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There was a time when gaming considered a waste of time by the peoples and jobs for gamers were few. We have come a long way since then, and the rise of cutting edge video games is now quite evident. It brings in many jobs for gamers online as a freelancer or with corporates.

Gone is the time when it was for indoor after school time-pass or summer inhouse activity. Today in this article, I am listing some of the top one for in the industry that gamers can adapt.

Mind you, and they are not any low paying part-time or office sitting work. But one that has the potential to make them well paid if they continue to pursue them.

Before we move forward, let me answer a few of the relevant question that comes across frequently:

So, can you make a living by playing video games?

Not living, but you can thrive in these are related to video games. With the flood of games developing companies, there is a cut-throat competition. It helps players get sponsorship, paid game reviews, marketing opportunities, and much more. The money involved in the this industry is insanely in billions of dollars yearly, which is also complemented by the ever high demand for almost all games that are coming out.

Can gaming be a job?

That’s a difficult one to answer but, if you have qualifications and experience, yes, it is. There is every chance to get hired by the game development companies in different profiles. But that doesn’t mean that these get hired by companies is your only choice. Keep reading this article to know about freelancing without a degree or qualification.

Freelance Online Jobs For Gamers

1. Start Your YouTube channel

gamers on Youtube

Yes, this is an excellent freelance online jobs for gamer with fun, name, and fame. YouTube is quite a stable platform for gamers to post their game-related videos for viewers. If you are not aware of channels making millions with YouTube gaming, you need to open your eyes. You need to search such news that makes headlines due to their earning figures.

It is very much possible with new as well as an experienced gamer job from home. With YouTube, you have many options open. Here is what you can upload:

If you still wondering with YouTube, how do you do a freelance gaming for a living? Go and check Pewdiepie’s channel and his annual earning!

When you upload gaming videos, you can earn through advertisements or affiliates. It is not of those quick money jobs for gamers, but in the long run, this can be very beneficial.

It depends on the organic reach of the YouTube channel, but if you can upload many videos with good content (200 videos a year). You can make near $20,000-$30,000 a year with YouTube sponsorship, advertisement, and affiliates.

But it’s not only skills that help you to make the above money. You need to learn SEO, marketing, and social media to promote it.

Are you worried about starting a channel? Here is how to start a YouTube channel and grow with free marketing. If you have any doubts about the success of a gaming channel, here is the list of top gamers on YouTube and their YouTube channels to inspire you. Specially making money with GTA 5 and Mincraft steaming is one of the favourite of Youtube channels.

You can seek this as a video game journalism job and work as a freelancer professional for a online job for gamers.

2. Start a Gamers Blog

blogging jobs for gamers

Many things come out of the gaming organization now and then. It may be the launch of a new game and new console, which not everyone is familiar to use. Peoples want to buy these things only after reading reviews, tech specifications, and comparisons and take it as a online jobs for gamers.

If knowledge is your strength, this is an opportunity for you to educate and provide reviews through your blog. Blogging is not new; all you need to find the right niche that you can write on. But in your case, you already have a stable one, which is relevant articles.

Trust me, you can make some good money with a blog. It’s easy to start your blog and write about your freelance gaming experience, product reviews, and tips for new players.

With a blog, you can choose to display advertising from different ad networks. Same like a YouTube channel, this too is a long term and time-consuming but thees games pays some good money.

In case, as a gamer, you are already occupied with a full-time job, you can still consider these as part-time online jobs for gamers. It can help you to generate traffic for your blog and make income with gaming articles.

With a blog, how much do gamers make? If you can consistent in writing and publish articles (at least 2 a week) in your gamers blog. I say $1000-$3000 per month through ad revenue and related affiliate programs.

You can achieve if you put in time and effort that to work. But, you need to learn more about SEO, social media marketing, and plan accordingly.

So, go ahead and start your gamers blog and start educating new gamers, plus earn money alongside. Here are the top gaming blogs that you would draw the inspiration as a freelance professionals.

3. Becoem Freelance Twitch Streamer

twitch game streaming job

Here is another platform that works as a online jobs for gamers when they stream, and Twitch helps them make money from home. Millions of users are part of the Twitch gaming community for online entertainment. This site is top-rated among gamers who stream their gameplay live.

They accept donations from users who like their skill level. Plus, Twitch affiliate programs help them earn money through their streaming.

Few other ways gamers make money with Twitch are:

  • Paid subscription,
  • Advertisement revenue
  • Sponsorship.

Another benefit of Twitch is that freelance gaming can be done alongside our above two options. Which means they have the opportunity to make extra money online with these online jobs for gamers.

4. Video Game Tester Jobs

online jobs for gamers

What would be more satisfying jobs for video gamers than playing the game the whole day? Yes, this is what game tester does to make a living.

It may be the last step of the game life cycle before the launch. A game tester’s job is to play the game and identify bugs, flaws, and suggest things. All these feedbacks help a corporation make games more user-friendly and exciting. This job is one of the best online jobs for gamers they can seek in the industry.

But for this, one must be an experienced gamer to land this one. Game developing companies always look for individuals who have vast knowledge. How would one know that you have the required game skill until and unless you display the same?

It is where having a Channel or a gamers blog comes handy to score above all. When you look at the freelance online jobs for gamers, this is the most fun job among all other part-time work.

Entry Level Video Game Jobs With Companies That Hire Frequently

5. Video Game Designing Job

game programming online

One of those works where you have to start everything from scratch. From developing the primary game concept, characters, and feature of games. It all starts here before it takes shape into a good concept. Depending on the size of company, there is no argument how much do game developers make a year. These guys are some of the highest paid workers in gaming industry!

Later working alongside programmers, animators, and designers to give the structure to a game. This one is one of the best jobs for video gamers with some handsome pay. To apply for such jobs for game developers, one must have a bachelor’s degree in programming or equivalent.

6. Game Animator Jobs

game animator job

Another of the jobs for gamers that involve much fun is animator or multimedia artist. They generally are the ones behind the look and feel of characters we see in games. This job is to ensure that gamers get a seamless experience of gaming on their consoles. Plus, due to high competition, these gaming companies that are hiring never ends.

What do you need to get hired for this job? A bachelor’s degree in computer programming, graphics, or arts does help. Other experience in the gaming industry also helpful for this jobs for game animator with corporates.

7. Sound and Audio Jobs

gaming job as sound effect

The fantastic sounds on every critical moment that makes the ambiance a real-life experience. These peoples are responsible for creating and recording different sounds. Not only for characters but every single action inside the game. Imagine thousands of different sounds, music, or you listen when playing a game. These guys make it happen for you!

Final thoughts

If you love playing and want to make it a career, be it full time or part-time. The jobs mentioned above for gamers are a few of the most desired ones in the gaming industry.

What would be more beneficial for you to keep a day time job and start working on a channel or blog on gaming subjects? Trust, both of these freelancing work, are the best jobs for gamers that pay well for efforts in the long run.

You can also go through the post on real money games get paid in cash for online game lovers.

I hope you can plan and take up one of the top freelance jobs for gamers that are part of the above list!

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