Pinterest Marketing Guide To Increase Your Earnings

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pinterest for business marketing guide

If you are totally new to selling your products on Pinterest and have no understanding wherever to begin. Your search for using Pinterest for business marketing ends here!

You will read a simple and easy guide on how to use Pinterest for business marketing, selling services and service marketing. Plus how can Pinterest  marketing help your business grow faster?
At the end of this article, you will get a bonus tip to join the professionals Pinterest marketing peoples who make their living by only pinning every month.
There are around hundred million users who are using Pinterest for business or looking for new ideas.  Plus, a whole lot of users looking to buy things that interest them.
We will learn how we can put in use this huge number of peoples to our advantage and earn while we sit at our home.

Generally, pinners are users who create a board for themselves of their favorite subject or interest. For example, a nature-loving user can create a board of images posted by users on nature.
Not only these pinners create board of pins but many do go to the websites linked to pictures to buy product or services.
Pinterest is just like any other social media platform where you get in touch with peoples interested in the same subject through bookmarking or pinning online on their profile.
Keep in mind that this very platform has millions of monthly users right now and Pinterest social media marketing can definitely turn your business in a short period of time. 
That too without any complicated working.
You can introduce your service or product to these millions of users and drive traffic to your website for free which may convert to sales for you.

So, in this Pinterest marketing guide, I will take you through very simple steps and tips for a winning Pinterest for business account.

Apply For Business Account – First Thing!
For sellers or business owners it is utterly important for them to go with a Pinterest business account and not a personal account.

From the first go, you want to let your potential followers know about you and your business.

While converting your personal account to a professional account in later stages may confuse your followers and may result in fall of followers.

This is not a good sign when your plan of growing your account for more conversions for your business.

Small mistakes can break your plans and hamper your business in the long term.

When peoples start they generally start with a personal account.  Your followers find you through your pins or board and start repining/following your account.

Every time you create a pin and publish, your Pinterest followers get a notification as your pins display in their feed.

After publishing every pin you do need to check and track details with Pinterest marketing tools.

When you convert your account into the business account and start pinning your products pins, they might not like that and you may lose tons of potential customers.

Hence, start with a fresh business account, learn how to get more followers on Pinterest and grow your business.

Here how you can create a business profile:

Step one | Create your account

Go to Pinterest Business Account page directly and fill the basic information for a new business account.

Complete information is necessary to get access to business account analytics, register for rich pins, and have the power to advertise with Promoted Pins which is an advantage to you.

Step two | Verify your website

You have to verify your website via Pinterest which is easy and free.  Once you verified your site you can now account your account analytics.
Analytics help you with the insight of your audience, the performance of your pins/boards, the activity of your pins like, click and saves.

It also helps you to analyze the performance of your overall account with a selectable time period.

Having this info is incredibly critical and valuable to grow and making money with Pinterest.

Step three | Profile.

Your name – Choose your 2 most vital of keywords for name along with your name or business.

This will play a vital role while peoples are searching for their favorite terms for information or pins.

Same with your bio which is an additional place to put down your most relevant secondary keywords. 

Your limit here is of one hundred sixty characters hence, put your creativity into action.

Remember, your keywords selection can do wonders to get more followers for your pins and boards.

Put your website link too in profile, which is a free clickable link to your website.

Step four | Creating Your Boards

We recommend having 10-15 boards at least for your subject or keywords.

Your top recommended boards shall always come in first two rows of boards.  This is another key aspect which many peoples ignore.

Boards which are not owned by you but you joined as a collaborator will come in the number of boards we have suggested.

Once you are in you will receive a lot of invitation for collaborations from other users hence choose wisely, keeping your own niche in mind.

In case you are part of boards which are not relevant to your niche, keep them in secret boards so that they won’t be visible for your audience.

While naming your boards, always remember to use keywords which describe your overall profile well.

Pinterest is no place for catchy or cute names hence keep it simple which is recommended.

Check that that each board is optimized with a keyword wealthy description, thus it’ll show up within the search.

Step five | Build Followers With Repin

Use the search feature of Pinterest to find individual/boards relevant to your niche.

Find highly popular pins and repin them to your boards which will also drive traffic towards your profile.

You might be thinking, why do you have to repin other content?

Popular pins are a great way to drive traffic to your profile which helps increase your ranking in Pinterest hence more traffic.

Your account is connected to each pin you repin to your boards. If you pin quality pins that get repined then Pinterest views your account as valuable.

Once you’re viewed as valuable then Pinterest can begin showing your pins additional within the searches and good feeds of your audience.

You would like to be better-known (and ultimately followed) for promise quality and authentic pins. It’s a win, win. 

Create attractive rich pins to drive more traffic towards your site.  Learn how to create pins easily online with Canva which is a free to use tool.

Else you can outsource your pin creation through top freelancing websites were professionals are selling their services.

We mentioned basic benefits of Pinterest business account which will provide you edge over the personal account.

Step vi – Automate Your Success

Once you have done all the initial hard work, it’s time start selling on Pinterest and grow your business.

To automate all the process you have done manually, Tailwind will help you automate all the processes to save the time, while maximizing your reach on the Pinterest.

Ideally, you should be posting 3-4 pins each day to drive traffic that converts.  This requires time and effort from your side.

Tailwind helps you to schedule your pinning and easily create multiple pins from your site/business with just one click.

Remember, scheduling your pins at the time when most of your followers are active is a secret for success.

The efficiency of tailwind will also help you with deeper Pinterest analytics with insights to see what steps are right or wrong for your business.

Check out tailwind and start driving traffic to your website and earn money on Pinterest!

Hope you liked this Pinterest marketing guide to help efficient use of Pinterest for business.

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