Business Of Yoga – How Much You Can Earn

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business of yoga with certification

Who doesn’t know yoga? And many of us at least once tried to think about taking a yoga instructor certification in our life to take our passion for practices of spiritual, mental and physical disciplines to another level.

Everyone knows that yoga can produce fantastic results if practiced regularly and can be accompanied with any workout routine that you follow.
But how many actually considered entering into the business of yoga?

Yes, yoga itself is a big business industry now, from opening a yoga studio to selling yoga accessories to yoga masters.

Peoples who involve in this business knows that it can give some good returns with low expenditures.
But, how big is yoga in America alone?
Here are some facts
Courtesy Public Affairs
And if above is not enough to convenience you about this trend, here is google search trends since 2004.
Here is what YouTube video search looks like for yoga worldwide
Yoga is clearly above all other competitors!
Buy why we are giving these trends to support the yoga business scope?
Because, whenever you sell, create a video or write website content, these trends are kept in mind.
You can easily select your niche keywords and create content around that for traffic and leads.

Now, if you practice yoga on daily basis and want to make some money with yoga trend.

Here how you too can enter into yoga business:

Teaching is a good business if you do it the right way, there is plenty of scope in yoga too.
Here is how Glassdoor data on yoga instructor salary is beating all close competitors.
Check this Glassdoor data for offered (top 3 results) yoga instructor salary per hour:
How much does it cost to become a yoga instructor and what are yoga teacher training requirements?

Your passion for yoga is all that requires to take yoga instructor certification. There are many yoga studios who provide yoga certification. Taking a classroom yoga instructor certification course cost around $1500.

Do remember to check the credentials of studio or institute while going for yoga teacher certification.
How long does it take to become a yoga teacher?
You generally need to take around 200 hours of yoga training to become a certified yoga trainer.
But why spend on yoga certification when you already know yoga?
When you are taking yoga as a business, your certification adds value and weight to the credentials.
Every prospect client will first check the credentials before hiring you for personal or classroom classes.
How much a yoga instructor earn?

Once certified by reputed yoga institute you can charge up to $75 per private session from your students.

You can start as yoga instructor part-time while operating from your home as per your suitable time. Other option as a yoga instructor could be applying for a yoga teacher jobs at your local yoga studio.
Learn how Kim Sin took her yoga training to new levels by developing yoga office and started training yoga at corporate offices.


Every year yoga practitioners are spending well over $16 billion on yoga clothing, equipment, classes, and accessories.
You too can sell yoga items online through e-commerce retailers or launch your Amazon private level business.
Items like a yoga mat or yoga pants sell like crazy online, you too can take advantage of this high demand and start selling yoga items. Here is a Amazon top selling items view:
Market your product on social media and drive more traffic towards your own yoga items online shop to get leads.
A proper strategy for selling yoga products would be to start selling with basic things like a yoga mat or yoga pants.
Check the price of competitors and see how you can beat them in the pricing war, manufacturing product at cheaper cost with overseas factories is a good strategy.
You can start your e-commerce selling business in less than $500.
Another key strategy is to keep an eye on trends related to yoga industry and launch products which are trending and are in demand.

Over a period of time, this business of selling yoga items can be very fruitful and can bring a lot of money to you.

You can also approach to the local retail shops or yoga studios who also sell these products to their customers and students.
Check out this Amazon yoga accessories search to see what type of accessories are selling online and how many people developing their yoga business with e-commerce sites.


Marketing can do wonders if done properly and its applicable to your passion for yoga too!
If you are a yoga enthusiast document all things you do related to yoga for this you can start a blog or YouTube channel.
Health is a never dying niche and there are billions of searches each year related to yoga.
You can get famous through blogging where you can teach whatever you know and what new things you are learning about yoga.
Lookup YouTube for peoples uploading free yoga videos and amount of views they are getting. Check out the number of blogs dedicated to yoga articles where peoples post their experience.
You can take on social media and market your videos to drive traffic towards your content.

