5 Ways To Fix Instagram Action Block And Help To Avoid!


Let be honest; you landed here due to Instagram action block and have no ideas what went wrong. These action blocks are frustrating which restricts comment, like and even following new accounts.

If this is the case, one must understand that Instagram over the years has changed its algorithm to tackle bots or spamming for better user experience. We are quite sure that their guidelines and policies will get harsher in the coming days.

So, I would recommend reading this article till the end to get a complete insight into the following:

  • Common Reasons For Instagram Action Block.
  • Tips To Remove action block.
  • Precautions To Keep Account Healthy.

Note of caution: This article will only help for “action block” and not suspended.

Why Instagram Action Block? : Few Common Reasons

why instagram action block

When you will go through these reasons, you will find what exactly happened to you. Take these tips for two things, first, to make an profile safe from blocking, and second, why account gets blocked. It would be great if you identify one of the reasons that will help you to get the same unblocked in the next part.

New Account

A new one might be a reason to get an Instagram action block for posting comments and liking pictures from others. If this is the case, first fill your feed with some good images and write cute Insta captions for a couple of weeks.

Post under a schedule i.e., 2-3 post a day till you find action block is gone.  

To start engaging from the new profile without any content many times trigger the algorithm, which raises a red flag. Avoid getting involved in too many engagements without much published content. A great way to engage with followers is to learn the art of asking a question on Instagram, for sure it works well.

No Content

Another reason for action blocked by Instagram could be no content or little content before you started the engagement spears (follow/unfollow/likes, etc.). Such activities are considered similar to bots; hence you are facing the action block by Instagram. As shared above, to look a legit and real account, one first needs to craft and publish content to their account. If you are looking for a number, consider at least 9 posts that are capable of filling the Instagram feed grid with content ideas and do the same in a proper schedule.

Fill Your Bio

If you use your Instagram bio space to full so it signal of being a real person and not a bot. Not only this, but the account will be benefited a lot by proper use of bio by getting more real followers. If an account is already locked, use this time to learn how to write an Instagram bio, which may help to remove Instagram action block a bit quicker.

Publishing Too Much in Quick Time

Many a time, in the excitement of getting more engagement, users tend to publish too many posts in a quick time. Instagram considers such actions as spamming, or use of bot as these do not look legit. If you have a lot of content ready, the best way is to use a third-party Instagram scheduler to push 3-5 posts a day. It is advisable to publish quality content with hashtags that attract more users when they use the Instagram search function.

Like/Follow Marathon

Yes, this is one of the easiest of work to get likes for the content in return of like. However, in my experience, the return is always lower to 10%, but this can get an action block from Instagram. Avoid liking too many in one go for the sake of engagement if an account is new.

Stick to the number below 50 for a couple of weeks, and after that, one can go up to 300 per day. However, a good strategy would be to test the numbers before sticking to a final one.

The same applies to the follow and unfollow game, and you can easily invite an Instagram action block by following too many peoples in one go. Remember, an account can only follow up to 7500 profils as per the latest guidelines, hence use this function properly. For faster growth, concentrate more on analyzing and using the best hashtags for Instagram likes and engagement with existing followers.

Blocks History

Remember, the Instagram algorithm keeps track of every action taken. Hence, if an account was penalised in the past, there are higher chances to get the same faster. Which makes it utterly important to use an Instagram account growth, engagement, and content appropriately.

Bot Setting

The use of bots or online web services for growth and engagement is widespread these days. However, one needs to consider their setting to the minimum action per day.

There is no point to keep getting action blocks by Instagram for the sake of faster growth, accounts that keep violating the guidelines have higher chances of getting suspended. Go through the Instagram policies and make sure the bot settings are a bit lower than the recommended actions per day/month.

The above are a few reasons that cause the Instagram action block frequently. Most of the time, either one or a combination of these actions are responsible. 

How to remove Action Block By Instagram in 2021?

how to fix instagram action blocks

Generally, when one gets a block on actions, it is for a different time frame. Some get it for a short period of a few hours, where many get it for days.

After the above reasons, time is to know more about the unblocking the action block by Instagram. Please keep in mind that, these tips speed up the process and results might be vary from user to user.

Switch to Mobile Data

It is crucial as it has two different aspects.

One to help unblock due to the IP address. Yes, there is a chance that the IP used for accessing the Instagram app is blocked, which in a result will show an action block in your account too. To get rid of this, just switch to mobile data as a solution to stay away from action block by Instagram.

Second, to get a higher number of actions for your account, do the same through 4G data networks. In my experience, the number of likes/follow/comments is always higher compared to the home Wi-Fi network. If the plan is to use the account to start a business with Instagram, this can be crucial advice to be safe. 

