How To Add Pronouns To Instagram Bio and Caption?

It can be frustrating when you want to share a post on Instagram that has pronouns, but it doesn’t have them in the caption. There is no way to add them without adding a comment, and comments don’t show up on feeds. Luckily there are ways around this annoyance! In this blog post, we will talk about how you can add pronouns with hashtags generator or by editing your bio.

Insta-gramming with pronouns

We’ll start with the easier of the two: editing your Instagram bio font. If you want to add pronouns, it’s easy and can be done in about a minute on Instagram!

First, tap into your profile from the explore page or open up an existing post.

Next, find where it says “add location” or “add a caption.” Tap there and you can write whatever you want in the caption, and it will automatically add a space for pronouns.

A few more menus down there is an option to edit your bio. You can type out your entire bio if you wish or just add some extra information like a pronoun! Tap on “write something” and then tap on ‘pronouns’

What are they, where do I find them, and how do I use them?

Pronouns are words that refer to people instead of referring to them by their name. They’re often used for individuals who have preferred pronouns, like “they,” or they/them”.

Instagram bios are the easiest place to add a pronoun because you can do it in just one click! It’s easy and quick on other social media platforms too- Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr etcetera. Instagram bio will be your go-to for adding new pronouns since yours already lists your username at the top (sometimes) so there isn’t as much room for any extra information.

Why you should be using pronouns in your posts on Instagram

Pronouns are important to use in posts on social media because they help people feel more included and it helps clarify which name is being used. For example, if you’re talking about someone who has a different gender identity than the standard male or female, like non-binary/genderqueer for example then using their pronoun will show that you respect them.

If your content isn’t sensitive in any way (for instance: no typos) then why not include pronouns? It’s an easy thing anyone can do to make themselves seem more inclusive of others. You may want to be careful when writing ‘inclusive’ words though since some folks might find those offensives!

Tips for making the most of your pronoun posts On Instagram

You can include pronouns in a post by including either the word “he”, “she”, or their gender pronoun; they, them.

You’ll need to be using Instagram’s latest update which allows users to add up to three people and every time a new photo is posted it will display who took that picture and what are your most recent posts. You just have to tap on someone’s name from your feed, select ‘add as collaborator’, then choose whether you want them added as an editorial contributor or photographer at upload time.

That way if someone has been tagged in one of those pictures, they’ll get credit for being there!

The future of pronoun On Instagrams Going Forward

We’re excited to see how Instagram’s move towards more gender-inclusive language will impact the future of pronoun use on social media! It’s also a nice change from Facebook who is now saying they want people to use first names only, which is not always possible and can be dangerous too (especially for marginalized communities). In any case, we hope this inspires you to take advantage of these new features and show your identity proudly in all aspects of life.

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