Monetize Facebook Page In 2021- Earning Money With FB Made Easy!

how to monetize facebook page?

There are two types of peoples majorly use Facebook, one who share their life moments. Then, peoples who monetize the Facebook page and make money on Facebook. While you fall in the first category but the second option sounds fascinating to you. Read on this complete post to learn how to monetize a Facebook page and start your earning journey.

Here you have enormous ways which help you to make some money with Facebook monetization. But remember, none of them are shortcuts.

It takes time to build, develop and measure before you jump to monetize Facebook page or group.

Before going through the list of options to monetize Facebook page. Let’s start with the basics of creating and building Facebook page.

Why these basic are important to Make Money WIth Facebook page?

Because they play a major role to decide the engagement and reach of your page to take advantage later through Facebook Monetization.

Let’s start this!

1. Find a niche

Finding a niche is an important task, check google AdWords, google trends, YouTube and Facebook search.

These are excellent free options to find a niche which is in demand with great following worldwide.

This also helps building Facebook content relevant to your niche.

Now, all the content which you share on this page shall be relevant to the same subject only.

2. Create a Facebook page

Highly chances, you are already using Facebook, then consider this as a walk in the part kind of stuff for you.

Still, keep the following things in mind:

  • Add a good cover image that gives the visual message to your audience.
  • Add a display image that is relevant, which also ensures that audience see your page as authentic. Write a keyword focused description that gives a clear message about the Facebook page.

For example “ If you love ………..please like our page and share with likeminded peoples”

Here is a good example of Facebook page with all relevant details:

good facebook page example

3. Add related content to Facebook Page

Now that the page is completely up and running, stint to add some content.

In fact, the most important factor when you create a Facebook page and want to grow it. Find content on the web that matches your Facebook page.

For few days, your job is to fill the page with relevant content, images, videos, groups, and pages. Remember, all shared content shall be with the alignment with the niche of this Facebook page.

When you add your own content, write a few words about it and if possible add a couple of hashtags to get bigger exposure.

Ideally, you must prepare some sharing worthy content well in advance. This must include three types:

  • Plain text content
  • Images and
  • Videos.

It is a well-known fact that Facebook prefers video and images over plain text.

Promote for higher engagements

Next comes the promotion, so that page have an audience which you take advantage for Facebook Monetization.

Here the choice is yours, whether you want paid promotions or going for the free options.

For free promotion, start inviting your Facebook friends to like or share.

If they like, share the content, that means your content is published on their friend’s timeline and you get broader exposure.

To speed up the process, use the promote feature which is really dirt cheap.

With paid promotion high engagement rate are better and help when you jump start to monetize Facebook page.

how to use facebook sponsored post

Apply these tips for better engagements:

• Post daily
• Call to Action (like this post/what you think etc) in every post.
• Give quality information relevant to the topic.

You can also use Twitter to promote your content or create a YouTube channel to connect with your page followers.

Contact other Facebook page admins

Online marketing is all about building a relationship with compatible peoples.

To achieve a greater reach that helps monetize Facebook pages pay more dividends, you need to reach out to the other pages and group admins.

Talk with them about what you have to offer them or how they can help you to increase earning potentials.

If few of them agree, that surely skyrockets your Facebook page or Facebook group reach and engagements.

About Time you monetize Facebook page you have built for earning money

I know many must have skipped the earlier points and wanted to jump to this section which is why they are here.

For them, here is a note of caution!

If you are looking for an answer to our main question of this post, that is how to earn money from Facebook page?

One must do the basic homework that we explained above. Without which it is almost impossible to even start your journey.

Now, before moving ahead, you must go through the Facebook monetization eligibility check.

Facebook monetization eligibility check

You must ensure that you are in line with these guidelines of how to monetize Facebook page. These Facebook monetization eligibility check are simple and easy to follow.

Even for those with basic knowledge to operate Facebook for personal use. I am sure that there is nothing which can become a hindrance for you.

