Best Private Instagram Story Viewer Online In 2021 To Watch Stories Anonymously!

best private instagram story viewer 2021

Instagram stories are a great way to engage with your followers, plus they are an excellent opportunity for you to promote your products or services. Keeping an eye on your competitors is also a business sense, hence many people want Instagram story viewer app or websites for the same.

Yes, you can use Instagram story viewer without having an Instagram account and the content creator won’t even know who viewed their story. There are many websites and apps for iPhone and Android devices available on the play store that you can use.

But, today we will focus on the online tools that do not need you to create an account or give out your personal details like email or phone number. Rather, all the resources that we are listing below are FREE to use and do not have restrictions on device compatibility.

What Are Instagram Stories And Why People Want To View Them?

One of the best features of Instagram today is stories, which let people create short videos to let their followers stay in touch. With stories, you can share every moment with your followers and can post as many videos on the feed as you want, which automatically gets deleted after 24 hours.

This has become another free and easy tool for small businesses and big brands alike, because of how visual it is. Users see what’s happening in an instant through pictures and video clips rather than scrolling through complete Instagram feed or screens.

It let customers know about something cool going down at your company – like a big product launch or free giveaway- Instagram stories allow them to be there live so they don’t miss out!

Also, for individuals who are looking for a growing Instagram account, stories are a great way to do so. These not only give them an opportunity for faster growth of following. They can show off their creativity, but it also has other benefits like saving costs on expensive marketing campaigns.

Overall, a way to share information about your account without having the pressure of putting all that content out there for everyone to see at once.

What Are Private Instagram Story Viewers?

Many users keep their stories private hence not everyone can watch them. But if someone is not your direct follower they can’t watch them, because only people on the list of followers are allowed to view and follow stories.

But what about those who want to see without following?

They have access to apps and websites that allow viewing without being a follower of the Instagram user. This is where these apps and website comes in handy for users looking for ways around this Instagram limitation. These are third-party services or features which make it possible for everyone to enjoy the content even if they do not have an Instagram account.

Why Would You Want To View Instagram Stories Anonymously?

Those who do not let the creators know if you watched their Instagram stories, want to watch them anonymously. Or, maybe you want to keep an eye on your competitor’s feed and take inspiration from their content.

There might be a different reason why you would want to use one of the best Instagram story viewer apps.

  • Reason 1 To Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously

People use these apps because they can view the content without letting the creator know that you watched them. Maybe they want to keep a low profile on their social media account. Might be they do not want other people to know what they have been watching or how often, and if using one of IG story viewer app or website no one else can find out

  • Reaons 2 To Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously

Another reason why some users would like to use private Instagram story viewers to spy on competitors’ feeds. The user might be interested in seeing what kind of posts others are posting and take inspiration from their work.

Best Instagram Story Viewers For 2021

As shared earlier, today I am focusing on FREE Instagram story viewer websites and not an app. The reason behind this is that these are more comfortable to use and you do not have to download anything on your mobile device. Also, there is no limitation of iOS or Android as these websites can be viewed on any operating system.

So, here are our 6 best private Instagram story viewers:

  • Instalkr
view Instagram story anonymously with Instalkr app

Here is a free website that can help watch Instagram stories without log-in to your account. Instalkr is a website where you can watch Instagram Stories without following anyone and it also does not require any sign-up or login either.

Viewing stories is quite easy as all you need to know is the Instagram username whose story you want to view. Just enter the same, and the profile will be opened in your browser.

Looking for a deleted story?

With Instalkr you can also view the deleted story by users which is a great feature. With this website, you can also view, photos, subscribers, likes, and comments of any account.

  • SaveInsta
anonymous story viewer saveinsta

You can also try SaveInsta a FREE website that enables you to view Instagram Stories of any account. One of the best features is its ability to work anonymously because you are not required login into your account when viewing others’ content.

Like others, there is no need to log in to your account and you can even watch any story if you do not have Instagram handle. Plus you can also download the stories and reel from any account you wish to.

Looking for a private Instagram story viewer?

With saveinsta you can not only view stories from private accounts but can download them to your device. If you wish to download photos from Instagram, that too is possible with this FREE website.

