Best 2021 Instagram Growth Strategy That Takes 60 Minutes!

2021 instagram growth

It is not a clickbait title, but you can grow your Instagram account by working 60 minutes or less every day. I understand that it is hard to believe as many people struggle to increase their Instagram reach by spending a considerable portion of their time. Well, with time changes the way Instagram works, and you need to adapt accordingly. Still, few things are crucial to success and the main pillars for 2021 Instagram growth!

Let us see what these are and how you can get maximum benefit to grow your Instagram fast and efficiently!!

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2021 Instagram Growth Tips – 60 Minutes A Day!

Attractive Feed

Yes, an Instagram feed is a great way to get more followers for your Instagram page. Many a time, too many experiments with it can be devastating. One instead needs to keep it simple with loads of quality content that make the visitor a loyal fan.

If you are struggling to make an attractive feed, my suggestion would be to look for a visual organizer app that can become a force to make you stand out from other profiles.

Unique Fonts

Another easy way to stand out from the crowd of Instagram pages is by using a unique font that suits your personality and content. However, many a time, people use to overload multiple Instagram fonts and look weird.

Best place to use these for your Instagram Bio though, you can also use these cool Instagram fonts for your captions. No matter which font you use, ensure that it is readable and unique throughout your profile to make it your own.

More Stories

It’s 2021, and stories will be a more robust feature than pictures for Instagram users. More and more influencers realize the power that will turn around their account reach.

Do not stay behind in this race and start using stories frequently or learn to use them if you are not yet familiar. While focusing on Instagram stories, try to use every feature that the Instagram app has for you. It is no secret that people who use all features tend to perform better in their 2021 Instagram growth.


Engaging with your followers is another crucial aspect of the growth of your Instagram page. I understand that engaging with all replies, hashtags, and stories is very difficult. Instead, you can make a rule to engage for the first 1-2 hrs of your post, which will be more comfortable and help you reach the explore page more often.

If your page is a niche page, do not forget to get involved with the high-reach hashtags daily. If you are comfortable, there are many online free Instagram hashtag tools that you can use to find the best one!

Is 60 Minutes Daily Enough For 2021 Instagram Growth?

As you can see, all of the above activities will take 60 minutes a day or less for you to perform. But, the boost that it can provide to your Instagram page is unimaginable.

Earlier, I wondered why my growth was slow, and I start using the above strategy with IG fonts, Engagement, Stories, and my feed. Results are far better than before!

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