Best Social Media Tools For Business In 2021

best social media tools for business in 2021

A small business owner knows that marketing is a crucial part of profit brand development and profits. With the time social media has become one of the best ways to market any business, but it can be challenging if you are not well verse with the social media tools.

There are so many of these available that sometimes it becomes difficult to identify which of these tools suits you best. If you are not yet made up your mind which one is best for you. Today I will explain and take you through some of the best ones for small businesses.

But before that, do you think you need these?

How Social Media Tools For Business Can Help?

Social media tools are designed to help small businesses manage their social media presence. They can be used to post content, monitor various channels, and more.

These make it possible for small businesses with limited resources to compete as equals against large companies.

Here is what these can do:

Content Creation

Creating content is not easy, and if you want your brand to catch more eyeballs, it needs to be done smartly. Some tools can help you create content that will help you target audience. Tools like Canva make it easy to create graphics for posts or banners on social media channels for free.

Content Publishing

Like creation, posting frequent content through these social media tools can skyrocket your reach and land new clients. That is why content publishing is another crucial point to keep in mind.

Do you know you can plan your monthly posting schedule well in advance with these tools?

Yes, you can do the same!

Sometimes small businesses forget to post on time, and this can lead to a loss of potential clients. This is why it becomes important that you manage your social media posts in advance with these tools.

Each tool has its instructions about publishing content such as Hootsuite or BufferApp. But they all offer the same basic thing: scheduling posts weeks or days ahead without having to manually update them.

This way small business owners can publish new content as per the their ideal frequency. With this, their audience will get fresh material throughout the course of days,weeks and months.


Do you have enough employee strength to respond to the business queries received through social media?

Not everyone I guess!

This is where managing a small business online becomes easy with the help of social media tools. There are ways to automate the process with the availability of responding, that helps quickly respond to business or product queries online.


How about all of your activities done by these small business social tools give you complete insight and analysis?

That too is possible with a small investment in the analytical tools.

You can get information about your website’s traffic, social media performance, and much more as soon as you need it. This is how business owners monitor their small businesses on social media to see what posts are working, which ones aren’t getting attention, or if there is something that needs to be fixed.

Analysis of small business content has become simpler than ever before thanks to these dedicated services and social media tool for small businesses. There are many benefits of using these small business social tools like saving time while establishing relationships with new customers through increased customer interaction.

The success rate of any marketing campaign largely depends on how you use the data from different social media platforms. Small business ventures can raise awareness about their products by making use of these different tools. They can perform tasks such as creating hashtags that are widely used on social site and helps in attracting potential customers.

What Makes A Good Tool For Social Media Marketing?

There are many free and paid tools available to use, but you must keep in mind a few things before you start subscribing to one.

Ideally, there should be a check-list of features that you want and then compare all the available tools. Still, there are few features which one should keep in mind above all others.

Let us see a brief features which should be with you subscription.

Easy To Use

The first thing that you have to analyze is how comfortable you are using the tool. If you want to save time then the tool must be easy to use. Not all small business owners need to be tech-savvy so they should find a suitable one.

Almost every tool does have a trial period so you can test it before making a decision. This trial period is where you can check the interface, to understand any complications and so on. Otherwise, you will simply end up getting frustrated just because of one small thing which was not clear enough once you bought it. It should have different options about managing content like scheduling posts, analytics, and data gathering.


As a small business owner, you should not spend a fortune to promote the business. For example, you can simply look for some reasonably priced plans which have all the necessary features including analytics and other optimization options. However, if they are satisfied with just one or two services then it’s ok too as long as it is affordable.

Generally, you get a great deal when you go for an annual subscription. But it is at your discretion how much work you want to do with these social media tools for your business.

The best would be to get the subscription for a month or whatever minimum period that tool offer. By this, you will get your hands on the tool interface, features, and data that it pulls for you.

If it fits what you are looking for, go for the annual subscription plans.


Every social media site is changing drastically and including/excluding many features for its users. This is what can be challenging, hence you should check if the social media tool for business is keeping up with the updates or not.

If the tool is keeping up with the frequently updates, then you can trust them for a paid subscription.


Chances are that you want to use all social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest for your marketing.

Before you go ahead with the tool, check if it has any limitation of any sort with any social media network. I have seen people bought social media tools that are good for only one or two platforms.

Hence, you must avoid such a situation by taking trial versions. Else, go through all the documentation they have on their website.

Best Paid Social Media Tools For Business Of All Sizes

Now that you know-how tools help you save time so that you can pay attention to key aspects of your business. Let us go through some of the best tools you can use that are available.


buzz sumo for social media post analyzer tool

My first choice of tool that can help create content and get ideas for your business promotion is BuzzSumo. Anyone who wants to be up-to-date on what is happening in your niche is using this. You will get the best content that is published online with a deep analysis of social shares and popularity.

