How To Grow Instagram Followers Organically Easily In 2021!

Are you fed up with the low number of followers land want to know how to grow Instagram followers organically? Did you tried all your tricks but still find the count stagnant?

grow instagram followers organically

If this is you….I am sure the tips I am about to share can help you come out of this situation!

Everyone is looking for one or another way to grow Instagram followers fast. That too, not fake but authentic, engaging, and one who carves on the content on your feed.

If you become successful in attracting a considerable following, there is no limit to get paid to post, getting sponsorships, or building your business.

With this powerful platform, many can change their fortune with the right strategies and guidance.
I urge you to go through each step that is written to self-analyze why you are failing until now.

But, before I move forward, let us understand something important about the followers!

What Type of Instagram Followers One Need To Become A Big Account?

Understand that there is no special ingredient to explode your count in a short time. Gaining followers may take months, if not years.

So be patient and do not do any misconduct that will get your account banned!

Trust me, I have seen many people losing their time, efforts, and a lot of money for nothing.

Here are few criteria that you should focus on:

  • Real humans and not bots: This Is important for a long-term strategy and building a business. There is no point in buying just to show off (unless you want to). With the continuous algorithm changes, right now, the focus is more on engagement, especially stories and comments. Hence, a large number of these won’t count!
  • Super Active… Inactive follower is as good as zero. You want who engage with your content (Of course, quality matters). No engagement means…..Your account will be lost in the digital universe!
  • Niche Specific: If you want to build a business, you should work towards more Instagram followers who are intered in your topic. These are the ones who will actually buy the products or services from you.

So in case you are planning to buy more Instagram followers, be aware that now it is easy to detect these. Plus, there are consequences attached like:

They will just increase your profile number…. And will do NOTHING for you after that!

The chances of getting sponsorship deals or even Instagram ShoutOuts money will be second to NOTHING…Trust me, brands can identify fake followers with a single click!

You are putting your account at a risk…as a fake one either will be DETECTED and you will see a Instagram action block or shadowban!

What is the right way to grow Instagram followers?

Glad you made up to here….Now that you have a whole idea of why fake followers can hurt your chances of making money. Let understand how you can gain an authentic audience with the strategies I am about to mention below.

Publish Stunning Photos

You need to master the art of content creation that users out there love to get engaged. Taking good photos that get users interested in waiting for more and follow you for the same.

The content was, is, and will remain the number one factor in attracting more people!

As users have a tendency to check an account feed for the decision to FOLLOW or LEAVE, a good one will allow them to choose to click the FOLLOW button.

When it comes to the content, ensure that it reflects clearly about:

  • A topic that you publish (Niche)
  • Quality of images that you post
  • Brings value
  • Consistency in publishing

With the above characteristics, your chances of getting more Instagram followers increase much fold.

Must-Have A Business Account

How about you get FREE reports on the performance of your account and the insight of your audience?

Yes, you can get it with a Business Account!

Once you switch to the business account, you will get access to the analytics of your account. Here is what you can get to know with it:

  • Location, Gender, and age of your audience
  • Time-wise data of audience that viewed your content
  • Identify your most popular stories and posts.
  • What hashtags are working and which are not performing well
  • Access to the “Swipe Up” feature to link directly to your offer, services, or product. (requirement is 10,000 followers)

Can you believe, you will get all of the above data for FREE……Trust me, there are many third-party tools out there that charge a considerable amount for monthly analytics of your account.
In short, you can analyze, plan, and execute a strategy to gain Instagram followers for your account.

Hashtags are Powerful

With the limit of using up to 30 #hashtags for each content, users tend to use unnecessary ones. If you want to get Instagram followers without following, a smart way will help you a lot. These are an excellent way of getting exposure in front of a vast audience.

Above is the reason big brands have a complete list of their own #hashtags that they use for incredible reach.

But, that doesn’t mean that anyone can get success with the same strategy.

With a much lower number and almost unknown…You need to do the things with little changes.

To take maximum advantage of #hashtags, please consider these before using:

• Identify hashtags that are specific to your niche or topic.
• Try to limit the number of hashtags from 10-30 depending on your content.
• Blend the popular, moderate, and little-used hashtags. Every now and then, you can also use a trending one.
• Create a couple of your own hashtags that can organize your content with a single click.

A combination of quality content with the right hashtags has the power to help you get more Instagram followers in a short period.

On the other hand, not analyzing and depending only on popular hashtags will lower your chances of getting noticed. Note that this is the biggest mistake most newbies do, which buries their content in the deep hashtag ocean!

Search For Followers

Want to gain Instagram followers?

Why not search for them within the app!

Yes…Finding real, engaging, and loyal ones can be done by searching them, let me explain how.

  • Use the search feature in your app and look for a relevant keyword/hashtag.
  • Once you see users within the same niche with 5000-15000 followers, scroll through their content.
  • Look for followers who are leaving a genuine comment (You will find many).
  • Now you have to do two things, one to leave a useful comment on the post, second to appreciate the users’ comment.
  • Next would be to follow them (You may find this follow/Unfollow method, but it is not, instead of its interaction method).

If you keep doing this 10-20 times a day, I am sure you will get follow back from a few of them. These, my friend, are real and authentic more Instagram followers who love to interact with content creators.

Use this method with both username and hashtags to get a targeted audience!

Partnership For More Instagram Followers

Reaching out to similar niche accounts can be highly productive and beneficial. Though this activity may consume a lot of time in the initial period, once you get the list of valid accounts, it’s a win-win situation.

As you know how social media ShoutOuts works, this is an easy one for you. Here is how you can take up this method:

  • Search for relevant niche account through the Instagram search function. Ideally, create a list of 10-15 such accounts.
  • Check if you these accept DM; if yes, leave a message with your intention of featuring their content and request if they can do the same.
  • Once you receive the confirmation of partnership, exchange the BEST content for ShoutOut.

By this, both accounts will get a chance to get exposure in front of a huge niche audience. This FREE method indeed is a cost-effective method to gain more Instagram followers in a short time.
However, keep in mind to choose only similar niche account before promoting each other!

Final Words: Gain Instagram Followers

Social media is a great way to reach many peoples from throughout the world. It has the potential to earn you enough money that you can work from anywhere…Only if you can use it the right way!

Above mentioned methods are some of the most commonly used to increase the Instagram followers numbers. Still, so many people fail to get the benefits out of them due to the following reasons:

  • “I know it all attitude” and stop doing the research.
  • Do not respect their followers, and stop engagement.
  • Shy away from promoting others in fear of lacking behind.
  • Stop putting enough time and effort into growth.
  • Viewing Instagram stories in private to avoid footprints.

I am sure you will stay away from the above points and put forward your best foot to take advantage. Apart from the five suggestions, keep your mind open and do your own maths on what works for you.

Keep trying to use all the features of this fantastic app, and you will get success in gaining more Instagram followers faster than ever!

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