Best Ways To Become Instagram Influencer| 9 Steps Guide

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Anyone would love to become an Instagram influencer and help build a personal brand or establish a business. It has become one of the favorite works of inspiring individuals to take Instagram as a career.

Why not!

There are millions of dollar every month spent by big brands to get more customers, and Instagram influencer plays a significant role to achieve the same.

But, it is that that easy, that is why only a small percentage of Instagram accounts can consider themselves an authentic influencer.

Though it takes a lot of time and effort to reach a height, if done right, you can reach your goal of becoming an Influencer quite fast.

Here I am listing the strategies on how to become an Instagram influencer in 2020 fast!

1. Researching A Niche

You must have heard from many people about choosing a niche that has more chances to become successful. Well, no niche is comfortable to dominate; however, you can choose which specialty you have a specialty in and add value to your audience.

If you are a beauty or health specialist, you can choose the same for your Instagram page. But remember, these are two top competitive niches, and you might not make it to the top and get chance to make money with Insta monetization.

However, within the niche, several micro-niches are untapped, and these are gold mines that one need to find after much thought-provoking research.

Without a doubt, this is the most crucial factor that will decide the fate of your account. Hence, you need to put much time to finalize which one you choose!

2. Business Profile Without Fail

If you wish to become an Instagram influencer, you need to start treating Instagram as if it is a business for you. That means switching your profile to an Instagram business profile.

When you have a business profile, you have access to Instagram Insights, which is the app’s native analytics platform. You can use Insights to get more information about who your audience is, how your pages work, and other statistics that will help you grow your account.

Also, once an advertiser is interested in working with you, they want to see real data and numbers to allow for payment, exceeding their number of followers. You might also consider using third-party tools to get more analysis on your pages as you get more experienced. But in the early stages, Insight must be more than enough.

Another potential advantage of moving to an Instagram business profile is that it can make verification easier. While Instagram is pretty secretive about its verification process, one thing they do explain is that it’s dedicated to public figures and brands.

Using a business account instead of a random personal account can help you take one step closer to showing Instagram that it’s a legitimate brand.

3. Create A Brand Theme

Have you ever seen an influential Instagram page and thought it was great?

You will see that pictures were not randomly placed into their feed in the best possible way, but they may have decided on a particular aesthetic for their page.

If you check out any popular Instagram page, you’ll notice that they use templates. The excerpt uses a template similar to the IG font. You can easily build something breath-taking in minutes using tools like Canva for FREE.

You can use certain tones, Instagram filters, or environments to create aesthetics for your Instagram feed. Using a consistent Instagram theme will not make you 100K followers. But it helps to create your brand so people can start associating certain colors, angles, or photos with you.

4. Be Real – No Fake

Authenticity is important if you want to be an Instagram influencer who has a big engaging following. Though many people may have faked that they are influencers on social media, you can easily spot a fake Instagram influencer.

Many proofs and data highlight the importance of being an authentic person who plays a big role in becoming famous and gaining more Instagram followers.

It starts weak and honest. When it comes to taking pictures with the perfect angle, or when life is better, you need to show what you are doing.

Your Instagram page should not be the center of your life. To make an Instagram impact, be prepared to show viewers a different side of your life that will not be glamorous because they can connect with you. It is difficult for us to feel pain and empathy for one another.

5. Engage With Audience

If you want to make an impact on Instagram space, you need to make connections early. Instead of getting frustrated because you only have 500 followers, start interacting with them, and create a community, which is one of the keys to getting more Instagram followers.

The ultimate influence is connecting people with your content and recommending your page. If every one of the 500 followers asked one of their friends to follow you, you could quickly increase the number of followers.

Even if you don’t write a long answer, sometimes emojis can talk a lot. The key is to appreciate and appreciate the opinions of your followers.

The bigger your account, the more difficult it is to respond to each comment. So take advantage when you’re in the early stages. Take a few minutes every day to respond to comments on your post.

6. Look for Partnership Opportunities

You may have heard of tricks such as “pods” or engagement groups on Instagram. All of these techniques revolve around the same idea, which connects to other Instagram accounts to help each other grow.

Building relationships with followers greater than yourself leads to collaboration and tagging on influencer posts.

One easy way to build a relationship is to comment on others’ posts. Not just comments once a week. But by periodically commenting on their posts, they see your account and know you.

Even if you don’t have a lot of followers right now, it’s never too early to start networking. But, make it a habit to use this feature to grow your Instagram account.

7. Use Branded Hashtags and Tag Brands

Most people want to be Instagram followers to work with brands and advertisers. Creating sponsored content allows you to turn your influence into revenue.

Most people don’t realize that brands don’t always knock on your door after you’ve reached 10,000 followers. There are things you can do to attract advertisers to you. When brands really like you and promote their products freely, they will work with you on paid campaigns.

In addition to potential sponsorships, brand branding can also feature you on their pages, which will get you in front of thousands of new people.

Brands love to publish user-generated content because they have fewer resources. They know that users value third-party comments more than advertising messages. One study shows that people think user-generated content (UGC) is more authentic than branded photos.

Make sure your images are high quality and worthy of a reprogram. Otherwise, your chances of posting again are very low. Here is an easy way to do so with Instagram hashtags generators.

8. Automation – Think About It!

As a regular Instagram user, you can post casually whenever you want. Or you can stop using this app for weeks.

But when you are trying to make an impact, you need to consider Instagram as a job. This means setting aside a certain amount of time each day to do something, such as answering comments, engaging in their influence, and building relationships. As you can imagine, it takes a lot of time. Fortunately, you don’t have to do everything manually.

One of the first things you can automate is posting through social media tools. Thanks to tools like Latter and Buffer, you can schedule posts in advance. This is a hack that most people do not know about the influence of Instagram. Often they will take pictures wherever they are. Schedule them to post in a few weeks or months.

Another time you can automate is to comment on other people’s posts. As we mentioned before, commenting is a great way to build relationships. However, to see real results, you need to be able to do this on a time-scale.

9. Gain More Knowledge

If you are too new to make a mark on Instagram, you can join any online course or read books that you can use to start strong. While choosing either of the mentioned, make sure that it is authentic and proven.

One which has already helped many others to become Instagram influencers or gain followers will show you the example of their students.

Also, it must start with how to create an Instagram account and cover everything required to establish a strong account. In case you find one, good for you; otherwise, I would like to recommend one that I took. You can visit the official site here to have a look!

Final Words…

Though above are some of the key aspects to become an Instagram influencer. There are many others which you can keep aside for the moment and focus of these.

If you will spend time and put your best efforts, sooner or later, you will reach your goal!

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