Not only you can keep an eye on your competitors, but can also analyze which of your content is getting traction online. This will help you build a strategy for your own business and getting ahead of others.
The only downside is the price of this tool which starts from $79/month. I understand that not everyone is keeping on spending this much money. Still, you will get a lot of benefits if you go with BuzzSumo.


buffer is one of the best social media publishing tool

One of the most popular social media tools for business today is Buffer. If your business strategy what you to publish more and more content to drive sales, this one is best suited. Buffer scheduler is easy to use and work on many social media platform. All you have to do is list your content for the publishing queue and it will do it for you at a prescribed time.

It comes with their app, which makes life much easier and helps you publish from anywhere.


hoot suit for social media content publising tool

Hootsuite is a social media management tool that makes it easy to publish content across multiple networks. Hootsuite brings all the login into their dashboard and makes it easy for you to handing multiple sites.

Today Hootsuite is among one of the most well-known tools that marketers are using. If you buy the subscription, your team too can get access for the collaboration including processing the approval.

If you have a small team and want to use top social media networks to promote your business. This is the right fit as you can see all your mentions, comments, etc. across the platform from their dashboard.
What more, you also get a lot of data to make the best strategies for your business with their analytics.


free content creation with canva social meida tool

With free and paid options, Canva is for those into creating much content for marketing. With their drag and drop features, building stunning graphics for your post is now easy.

A must-have social media content creation tool for every small business out there. If you are not familiar with designing, use their pre-made templates available for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest.

Free Tools From Social Network Sites

Just in case you do not want to spend money on expensive tools. Here are some free ones provided by social media sites for their users. When you are starting with promoting your business online, these can become handy.

Facebook Analytics

Facebook analytics for social media marketing

Facebook is quite popular for driving traffic as well as getting new customers. With features like, page, group, and ads, you have a complete set that can bring more revenue every month.

Another feature that social media marketers use is Facebook analytics. This is available for your page and has every information that you need to analyze. You can get an insight into your followers, likes, and the performance of your every post. But, before that, you must know how to generate useful content for your Facebook page.

With Facebook analytics, you get a detailed comparison of your page with other pages into the same niche or product. There is a huge potential with this free tool that can help you generate income with a Facebook page.

Instagram Analytics

free social media tool by Instagram

Instagram has become a favorite social media network site for some time now. Not only it helped brands but small businesses and influencers alike to make money with their posts. Today, not only brands but influencers make money with Instagram, as they pay a lot of attention to their analytics.

Like Facebook, they too offer analysis of your performance in terms of reach, likes, comments, and shares. Once you are under your analytics tab, check out the performance of posts over a specific period. Moreover, you can get an insight into your audience demographics to get more targeted campaigns.

If you master the art of creating stunning Instagram stories, using reels, hashtags there is a huge potential.

For those who are new to Instagram, read our guides to help you generate IG fonts and cool username generators to start with.

Twitter Analytics

Twitter gives a free social media tool called Twitter analytics

Twitter also allows you to get details about your account with their analytics. Easy interface and details about following, followers, engagement, and content that is performing well.

All this to help you design your further strategy for the product or services that you offer. Apart from their analytics, hashtags are a great way to find Twitter trending topic and target new prospects.

Go through my guides on how to use Twitter for dummies and simply start to get paid to Tweet.

Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest analytics tool for social media

Those who know the power of visual search engines like Pinterest are giving it more preference. Pinterest has helped me drive traffic to my website and stores without spending a dime on advertisements.

Their analytics can help you get hold of your popular content, demographic of your audience, and performance. By simply pinning your products you can help yourself with a lot of targeted traffic and make money with Pinterest.

How To Get Started?

If you have not made up your mind on which social media tools you want to try. Better would be to first try your hand on the free options that we have mentioned above.

For content creation, you can start using Canva and for analyzing the performance go with free social networking tools.

In my opening, tools provided by social networks have enough data to build a strategy for your business.
Only when you feel like graduate to the next level, choose the paid social media tools mentioned earlier.

You can also create a list of what are your goals and check which one fits best according to your need.


Some people might think that paid subscription has more features but this does not necessarily true. There are many good quality tools which offer low prices or even better than those premium ones. It’s all depends on what kind of service you need from the social media marketing tool.

Remember, these are merely tools and you have to put a lot of your time to create strategies for your business.


What are the four main types of social media tools?

All of the tools available can be categorise into four different one. First are those which helps you in content curation, second that help in scheduling your content, third that helps you generate content and final one to anlayze the performance.

What are free social media tools?

Free ones are available from social media sites itself, but you must know how to use them properly. Otherwise, you can also choose to go with the free option of paid tools with limited functions.

Is it worth using social media tools for business?

Yes, they are a great help if you want to stand out from the crowd. Not only they makes creating content easy, but you can schedule your posts will in advance without any technical knowledge.

How do I choose a social media tool for my business?

Create a list of all the features that you want help with, then analyze all the available tools and check which one check all the criteria for your business.

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