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Spending time on social media is one of the sure things to do today. Its use has taken off in the last five years to the heights that most population with an excess to the internet knows about Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. With its rise, many job in social media is available with a flexible time for everyone. This is a great opportunity as jobs for college students and work from home mom who want to create a side income for them!

When I say job in social media, that is excluding the direct one created by many technology biggies. Though there are many jobs that you can do, a few things one should keep in mind before you start searching. Hiring and applying for a remote social media jobs is easy, but you need to be ready with the best practices that will help you land one.

This post is dedicated to some of the best and easiest freelance job in social media available for everyone. Remember, you are not the only one who wants these; there is fierce competition out there; hence you need to become a smart job searcher.

When it comes to applying online, your profile will play a key role in checking your credentials. In my experience, this is what an employer give a higher preference over your resume. Still, I am not saying that a resume is not important if there is a job that needs you to write a lot of things, so education does matter. Here are a few things which you need to check beforehand:

Job in social media – Profile and Application Must Have

job in social media

So, you know a lot about resume, cover letters, interviews, and all other things essential for basic job search. But, this is the time you get familiar with techniques that can help you to get on through online.

It becomes crucial as most of the companies are now screening candidate’s social profiles before hiring for work at home social media jobs. When it comes to qualification, there are few high pay job without college degree where other do need a higher qualification or relevant experience.

Here is what you can do to increase your chances for Jobs Through Social Media:

Clean SM profiles

Ok, if you are the one who takes the online presence seriously, this is something you are already doing. But, if you are not one of those, keeping your profile clean is something you should start with. Till now, using SM was fun, party pictures, weird articles, and political opinions were the thing you for the sake of likes and shares. Time for you now to be serious and remove such posts from all your account which could be considered offensive by many employers. A piece of good advice would be to keep a distance from liking or sharing such content.

Limit Your Presence

It is impossible not to be part of major SM sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, etc. 

What I have observed over the years is a race to create accounts on every platform, which became part of being cool. But, when it comes to a job for social media search, keep your presence limited, best would be a well-crafted profile on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. Among these, LinkedIn needs to be most active, followed by others, and stay on topics that are relevant to your interest, education, or current job.

Next comes the Instagram where your pictures can reflect a lot about you. If you are already Instagram famous amoung your friends, check you past shares for the content. Trust me, fewer the profiles, more chances of you to grab one of those job in social media that you are looking for.

Use Real Name

Using your real name is another tip that can help you take maximum advantage from SM sites. Though, picking a funky and cool usernames for Instagram and Twitter is what most people prefer. You need to use your real one for username as well as a nickname to keep your profile professional and help the employer find you through search. Moreover, the above need to be followed across platforms that you are using to make things easier.

Profile Image

Using a professional image for all profiles is another one that is easy to follow. Ensure that you use your latest photograph that is friendly and clear, especially for the LinkedIn profile. Just in case you have any doubt over the professional photo, you can visit any of the Twitter of Instagram influencers and get any ideas about what needs to be done. Pay special attention to the choice of attire, pose, and facial expression!

Share your SM profiles

Now that you know you have a great profile, which consists of all the essential things that an employer must know. Whenever applying for a freelance job for social media online or offline, mention all your accounts or include them in your resume. Another great way is to connect all your accounts, which will help anyone to identify your profiles quickly.

Always use the proper channel i.e., portal or email, to communicate with the employer and not message on SM.

What Are Top Remote social media jobs?

remote social media jobs

Social Media Manager

The job description social media manager is generally with some previous experience in the same or equalling position. They hold the overall responsibility of developing and managing strategies for popular sites like YouTube growth, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. 

Fresh content writing, which engages the brand’s audience, tracking, and help grow followers with tools like social stim instagram are some of the other requirements as per the job description social media manager. Also, one must be aware of researching trends, interacting with brand followers, and creating an advertisement.

People with a background in advertising and marketing tend to find these work at home social media jobs much easier. However, if you have relevant experience in the same space, you are the right candidate for employers. Generally, this job in social media can fetch you a salary near $50,000 a year, depending on the experience of the candidate.

Social Media Scheduler

Compared to the first option, this one is a low-stress job as they are mainly engaged in scheduling engaging content produced by them. However, this doesn’t mean that there would be no analytical work to do. Whatever is scheduled for the brand needs to be analyzed in terms of engagement, updates, and overall attraction that the content got.

