Download Instagram Reel

If you have an Instagram Reels account as well as accounts on other social media sites, you know how difficult it is to keep up with content production for both of them. It can be time-consuming and exhausting to produce enough short-form video content to go around when your attention is on that type of content. It’s not difficult to share and download Instagram reel for other social media sites.

You’ll note that the sound has been disabled if you import your Reels from Instagram. Furthermore, you are unable to import Reels that have been shared by other users.

However, you’ll learn how to download Instagram Reels with the original sound in this post. Knowing how to import Instagram Reels is, of course, just half of the equation. As a result, we’ll discuss two options that help you to get reel from any account.

Screen recording Instagram Reel With iPhone

This is the best option if you do not want to spend much time.

For the iPhone, you need to ensure that the screen recording option is available in your control center of the device. This you can do by going to settings, choosing the control center, and then customize your control for adding a recording of the screen.

Once you are done with the above, the next step is to go to Instagram and identify the reel that you wish to download. You can use the swipe up option for your iPhone, and top on to the start recording once your video starts playing.

Timing depends on how long you want to record if you have done as per the above instruction. The Instagram reel download will be in your photos app. It depends on what purpose you want to use the video reel you have downloaded.

If you want to reshare the reel, better to do some editing before sharing. You can choose differ IG fonts or other filters to make it more appealing for your other social media accounts.

Download Instagram Reel On Android

For android devices, you have two option that you can choose from:

  • Use your android device screen recorder
  • Use any third-party app for reel recording

Once you choose which one is a suitable option for you to download the Instagram reel. Go to Instagram and play the reel you want to download, start screen recording and it will be in your files folder.

How can Instagram Reel help you get more followers?

If you are on other social media platforms like, Twitter or Pinterest, videos are a great way to reach more peoples in a short time.

By sharing your downloaded Instagram reel, you can easily share them on Twitter to get more followers. Or, you can also reach a new audience that can follow you to increase your Instagram followers number.

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