Learn how you can create an amazing Instagram profile to post yoga pictures and videos you think users like to read.

Health niche related companies pay social media influencers for posting about their products and services. Hence you can make money with Instagram or register for a pay per tweet program for twitter accounts.
You can use Pinterest to drive crazy traffic to your video or blog. Creating a Facebook page for your passion also help you get noticed.
How you can make money with your blog or video content?

Simply by monetizing your content, YouTube pays for all your content which displays ads. Else you can go to other video uploading sites where views are chargeable.

For your blog, you can monetize with yoga-related product affiliates that pay you money to sell their products. Affiliate products related to yoga can fetch you commission of around $25 per sale.
Try this yoga program affiliate to know what we are talking about!
If you find it difficult to create content for your website or create and grow your YouTube channel, you can check these 50 plus freelancing sites to hire professional to help you set up your business.
Read this inspirational piece on how a plus size women become an instructor by posting how to do yoga videos or check out this one of the top yoga YouTube channels Yoga With Adriene to take a leap out of them.


Peoples who have good writing skills or presentation skills can convert their knowledge into an e-book or can create a good yoga videos course.
For both options, you need professional help to convert your knowledge and skills into a presentable format.
You can easily hire freelancers to do all the needed work and concentrate to market your final product to prospects.

There are many sites that offer online courses like Udemy or Udacity, registration to these sites is easy and quick.

Here is a few of courses available on Udemy:
Though they charge a small fee that should be fine keeping in mind they will let your course reach to bigger audience.
Others options to sell your course or e-book with affiliate site like Clickbank or share a sale, you can put your product there for sellers to promote.  There are yoga related products which sell around $40 per product.

A great thing about these digital products is that you save a lot of money on logistics hence are becoming popular.

Here, you have to pay commission which varies from 20% to 40% but your product will be promoted by experienced marketers.
Another option is to sell your course directly on your website or you can also become a seller on e-commerce sites.
Pro tip: Trackback to the roots of yoga i.e. India! There are many yoga instructors there, you can take their help with little money to help you with your e-book or video course.


Sounds an expensive option and it is!
Generally, you need quite a bit of space to start a yoga studio. Yoga studio space requirements thumb rule is 21 square feet for each practitioner see if you can get some low rent space as per your plan.
But there are always way out before you plan to rent a big space with all the basic amenities required, and nothing is super expensive.
Plus, who want to put their savings into a plan which they do not sure of being successful.
Here, the solution could be your garage where all basic facility life light or space is available free to you.
Before going big, you can start your small yoga studio at your home with few students.

This is a perfect opportunity for the stay home moms who can do it full time or working professional who can teach yoga during weekends.

Only initial expenses that I see here are mats and local online marketing if you like you can go with offline yoga studio marketing strategies too.
There are surely more peoples out there who want to try yoga apart from their other exercise routines and that’s the beauty of yoga.
With proper business planning, you can make money with yoga, as we mentioned earlier also that average charge for one session in a professional yoga studio is around $75.

At your home yoga studio, you can keep prices up to $50, plan for 20-30 session per month to make around $1500 per month.

With proper marketing and local SEO optimization, you can increase the number of practitioners to take the earning up to $200 – $3000 which is by any means not a bad income.
Create a yoga studio business plan template for yourself for creating a brand out of your studio.
Get creative and look at people use Bookretreats for some creative yoga studio marketing strategies. Here is few example from site:
Our suggestion is to create a plan for your yoga business and take services or professions to review your plan and services plus other related angles.
If you can gather a team of your family members or friends, it will be an added advantage. 
No matter your plan is for small business or you want to create a big one, a team always helps.
Doing things alone can be time-consuming and you may leave in the middle of your road to developing your own yoga business to create wealth with proper health.
Learn more about online marketing and social media tips to drive business but don’t side-line the age-old word-of-mouth marketing locally.

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