Now, let’s go through the option that a admin have for Facebook monetization.

Start building and use other social media platforms too. Instagram increases your income scope while learning the right use of Twitter hashtags also helps to build a bigger following.

5 Great ways to start earning money with Facebook

1. Affiliate Marketing

This is the number one option peoples take when they want to move in the direction of Facebook monetization.

Though, you have options of many affiliate marketing big players including Amazon, Clickbank, ShareASale, etc. You can take your time and analyse which one is good for you.

Here is how to learn affiliate marketing in case you are not familiar with it. In our other post, we have explained the complete process of how to find affiliate marketing niche.

Go and signup for these to promoting their affiliate products for Facebook monetization. Their commission rate is from 5% to 70% which depends on the specific products which you may select.

Always remember, monetize Facebook page with niche relevant product only. A good external landing page for affiliate products is a good idea when you are going with Clickbank, or ShareASale.

2. Promote others to Monetize Facebook Page

That’s a great way of Facebook Monetization!

Once your page reaches certain followers go-ahead to join the influencer marketplace.

These influencer marketplaces connect the advertisers or service provider to influencers (Facebook Page in this case). On the way to monetize Facebook page, you must set a price and wait for getting offers from advertisers who are interested to advertise with you.

By any chance, you are not aware of such companies, have a look at sites such as OpenInfluence, Advowire, Hypr or Upfluence etc.

influencer marketplace for facebook page monetization

Registration to these sites are free and they help you to connect with advertisers.

3. Go freelance to monetize Facebook page

This can take some while but, a great way to earn money with Facebook Page. Register yourself with best freelancing sites such as Fiverr, Freelancer or other identical sites.

For example, please have a look at below

seel freelance services to moneitze your facebook page

Got an idea?

Sell your services on Fiverr and account for clients who want to use your reach for their products. It is better to keep your rates a bit low at starting until you get enough ratings and business to establish yourself.

4. Targeted traffic for the blog

One of the evergreen strategy which is not directly used to monetize Facebook page. Rather, this technique helps you send traffic towards your blog or e-commerce store.

Where you can start displaying Google ads or your affiliate marketing ads or selling products. Choosing this, you actually drive triple benefit with this one, how?

  • First, your blog will get free traffic from social media site which helps improve your ranking in search engines.
  • Second, you earn money from advertisements display on your blog, though the amount is low its free money for you.
  • Third, more chances of you making an affiliate sale from Facebook page traffic as they are targeted one.
  • Last, use this traffic to capture leads for your email marketing campaigns or remarket campaign.

5. Become Facebook Account Manager

So, now that your Facebook page has some good engagements and you become to know how in your field.

Start a stint to apply for jobs related to Facebook account management. Out there, many organization who need experienced peoples to manage company Facebook page.

These companies pay up to $50 per hour for dedicated employees or freelancers. For easy reference please watch this Facebook Tutorial to understand how to create a Facebook page from scratch.


Thing is, to go ahead and monetize Facebook page to an extent that you start living out of it, which is definitely not impossible.

Once you know how all this work, you can go ahead to build more and start to monetize Facebook page with the same tips you used earlier. All starts from the basics of creating a page with keeping a niche in mind and grow it organically for more reach.

Upon reaching, cash in the opportunity with Facebook monetization which is many. Though we have tried to pick some of the top Facebook monetization opportunity, however, they are not limited to above.

I suggest you start a few of these opportunities side by side for better Facebook monetization revenue.

There is no harm to monetize Facebook page with Amazon affiliate and Clickbank affiliate. Though, you have to fix a schedule after analyzing which one is best for you.

Go and start building this as a part-time job and scale it as things move forward the way you want them.

However, in case you are already occupied with your full day job, college or are a housewife, I see this opportunity as a great side income generator.

I hope this Facebook monetization short guide will help you start to monetize Facebook page with ease.

how to monetize a facebook page

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