How To Make Money Online Without Investment and FREE!

If you are one of those guys who want to build some business without spending. This is the right kind of article where you will learn how to make money online without investment.

But, one who would like to spare a few dollars and time on a weekly basis will also make something out of this. There are countless ways you can work online to build a business that delivers what you want.

It is important to understand that by paying a small amount of money as an investment, you can speed up the process. Still, if you choose not to pay anything, progress would be slow but I am sure you will reach your financial goal.

The best part about these methods is that most of them are connected to each other in many ways. All you have to do is to start with one option and fit the others at the right time into the first one.

So, let’s see your options To make money online with Zero investment.

Two types of people who ask free money questions are:

One who either doesn’t have money or Second doesn’t want to spare even a dollar and can I earn money without investment?

With the guide, doesn’t matter which category you fall into, but let me put some words of caution here. Once you start working on this, any time you will feel that things are not working as per your wish. You need to start focusing more on your goal. But, you have no other choice but to bear with it and wait for things to fall into place.

I know many of you would think of leaving this method and start looking for another one. Stats says, no matter which method you adopt to make money online without investment, time is the key. Be ready to put in at least 10 hrs a week for these to see some good results. For those who do not even ready to put time for free money, there won’t be any options.

If you understand and agree…Read on!

1 – Earn Money With Google For Free

make money on google FREE

Google has given us many free services which we use on a daily basis. Many of services without which life may not look the same are also free.

Free services like Google search, Gmail, Google news, and Android OS to name a few. But then there are other free services that not everyone takes advantage of. Few people know how to earn online with google free services without spending a penny.

Blogspot and AdSense are two such services that help many peoples generate income. There are many other typing methods like transcripton work websites, but blogging is definitely a legit one.

Blogspot is a free blog platform where you can start your free blog. AdSense helps you to display ads on your blog to make money online without investment. When combined together, this gives you an opportunity to turn writing into a business. Understand how to earn money from google without investment FREE

In this free earning method online, we will create a blog and start writing articles. Here your writing skills may come in handy. If your content writing skills are good, you have a chance to get success faster than others. If you are looking for how to make money online without investment for students, this may be a good option to give a try.

Steps To online money making without investment With Google

  • Choose your topic to blog about
  • Start your free blog on
  • Write 10 articles of at least 1000 words
  • Apply for AdSense through BlogSpot
  • Send traffic to your blog through your social media accounts
  • Start your journey to online money making without investment through advertisements display.

Remember there are two types of income with AdSense.

One, per thousand views (low) second per click action (higher). Keep adding more articles on your blog for example 2-3 per week. Continue adding articles on your blog to start getting organic google search traffic, the more the traffic to your blog the more chances to earn. A great online business idea for women to take as part time work from home.

This is how to online money making without investment by typing on your own blog. Plus, this is what 50% blog can achieve, keep reading all points to check the other 50% sources.

2 – Make Money without investment With SOCIAL MEDIA

Make Money Without Investment With SOCIAL MEDIA

Social media is another medium you can look at for generating free money online. The number of users on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter also gives ample earning opportunities.

For those who already have SM accounts and want to grow them with automation, here is a $102 tool that can help you. In other cases those who want to know how to online money making without investment through mobile? Here is how you can use these jobs in social media:


You must already be having a Facebook account, time to create a Page and Group on your favorite topic. Ask your friends to like your new page so that your page starts generating a social signal to rank higher. Your job is now to search for viral clips and images from the Internet relevant to your subject.


If you are good at creating short informative videos, you will do much better with this method. Once you have 40-50 videos and images with you, start posting them to your page or group. You must consider posting at least 3-4 posts each day for the next 10 days.

Between, search for more clips and images so that you can continue for at least a month. If you can spend time on this for the next few months you will make good progress. This will help your page to generate enough social signals to rank high. When you see that there are daily thousands of engagements on your page. Your time to make money online without investment in social media starts.


Like Facebook, create your profile on this social networking site. Keep the engagements going with famous profiles or on relevant subject one. This is what you have to do daily for the next few months:

  • Post images relevant to your topic
  • Follow-30-40 new peoples each day
  • Like 30-40 new post from different profiles
  • Comment on 10-15 different profiles
  • If you are Instagram famous, you can start this process without the above.

