4 FREE Ways To Spot Fake Instagram Influencers!

One of the many ways to increase visibility and gain a new audience is by working with influencers. That is why users and brands are always ready to pay money for featuring in their profile. But before you enter into a partnership for ShoutOut or mentions, the best thing is to check if they are genuine or fake Instagram influencers.

fake instagram influencers

The game of social media tools has changed since the market flooded with many different automation tools. These can spike anyone’s followers or engagement within no time with the capability to beat the algorithms many times. A large number of profiles on social media platforms are consist of bots and fake profiles. That is why Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are quite keen to roll out many algorithms changes to identify and delete these.

Can I Check if some are real or fake Instagram Influencers?

Yes, you can…And it is super EASY!!

The methods that I am about to share can be used for any “public profile”. Hence, you do not need to spend a dime on fancy tools to spot fake Instagram Influencers!

Anyway…Buying followers is quite cheap, easy, and can make anyone’s profiles look impressive at first sight. Plus, there are many who use automation services like Stim Social to get followers. There is no doubt that a whole lot of people, including wannabe influencers who use such services.

However, with the help of this short guide, you would be able to identify if anyone has real or fake followers.

With this, you can choose only genuine profiles for partnerships to save time and money. More importantly, if you are planning to market your business., it can keep you away from a negative brand image.

Let us start…

Engagement Rates

This is, of course, is the easiest method to spot fake Instagram influencers!

Such users keep posting the content through an automated program quite consistently. With thousands of followers, one should expect and quickly get a decent amount of engagement (comments and likes).

But, with fake followers, it is impossible to get comments and likes for every post, hence a low rate. It is a clear indication of how the users obtained those followers.

An ideal engagement rate comes around 3% for any genuine profile, but much higher for any Influencer. Here is how you can calculate the engagement rate with a simple calculation:

For the above formula, you can take the latest 10 posts as a base to check the engagement rate. You do not need an analytical tool for this, as all the criteria mentioned above are readily available in public view….That too of any profile you want to have a look at!

Interaction Quality (Comments)

Real influencers know what value interaction and engagements hold for their growth prospects. This is why they interact a lot with their followers in the form of comments, like or mention.

For the purpose of quality check, you can concentrate on the comments made and received on the last 10 posts of the influencer.

Here is what you can check:

  • Instagram Username…Most of these fake Instagram influencers will be weird names and you can easily identify them. A real influencer will always use a brandable name or his real name for a profile. Check out a username first things that will help you take it forward.
  • The relevance of comment….made by the followers on content. This is important, as followers always comment or give a reaction to the post content. For example, if someone has posted an image of food, people will mention which makes sense or ask a question on the same topic only. Check for the quality or off-topic irrelevance of comments on the last 10 posts, and you will get an idea. If you find comments off topics, then you need to move to the next point to ensure genuineness.
  • Quality of comment…..Real followers always leave a good comment to get exposure or in the hope of getting noticed. If you find top comments with only one-two word or a lot of emojis, you must check further.
  • Comments left by influencer…..Instagram engagement is key to success for any account. That is why an influencer will never go an opportunity to motivate their followers. In case, there is no or low engagement by the influencer, I advise you to check other methods before making your mind.

In short, if any of the above falls in the category of mediocre to bad, it is a red flag for being fake Instagram influencers.

For sure, comments too can be automated, but they are always of the lowest grade possible!

Profile of Followers

As I mentioned earlier, with technology, many automation tools can do almost any human action. With this, anyone can trick fake Instagram influencers to make money from innocent people.

If you find earlier methods satisfying, you are good to go ahead with your final decision. Otherwise, this, too, is an effective way how to spot fake Instagram influencers.

Here is how you can go about this one!

Check the most common followers who are leaving comments on the content. Then, visit their profile and check the following:

  • Profile Picture…Must contain a photo or logo.
  • Content…Must contain photos

If these are fake, you will find one or two things missing from their profile.

In my opinion, I always take this measure to check, though many may not agree with this point.

Why?…. Because no genuine profile will ignore these critical pieces of information, hence will put forward their best efforts to fill those spaces.

The crux of this method is…..The fake Instagram influencer will have fake followers!

Consistency of Content

Though I am sure by going through the first three methods, one can easily find reality. This one is to be double sure before you pay anyone money for mention or ShoutOuts.

All it will take is additional 5-10 minutes…

There are a whole lot of rewards attached to being a real Instagram influencer in the form of sponsorships deals, product sales, and business growth. Hence, people put in a lot of time as they are quite serious about it.

Maintaining a consistent schedule is one of the vital points in their strategy. They know without publishing continuous quality content, their followers may look at other places.

On the other hand, it is tough for fake Instagram Influencers to keep up with this.

That is why you can consider inconsistent content publishing as a check for identifying a genuine Influencer.

Summary: Fake Instagram Influencers!

Now that you know how to spot fake Instagram influencers with the methods which I have mentioned above. Next time you are planning to take services of an influencer, keep in mind the following before proceeding:

  • Check their engagement rate.
  • Interaction Quality.
  • Followers Profile.
  • Consistent Schedule.

Stay away from the fake Instagram influencers…and do your own due diligence.
If you are in doubt about any particular one, move on to the other profiles. There are thousands of genuine influencers that help you gain more followers with ShoutOuts or mention.

Before I end, read more about a super exciting program that can help you become a real Instagram influencer and make money on Instagram!

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