Top Netflix student discount Tips For Saving on Subscription

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Are you looking for Netflix student discount to save money for other expenses? Unfortunately, there is no such discount provided by Netflix directly. Still, with below simple tips you can save a lot of money on your new Netflix subscription.

Though Netflix is not the only content streaming choice you have. They still amongst the most popular one around today. With the huge library of TV shows and flicks of every genre. Together with loads of creative new originals has its fan base. During students days, it gets a bit difficult to get the subscription on your own. Every single penny is valuable and students want to make the best use of that.

Use these tips to enjoy Netflix Student Discount in a different way

1. Start with Netflix Free Trials

Netflix student discount with free trials

Yes, there is a free trial of Netflix available but, generally students to not take it. Reason being looking straight to amount to they need to pay after trial. But, think again… Who is asking you to take the subscription once your free trial ends?

Though with Netflix you do not have an option to take many free trials. But with a twist of different email ID or billing method, you have every chance to get another Netflix trial. Have you tried a payment option like a prepaid credit card?

Plus, if you have luck on your side upon the cancelation of your free trial. There is every chance that you may receive another one if they remarket to you. So go ahead with this Netflix student discount tip to get a chance to earn extra free trials.

2.Friends and Student discount for Netflix

Netflix subscription charges sharing with friends

If you find our first option unethical (though it’s not) here is something you would love to try. You can reduce your Netflix subscription charges by 50% by sharing it with your friend. As Netflix allows multiple screens streaming at the same time, this discount tip is an easy option for you. What better than this when both of you share the same dome in your college?

Even if you don’t use the different screen to watch your favourite shows, this still works. As Netflix subscription allows streaming up to 4 screens, share the subscription with more friends. If they agree, this Netflix student discount tip save all friends more money.

3.Get student discount on Netflix with parents

Yes, this is tried, tested and successful way to get student discount for Netflix. Convince your parents for access to their Netflix account. Tell them that this is saving you money while you too enjoy some good flicks from your room. Bad luck if your parents do not own a Netflix account but other subscription. Still, if they do, you save 100% with this Netflix student discount tip.

Do student discount on Netflix only option?

If the quality content is your priority, you can also choose to go for the alternatives. Also, if your motive is to save money there are quite a few other options available for you. You can try Amazon prime student subscription which is specially designed for the students. However, to access their students discount, you need to have a .edu email account.

On the other hand, if you as a student do not want to spend money to watch content. You can go for sites like Tubi, Crackle, and Vudu trailer made for students as their content is free to watch. They generate revenue from their advertisements. Hence do not charge from their subscribers.

As you can see you have many other options to choose from to enjoy quality content. Please let me know if you have any other Netflix student discount tips that can help others enjoy.

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