this is the right place. On the other hand, if you are a small online business or service provider, you can add a link to your website to drive prospect customers.

But, to drive your audience towards your link, you need to use a good Instagram caption with a CTA.

Instagram Bio Creative

Instagram is born to provide a platform for young peoples to share their life moments with the world. Hence, it tends to be sarcastic and funny to get more engagements.

The fun goes a long way to get more Instagram followers, and you, too, can use your Instagram bio space to include something funny.

Find some right hashtags for more likes and emojis or use Instagram bio symbols to make it look more attractive to the audience. Another fun way to make it eyecatching is changing Instagram bio fonts.

Final Words

We know that a good bio is a great way to create a first impression on visitors and encourage them to become an engaging follower. Hence, there is no way that you let this valuable space be dull and text only. A dull Instagam bio space can even turn away new peoples and you losing potential Instagram followers.

With the above mentioned tips, I am sure you will come up with a good one for you. But, this doesn’t mean that these are only one that works. If something else is already working for you, stay on it and keep looking for ideas for Instagram bio quotes.

The one that we mentioned is some of the most common tips that one can use to write an Instagram bio. If case you are not using these tips as of now, I hope you will make necessary changes to stand out.

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