  • Ingramer
private instagram story viewer with ingramer

Instagram story viewer by Ingramer allows you to view Instagram Stories of any account. It’s a great tool for marketers and businesses. You will be anonymous when watching the story of any account you wish, neither you need to log in to Instagram.

An overall good site for doing any research for Instagram marketing. I have mentioned this earlier in a post for the Instagram hashtag generator which this site was featured among top resources.

  • Storiesdown
Instagram story viewer website stories down.

Storiesdown website is another good option for Instagram story viewing. To start viewing, all you need to do is visit this website, the desired Instagram username, and hit search. You will get all the stories posted by the mentioned account which you can then watch or download on your system.

The best part is you do not have to download any software or app on your mobile. All stories can be viewed online from the website itself without login into your account.

  • Dumpor

Another way to view Instagram stories is the dumpor website. It is free to use and you do not need to create an account on this Instagram story viewer website.

Just visit them, enter the username for which you want to view stories anonymously, and hit enter. The complete account will be on display from where you can choose to watch stories you like.

Instagram story viewer smihub is the old name of dampor platform, hence do not get confused if you have heard great things about smihub and didn’t find it anywhere!


You can watch any stories even if you do not have an Instagram account of your own. This can be done with the storiesig website which is another simple but useful one.

It is free to use and also lets you download the stories that you like from other accounts.


View any profile, followers, and stories anonymously with the help of the greatfon website. Another great private Instagram story viewer that is free to use without downloading any app on your system or mobile.

The three steps to view stories are, visit the website, enter a username, and hit search. Within few moments the profile will open on their webpage from where you can choose to view stories of said account.

How To Take Benefits Out Of Online Instagram Story Viewer?

If you are new to Instagram and want to know what other niche accounts are doing, you can use any of the above-mentioned websites. Though people see these websites as a spying feature, however, many are using these with different propositions.

  • Get Inspiration

You can get inspiration from other accounts if running short of inspiration for your next story or content. With these Instagram story viewers, get inspired to create better stories for your account that will help you get more reach and followers.

  • Ideas For Content

Another way to use these story viewers is to check out the latest trends and content that other big accounts are creating. Not only you will get tons of ideas, but you can actually make better content. It does happen many times that one does not come up with ideas that people like, where the big accounts put a lot of research-driven content.

  • Keep An Eye On Competitor

Are you a small business that wants to use Instagram marketing to reach new customers? Well, these Instagram story viewers are a great way to copy content that big brands are making and mold your own inspiring stories. You can know what your competitors are doing to drive traffic to their offers or products with Instagram.

What Are The Alternatives To Online Instagram Story Viewer Tools?

As I have mentioned earlier also that there are many mobile apps available for iOS and Android at their respective app stores. But, I generally do not want to install anything that is not from a trusted source.

If you wish to use the Instagram story viewer app rather than go to websites, the best would be to visit the app store and search for such an application. There are plenty of such apps available. However, as always do go through the reviews by the existing users about functionality and usefulness.

There is no doubt that using an app is much more comfortable than using a website. If you wish to use an app for viewing stories, do your own due diligence before downloading anything.

Are Instagram Stories Viewer Online Really Helpful?

Yes, they are but it also depends on the motive that you have. If you want to use the Instagram story viewer for some purpose, then it is a good idea. But if you just want to view someone’s stories without interacting with them or following their posts in any way. Then this website might not be worth it because of all those ads that are being shown on the site, and sometimes they can really bother you.

If you like something, it is better to follow the person that will let their stories in your feed. One must appreciate the content creator’s efforts by following, like and commenting on their stories. I hope you have got enough sources to find the best Instagram story viewer with the above websites and will take maximum benefits.

Leave a comment and let me know if you use some other viewer that can help our readers!

FAQ On Story Viewers:

Can I watch someone’s IG story without them knowing?

Yes, with the help of above mentioned Instagram story viewer, you can watch any IG story without letting the creator know about your profile.

Is there a private Instagram viewer that works?

Yes, they work perfectly fine. Try the listed above mentioned and let me know the feedback if they do not work.

Are these private Instagram story viewers legal?

Yes, these are legal and you can use them without any fear. All you are doing is going to a website and putting an Instagram username to view their stories online.

Does online Instagram story viewer work?

Yes, these are working fine at the time of posting these. Please check and leave a comment if you find any difficulty viewing Instagram story viewer online for FREE.

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