This job in social media is quite in demand not only from the big corporates but small-time bloggers and entrepreneurs too. There is a higher chance that you can get this as a remote social media jobs. One of the best parts about this is that you can handle multiple clients as most of the tasks can be done in a single sitting, which is the hardest part.

The rest of the analysis can be done either or a weekly or bi-weekly basis, including presenting the report to clients. Pay with this job for social media can get $10-$15 per hour, depending on the amount of work as well as the client’s country. You can well get a better rate if you can sample your previous work and successful projects that reflect the quality which everyone is eager to take.

Pinterest Accounts Manager

It is focused explicitly on Pinterest!

There is no doubt about Pinterest being one of the shining stars in recent times among networking sites. It is a prevalent amount of small and medium companies with limited marketing budget but looking to reach a higher number of audiences for their products. Because of the same reason, there are many job for social media opportunities for you to look related to the Pinterest.

This job for social media seeker must be aware of creating visual content with graphics, organizing boards, and using other tools to market a brand or business. Scheduling pins and using analytics for research are some other work of these remote social media jobs related to Pinterest. In my opinion, Pinterest is one of the easiest of the platform to operate, and if you have not aware of its feature, time to know more about it!

If you can master this social media platform, you can easily make $10-$20 by using Pinterest for businesses. However, the pay is quite a dependence on the amount of work that you have to do. Many small companies or blog owners only want someone to create viral pins and to schedule them; in this case, pay will be quite low.

It is the overall management of a Pinterest business that fetch the highest pay. It is one of the job for social media without any higher education backup. Also, if you can learn the tricks of Pinterest, you can take this as a part-time weekend job for yourself too!

Social Media Consultant

If you possess all of the above skills, you can start doing the job for social media as a consultant. This consists of managing other people’s accounts on different platforms, including consultation, of improving the reach, engagement, gaining followers, and conversions.

With the growth, every professional, small or medium business owner is looking to improve their SM presence. Hence, this is a job that is in high demand for now, and you can take advantage of your skills and offer your services.

When it comes to the payment for this work, it varies client to client and amount of consultation to be put on the table. If you want to make some good money from this, I advise you to start a niche blog or website displaying your work, project, and thoughts about online marketing.

Support Associate/Coordinator

This qualify best as a remote social media jobs available through a company with either office-based or remote location. The basic job description social media coordinator is to keep track of the company’s brand image online on different sites and prepare the analysis based on feedbacks or trends.

Scanning a lot of brand posts or competitor’s accounts and provide feedback to the employer. They play a substantial role in helping the company’s customer service and keeping a positive presence. As the reputation of the brand plays a good position in developing business, these work at home social media jobs are coming up with more and more opportunities for beginners. According to the requirement, there are different job description social media coordinator out there, hence do read all details thoroughly!

Where To Find work at home social media jobs?

work at home social media jobs

There are many places that you can search for your ideal job online, but below-listed places are some of the top choices. You can find your dream remote social media jobs without much of an effort with keeping in mind all of the above tips.

Freelance Websites

When it comes to finding quick freelancing websites like Fiverr, first comes in mind. You can get their registered for free and post details about services that you can offer to clients with a fixed rate. The good news is that you can post this to as many websites as you want, trust me, there are many good ones out there.

Job Sites

The easiest way to grab freelance job for social media is through job sites where you can upload your resume to reach a higher number of recruiters. However, the drawback of these websites is that you cannot contact the job poster directly and have to wait till you get a call or email from the recruiter. 


Online forums are a great way to know about two things, first, latest trends, and second, peoples hiring for a freelance job for social media for their businesses. There are a lot of these online, with some with the reach of millions of freelancers and business owners. You can get registered with them by searching and start posting your thoughts, plus keep checking to open for a job in social media.

Social Media

A lot of companies now rely on searching a candidate online for their upcoming and existing projects. Job in social media searches has a new dimension with the rise of sites like LinkedIn, which is used by many professionals to find employment. You, too, can subscribe to your favorite companies to get the latest updates for new opening with them.

Final words

With the above, you can get yourself ready to apply for a new job for social media through search using best practices and top places to look for. Generally, one should give more focus on raising their skills before looking out for a suitable career. 

Just in case you do not find any work, I always suggest peoples to start working for themselves by starting a blog or learning tricks of social networking sites. Social media sites are a great way to earn money that even kids makes money online through them, hence keep that in back of your mind.

Become part of online forums where experts share their knowledge with everyone and keep looking for your ideal job for social media!

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