Jobs Paying $15 An Hour Working From Home Part Time

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Joys paying $15 an hour working from remote location

It’s frustrating when you receive work at home jobs that offer low pay per hour. But with no offer in hand, one has to take whatever he/she eceive when in a dire need of money. Here is in this articles I am listing few opportunities that can help you get jobs paying $15 an hour.

This is anyway much better pay when most of the jobs are at $8-$10 an hour. However, it doesn’t mean that companies are exploiting job seekers. Many time, an experienced worker get much higher pay when compared to freshers.

In one of my previous article, I wrote about work from home jobs that you can take for a six-figure income. But, that too is only possible if you dedicate time and energy to make it work.

So want to know what companies Jobs paying $15 an hour? Here are our top listed for you:

1. The Social Element

Earlier it was known as EModerator which hired work from home online moderators for different platforms. This role is consists of managing social media account profiles of clients effectively. But the moderation work is not limited to only social media but can stretch over to many forums, discussion boards, etc.

Your familiarity with different social platform and knowledge on different subject plays a major role here. These work from home jobs paying $15 an hour to candidates who have the above skill. It needs a lot of interaction online with the community which many time is quite laborious. Especially when something of a negative comes up against your employer.

Otherwise, work from home online moderator job is quite fun to do. Mostly, the schedule is flexible until the employer or client needs you to work at a specific odd timing. You can do these jobs from any remote location as there are no geographical restrictions.

Your experience of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest comes handy here. These are easy jobs paying $15 an hour to you, but you can expect more if you produce satisfactory results.

There is an easy registration process which you can start here.

1. VIP Kid

Online tutoring jobs paying $15 an hour are available with VIP Kid website. But that’s not the reason it made to this list. Their experience tutors do make well over $2000 month which comes as a job paying $18 an hour.

This is among one of the favourite sites that I recommend to the online tutoring job seeker. To apply with them as a tutor, a bachelor’s degree in any subject is a must-have.

You can visit my earlier article where I wrote about best online teaching jobs paying over $15 an hour or more. Plus, there is an exclusive part-time tutoring job site that gives a 100% money-back guarantee for landing a job.

Start your application with VIP kids.

2. Boldly

A virtual assistant is another jobs paying $15 an hour or more to part-time workers. With Boldly (earlier knows as Worldwide 101) peoples hired for the post of the virtual assistant. For those with experience in similar profile, have a chance to earn $20-$22 an hour.

Before applying with them, please check that you have following with you:

  • A working computer (Laptop or Desktop)
  • Updated genuine software especially anti-virus,
  • reliable fast internet connection
  • Quality headset
  • High-quality web camera

Try your luck with Boldly if you are well versed with administrative tasks, clerical work, data maintenance, and research basics. This one is few jobs paying $15 an hour or more as mentioned earlier.

You can apply with them with ease and a simple job application. However, the hiring process is lengthy that’s including three video interview of selected candidates. You can start your application by visiting this page.

3. HAWO American Academy

HAWO American Academy’s ESL teacher jobs paying $15 an hour or more based on experience. This work at home openings of ESL teachers is in Canada and the US. What are the necessary skills to get selected for the job with them?

  • A bachelor’s degree is a must
  • Teaching experience in a similar job

An easy to apply jobs paying over $15 an hour with applicable bonuses for every 45 minutes of the teaching session.

You can apply with them by visiting their website.

4. Stitch Fix

Are you a fashion enthusiast? Here is your chance to get jobs paying $15 an hour or more in your favourite stream. Stitch Fix provides part-time work at home jobs working as a personal stylist. They do have a unique business module that bringing in new customers rapidly.

Here is how Stitch Fix works:

  • Customers get registered and select their style profile with them. This includes their favourite colour choices, size, look and price range.
  • Personal stylist select items from their online fashion box and ship them across to their address for FREE try.
  • Customers keep the items that they like and send rest of items back to Stitch Fix.

Most of their regular job openings are for the full-time workforce. Still, Stitch fix stylist are part-time jobs listed on their website. It’s jobs that pay 15 dollars an hour for 18-year-olds and who are ready to attend a few days of offsite training. Stylist jobs paying $15 an hour for part-time work which is quite good keeping in mind a lot of fun involved.

Peoples who have good fashion sense, an update of trends and self-starter has a good chance to get hired. You can apply by visiting this page and start making $15 on an hourly basis

5. American Express

Your bachelor’s degree and experience of at least four years can land you a job as American Express Virtual Customer Services Agent. Another of those jobs paying $15 an hour or more, it requires to handle customer inquiries for the company. Please note that this job is a full-time job working from home for interested candidates.

The best part about working for American Express is their great benefits that you receive apart from your pay. Total working hours that you put in weekly is at least 40.

  • Before applying, ensure that you must have:
  • Dedicated phone line
  • Fast and stable internet connection
  • Separate work-desk away from noise background

So prepare yourself to get hired as American Express Virtual Customer by visiting their website. Please do go through their complete terms and condition about the job, pay, and schedule before you apply.

6. Byron

Byron is another site for applying for the job of a Virtual Assistant online. For peoples who have experience of 3 years or more in a similar capacity, can easily make $12-$15 an hour. Please note that the application process is only for U.S. residents.

A brief of VA job responsibilities I have mentioned earlier. So do keep that in mind the same before applying. You can visit their website to know more about their current opening and job requirements.

7. Chegg

Chegg is another website for jobs paying $15 an hour or more for tutoring students online. The job consists of assisting students in their homework and understanding their courses. What you need before you apply for this job?

  • A Skype account
  • High-speed internet connection
  • Contact number
  • Well versed with apps like PowerPoint, Excel, etc.
  • Flexible for timing which students are available

You can easily make $15-$20 an hour teaching students through Chegg. Payment for your job will get credited weekly in your PayPal account.

Visit Chegg and start getting paid weekly for the job!

8. Brighten Communications

They hire independent contractors for the job for telemarketers. You can earn $18 an hour with a flexible working schedule. Right now this is available as work from home in the U.S. only. For this job two things are mandatory:

  • A landline connection
  • High-speed internet connection

Please check if they have a current opening on their website.

Final Words…

There are ample jobs that pay $15 an hour over to the right candidates. Check the above website career page to get more information about current openings. Here is FAQ in case you doubt our focused wages and jobs in this article:

Is $15 an hour good pay?

Current federal minimum wage is 7.25 which by no means good for a family of four. But, if two members of family work in $15 an hour job, you can expect a much better living standard than minimum wage. One has to target a higher salary with more experience, keep looking for opportunity and your learning curve on the rise.

How much is $15 an hour annually?

It’s come to almost $30,000 for one person. However, if two persons working in one family, it’s come to $60,000 which is quite respective compared to the national average.

But who asked you to keep doing jobs paying $15 an hour? Check out these options that can help you build a six-figure income working from home.

What jobs that pay $15 an hour with no experience near me?

Without a college degree and experience of at least 3-4 years, your chances are slim. It would be hard work to find jobs that pay such wages with corporation jobs. However, as a freelancer, you have many options available for you. Few of those are:

Drop your comment for feedback on the above jobs or let me know of other sites that can become part of my list. Again, do not forget to go through the job’s terms and condition before applying for any of the above companies.

I am sure you will land a job paying $15 an hour or more among the above-mentioned companies.

All the best for your search!

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