How To Be Instagram Famous Overnight?

how to be instagram famous overnight

How to be Instagram famous overnight to land sponsorship deals? Frankly, this question is one of the most general questions that people ask me.

My answer to them is simple and straight!

There is no quick way to be Instagram famous, yet, you can speed up the process.

The process of this goes through three different stages which anyone can achieve. You have to do research on a niche, analyze scope or competition, and take action.

Here in this short guide, I will take you through the process in each stage. You will learn not about the steps but the necessary tools to reach there. Before we move forward, do visit another post where I explained how to make $750/week with Instagram!

Let’s start!

Stage one – How To be Instagram Famous Overnight?

Yea, you read it right……

It is difficult to be Instagram famous until you are popular among your known people. Though, you may consider yourself already be famous. If this is the case, step up the game and learn how to become more popular first.

Here, many may argue, but it’s a fact that not every known person is following you. To achieve the first stage, you must make the target that you want to become popular in the Instagram space. Accordingly, you will get the motivation to start working to achieve that.

Upload only good pictures that are worth sharing, the first and principal factor. It is the beginning of your journey to be Instagram famous. Hence take extra care while you post the picture.

While your reach is not that big, act like you want to be popular on Instagram with quality uploads. 

Use hashtags that are relevant while keeping the number under ten. Hashtags help your account get exposure in Instagram searches by people. Start following all your known people from your school, college, and workplace. Do not forget to add your relatives.

Request them to follow you back, in case they do not follow you in a few days. That will help you to increase your following of people who know you. These people won’t mind entertaining your request, which you may send later on.

Analyze who is more active throughout the day and tag them whenever you upload your picture. Not everyone is active all day online as they have their set schedule to be active on social media. Active accounts increase popularity on Instagram, as frequent updates are algorithm-friendly.

Tag people whom you think have an interest in your particular pictures. Not every image that you upload is of importance to everyone.

Like, share, and comment on the pictures and cool Instagram stories that they upload. It will increase the connectivity and will help you get noticed on Instagram. Also, your chances of engagement on your posts will increase with this.

Request them to share, like, and comment on your pictures. In case you see people not engaging on your post, let them know through DM. 

Stay active, create a schedule, and stay with it to be popular on Instagram fast.

Stage Two – Now That You Are Popular, Move To Next Step!

Time to research

How do people become Instagram famous? Simple, they do a lot of research before every step they take. Ideally, one should start with writing the cool Instagram Bio.

Though time-consuming, research can produce excellent results while saving your valuable time. As you are quite active now with your account, now analyze what people like most.

When do you receive more engagements on your posts and where is improvement needed. Selection of color scheme, image quality, or any other thing that will make your post stand out. 

Peek into accounts with similar interests as yours and check their posts. What are they posting? The schedule they choose to post? What hashtags do they use most?

Learn new skills or polish existing one

Now to turn your photo-taking skills to the next level, you need to check some online resources. Search for some phone photography guides online. Help yourself by learning how you can make every photo of yours better as you move forward.

Start taking more stunning pictures with good quality. Learn photo editing to make your images stand out.  Know more about using filters for better contrast and brightness or check what Instagram fonts can help you stand out and experiment with that.

Follow the right people

Do you know how to be Instagram famous overnight without the following anyone?

No, there are no ways you can be able to do so without following people!

In your surge to be Instagram famous, you must follow people in your niche. By this, I mean to follow peoples who are the same as your niche. There are bright chances that you may receive a follow back from them if you keep engaging with their posts.

Use Right Hashtags

Identify the most used and widespread hashtag for your niche.

Hashtags are a great way to reach more people on Instagram. Though it allows you to use hashtags up to thirty per post, you can choose the best of them to take advantage of.

Try Instagram hashtags generator tools for the identification of top hashtags e.g. hashtags for selfies. While using the hashtags, keep in mind that not always the most popular choices are right for you.

Instead, you can choose tags with decent usage to increase your chances of coming up in Instagram search results.

Higher Engagement

Start posting a call to action in your Instagram caption.

For example, “share if you like…” or “Like if you….”

Encourage your followers to comment on your posts. Go to other popular accounts and write personalized comments.

Remember, avoid too much commenting on others’ accounts else, and you will become spam. It is time you follow accounts that are already Instagram famous and niche related.


Reach out to other Instagram famous accounts for shout-outs. If the account is not significant, you can exchange these for each other, which is free for both.


If you are approaching a big account, you may have to shed a few dollars for shout-outs. In either case, try to reach out to others from the same niche. It will give your account great exposure in front of the collaborator’s followers.

High chances that you will get new followers from their shutouts. Promote from other Social Media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest.

It is one of the best and simple tips that you can get on ways to be Instagram famous.

Cross-Promote SM Platforms

This has many benefits.

First, it’s free!

Second, this will ensure your friends and followers know about your account.

Third, you can join the big Facebook page and Instagram groups to promote.

Stage Three – Time Management With Automation

Interested in becoming famous on Instagram without buying followers? Automation is a way to achieve this. You can automate those jobs which eat up your time and are not productive to achieve your target.

Hence, time to automate such jobs to tools like Stimsocial Instagram. What exactly do you want to automate? Maybe a few of these:

  • Like relevant content
  • Like and share the content of Instagram influencer accounts relevant to your niche
  • Follow people related to your niche
  • Unfollow irrelevant accounts or maybe non-active followers
  • Leave comments for your fans
  • Search relevant posts and accounts
  • Good analytical that you can take advantage of

While you automated the above jobs, which can increase engagements in your post, which can help bring new followers also. It will give you enough time to work on the methods to earn money with your Instagram account.

You can concentrate more on consistent upload quality content. Quality + consistency should be your priority now.

All other engagement parts need to outsource so that you can get time for content creation. Look for some useful tools and automate your engagements through them. Avoid these acts if you want to be famous on Instagram.

Still, many times to be Instagram famous quick, people get involved in unnecessary acts. These acts not only hamper their chances bad but can get their account banned.

Hence avoid these at all cost

  • Start following too many people than your followers
  • You following random accounts irrelevant to your niche.
  • Too many likes to irrelevant content
  • Giving too much value to quantity over quality of posts
  • Excessive use of hashtags that also not relevant to your posts
  • Not posting fresh content instead of posting old content most of the time

Final Words

I am sure you can adapt the above tips on how to be Instagram famous overnight this year. Do not overlook setting some deadlines and build small goals for yourself.

It is essential to achieve your goals with a defined timeline so that you can move to the next level. If you keep working on your target, you will get recognized on Instagram.

Time for the action and adapt these to your account, remember, being popular is the first step!

There is no way you to be instagram famous. It needs consistency, learning, and taking advantage of the best of tools.

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