How To Clear Search History On Instagram – Can You Delete Instagram History in 2020?

how to clear search history on instagram

Many a time we do a whole lot of searches inside the Instagram search option. Though a good option to find the profile, hashtags or images relevant to your interest. It has a great threat to your privacy, there is no way you want to let people know this. Hence it becomes important to know how to clear search history on Instagram.

Believe it or not, researches have shown that your searches can explain a lot about your behaviour. With the high exposure of social media, Instagram is no doubt one of the favorites of young peoples. If you think you are heading towards becoming famous, keep a check on your Instagram search history.

No matter if you want to hide or delete search history for a better experience or safety. You must know a few common things about your social media accounts, that is why knowing the way to keep a tab on searches become important.

If you are not using this feature to make sure you have utter privacy for your searches. Before we move forward, you can check out my other tips on writing Instagram bio like a boss to get more engagements!

So, here in this post, you can know more about deleting Instagram search history.

How To Clear Search History On Instagram Permanently From Your App

  • Open your Instagram account on Mobile
  • Tap on to your Profile
  • Next, you tap the three lines icon which comes at the top of the page in most OS
  • You can see a tap for the settings
  • You will now see a Tap for Privacy and security
  • Next is to Tap the delete/clear search option
  • Don’t forget to tap the clear Instagram search history again

That’s it! to ensure all of your recent Instagram searches are gone from your explore section. Here is what you can do:

  • Open your Instagram Search and Explore section
  • Tap on the magnifying glass icon (search)
  • Type something, check if any of your previous search terms are come up.
  • If not, you have got success to clear Instagram search history on app.

Why Deleting Instagram Search History Is Temporary?

how to delete instagram search history

To understand this, one must go through the guidelines of clear Instagram search history itself. Here is what is my understanding after reading on their site:

“When you clear your search history on the Instagram app, that is temporary. Your history reappears again when you start searching and leaving behind your footprints.”

Hence, if you are a serious privacy warrior, make it a habit and delete Instagram search history on app daily. For those who are too lazy to do it daily, make it a weekly task to keep your privacy strong. Also, if you use your Instagram account for monetization, I advise using the daily option.

Yet, following the above step does not mean that you have total control over your usage. Instagram can still access all your data which is part of their terms and conditions. This you accepted when you choose to install the app.

Still worried after you clear Instagram Search?

Now that you know how to clear search history on Instagram, there is something which I want to tell you from my own experience. In my opinion, if you are not searching for any inappropriate hashtags or terms. There is not much to worries about anything and you need not pay much attention to delete Instagram search history from app. As you are the only one who can see your recent search terms. Though, you can still take some extra steps:

  • Ensures that only you use your phone
  • If it is important to share your phone with others, make your app password protected
  • Keep a strong password and do not share that with anyone else.

Hope above easy to follow steps will help you know how to clear search history on Instagram. It is easy and will provide you a better experience with new search terms.

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