Report Instagram Action Block

When you see the message of “Action Blocked” on your app, there is always an option of “Tell Us” by which you can request Instagram. Users generally need to send an email with complete details and request the unblock or know the reason. It is observed many times that they might ask for identity proof to ensure that it is a real person. This process takes a few days to get approved, and the account will get unblocked.

It is another option within the Instagram app under the setting tab. Out of many options available under the “Report a Problem” tab, best would select ‘something isn’t working.’ Fill the form with all the required details, including unblocking requests, and press the ‘send’ tab.

Update Instagram Bio

Instagram action block on your account might be due to spam trigger by algorithm. Try updating profile, including a picture, links, and use of Instagram bio fonts for best use. A good idea would be to link an Instagram account with other social media profiles to send signals of a legit profile.

Match the updated bio with some content publication for a couple of days to help the faster unblock process. Do not forget to use hashtags after analyzing the best one through these free Instagram hashtag generator tools to take advantage of.

Uninstall All Third-party Apps

In the eagerness of increasing engagement and reach, peoples use many third-party apps for automation. It has nowadays become one of the primary reasons to invite Instagram action block or even suspension. If you see this, best would be to uninstall all third-party apps that are linked to Instagram. 

When I say uninstall, it does not mean only from the phone, but consider removing your accounts from such apps. Instagram is coming heavy on these apps, and one must be lucky to have a limited block and not suspension. If you still use them, higher chances that Instagram will detect it, and you will start losing followers on Instagram instead of increasing. 

If the motive is to make money with Instagram monetization, and automation is necessary, keep the setting to the lowest to be on the safer side.

Give Rest To Account

Yea, you read it right!

When nothing is working, just log off from Instagram and give rest to your account. If that is irresistible, at-least stop doing any activity such as, like, comment and following new accounts for some time. Once done, try to log-in after 24-48 hours to see if Instagram action blocked is still applicable.

You do not have any other option but to wait and let this phase pass. If this is your first action block on Instagram, most probably it will remain for couple of days, but in case of the previous history, it might stays up to 4 weeks! 

Avoid Action Block on Instagram: Precautions

how to avoid instagram action blocks

Though, with the above reasons and actions, one can quickly establish what the precautions to keep your account safe are. Still, let me list down briefly:

Action For New Accounts

Do not use a new account for a mass follow, like or comments. Let it warm-up for a few days (week ideally), and publish 2-4 times a day. Once you have content, start with a low number of follows, like, and gradually build the tempo.

Always build your profile like a real person and make sure to choose a good profile picture or logo in case of business. Avoid the use of odd/banned words for your username, and if you are struggling to choose a good one, you can check these Instagram username generators to help yourself. Write Instagram Bio with keywords, hashtags relevant to your niche or business, and publish frequently.

If your name or username contains a banned word, consider changing the Instagram username. It would be much better than getting blocked, or maybe in the future, you will face complete suspension.

For Third-Party Apps and Bots

There are many lucrative social media tools apps and bots like stim social Instagram available in the market for faster growth. However, do read their policies and guidelines to keep an account safe from the Instagram action block. Generally, these are sufficient to keep the account secure as they know the backend of their application. Though the use of these services is not a recommendation from my side, still, if you want to use them, keep the setting to the lowest (likes/comment/follow, etc.). 

USe 4G Data Connection

Try to use your Instagram app with a mobile 4G data connection to the maximum. As I shared above, those mobile IPs tend to do much better when compared to Wi-Fi data connections. Also, when it comes to Wi-Fi connections, just do not use any that is available. The chances are that Instagram blocks their IP, and using them will also affect the health of an Instagram account. For growth objectives, mobile IPs perform much better hence, use the Instagram app on mobile data.

Change Strategy

On the road to make your account Instagram famous, a lot of things need testing along the way. Your existing strategy might be a reason that Instagram action blocked are frequent with the account.

Just to give an example, let us take an image post with many hashtags, which was considered the best one till sometime back. However, nowadays, creating viral Instagram stories seems to be taking off to get a higher amount of engagement and gluing new followers. Almost all brands and businesses are focusing more on stories than publishing just an image, time to learn from them.

There is a possibility that the existing strategy is pushing your account too much and inviting action block by Instagram. I am in no position to comment or advise on that; however, it is always good to work on different strategies and find the working one.


Precaution is better than cure; hence one should follow all the guidelines and policies of Instagram. Before going for the growth tricks, ensure that your profile looks legit not only to Instagram but other peoples. If you are facing a frequent issue of Instagram action block, remember, they are tightening their algorithm.

Use the activities mentioned in the first part of this article to keep an account safe. There is no way one can be sure about the amount of engagement you can do with an account. But, best is to test it to ensure the organic growth.

Avoid making the same mistake again and again, which will eventually lead to the suspension of the account. I hope you got these common reasons from the above that will help you remove the Instagram action block faster.

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