Creating Instagram Reel In 2021 | Best Dimensions, Recording and Creating Easily

If you want your Instagram marketing to keep giving you the desired results then you need to keep up with the latest features. Last year, an Instagram reel was introduced to keep the focus on sharing video content. The same strategy is done by almost every social media giant, including YouTube, Facebook, and now Instagram.

how to create instagram reel

Hope you are not keeping behind and want to know what is a reel on Instagram and how can you take maximum advantage of marketing. Well, the reel feature in Instagram is to create a short video of 15 seconds with music for sharing as a feed or story.

Many people say that this is to counter the popularity of TikTok that this feature was introduced in Instagram users’ profiles. No matter what, it is a great addition to encourage users to share more videos.

How Long Is A Instagram Reel?

Instagram reels are of 15 seconds that can be included with a music clip. Though the length is not that big, but enough to get the message across to your audience. How long can a reel be on Instagram is fixed for all the users no matter if you are a new account or an Instagram famous person. Forget about how long is a reel, focus on quality and quantity that you can create one for your profile.

Instagram Reel Dimensions?

If you are already using Instagram stories and focusing on IGTV, you won’t be facing any problem creating a reel. Instagram reel dements are the same as any earlier video content allowed by Instagram. Users can upload them with a 9:16 video aspect ratio or 1080 pixels x 1920 pixels.

These dimensions are best suited for a smartphone from where most of the Instagram audience is acceding their account. If you already creating videos on TikTok, then an Instagram reel can be a great way to get more followers and the same aspect ratio size is used by them.

How To Make A Reel On Instagram In 2021?

There are two different ways on how to make a reel on Instagram. You can choose whatever you find the best fit for the profile or marketing campaign.

The first option is to record a new video by using a camera function from Instagram itself where “reel’ is an option. Record your video which for a maximum of 15 seconds and upload it directly as the story.

For the second option, you can choose to upload a pre-recorded video for your reel. Content creators most of the time use this option as they want to make their videos perfect before their audience can see them.

A good option would be to use filters and video editors to make your Instagram reel stand out from others.

Do not forget to use tags or you can also use free Instagram hashtags generators to find a suitable one.

How to find reel draft on Instagram?

It is very easy to find your Instagram reel draft which is saved in your reel itself. When you tap on the camera feature on your Instagram, you can find videos saved as reel drafts on Instagram. Choose what you want to do with these, either edit them to make perfect or delete them to save some space.

You too can create many short vidoes on your phone at ideal location or uploading them at later time with edits.

Best time to post a reel on Instagram?

To find the best time to post a reel on Instagram is your analytics, which shows which area audience is more active. Check out your analytics or test different times according to your ideal audience time zone. Though many theories are floating around about the best time to post a reel, you better do your math before following anything.

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