Once your following reaches 1000 or more, you need to find the best method to earn. If you have some money to speed up the process. Want to spend small money? Enroll in this paid Instagram monetization method that helps peoples generate over $750 a month. Do not forget to keep the engagement going on your profile with the above tips. The motive is to keep your following increasing month after month.

See, this is how everyone including kids makes money online without investment from a social networking site.


Twitter is another platform that can help you earn money. You need to create an account, grow following and keep the engagement going. Reaching to 4000-5000 following is not difficult, here is how:

  • Post relevant articles and news daily
  • Follow-50-100 new profiles each day
  • Like 30-40 new post from different profiles
  • Comment and engage with relevant threads
  • Keep an eye on Twitter trending topics to take advantage

Upon reaching the desired number start your money earning activities on Twitter. Here I wrote about top methods of Twitter monetization with pay per tweet and sponsorship. This is a very popular method to online money making without investment for students.

3 – Make Money without investment with Survey Sites

Make Money Without Investment With Survey Sites

Survey sites are another great method for easy money. The only problem is that you need to know which sites provide regular work. In case you want to try websites that are legit but charge for registration. Here is one for a $1 trial if you like, you can take the full package. The advantage with them is that they give you step by step guide to help generate money with surveys.

For free method, here is what you have to do:

Remember, many sites only hire people from specific geographical locations. This is the cons of looking to make money online without investment.

If this is the case, move on to the other site for registration.

4 – Make money online without investment : Mobile Apps

no money earning with app

There are millions of apps in the market which we use on a daily basis.
But, have you ever thought about how to make money online without paying anything with free apps?

This is how it works:

  • You download the app (or visit sites in few cases)
  • Register your mobile number and other necessary details
  • Choose what music you like (or what your interest are)
  • You will get notification about new opportunity to list or watch video
  • Once you are through, you will get paid to watch youTube videos or listening to songs, advertisements, etc.

How easy is that!

Wondering I have not given the list yet!

Here is the list of top listen and earn sites that help you to make money with Android and iPhone app online without money on a daily basis

5 – Affiliate marketing is Free too

no investment money making

Remember, I told you about 50% of the remaining blogging income?

This is where you can make the other 50% with your blog which must have started to generate traffic now. Go to sites like Clickbank and apply for their membership for free, yes it is totally free to register. Select an affiliate product that you think is relevant to the topic you write about. Trust me, this is one of freelancing high-paying jobs without a degree.

Once you get your affiliate link, you have two options to use:

1 – Write an article about the product review
2 – Take a banner from the vendor and place that on your blog.

Earlier, I gave you the suggestion to create and build your following on social sites. You can use to post the link of this article on social networks to drive traffic. Each time site visitor buys the product through your link on the blog. You will make a commission range between 40-75% of total product sales.

Though not easy to make anyone click on your link and buy the product. But you have the free option to make money online without investment, though a bit of time-consuming. Read my affiliate marketing guide to go ahead with this lucrative online method.

For moms looking to earn money without investment from their home, this is a good method to take up.

6 – Freelancing Is Zero Investement

zero investment earning online

Freelancing is another method that peoples adopt to generate a free online side income.

With this, you can online money-making without investment by typing for others. If you can write your blog post, you can also write for others and people are ready to pay for the same. Many are depending on these sites due to bad writing skills. Here, you can take advantage of this situation by offering your writing services. Go and register yourself with these good freelancing sites for free. These sites charge only when you will receive an order as a commission.

Here is a complete article to start your free freelancing career with a websites list. There is a good scope to make money online for free and easy with freelance typing work. For those who have good writing skills and ready to spend some money. Check this paid typing jobs site with a 7-day trail to make upto $3000 every month.

7 – YouTube helps make money online without investment!

make money on youtube for free

Yes, YouTube is the most legit way to make millions online free today. If you think that it’s tough work to create video due to communication skills.

Look at the kids who make millions on YouTube, take some inspiration, and start your own uploads. The basic channel creation is simple and easy, growing it to the next level is tough. As you already have your social network account up and running, take advantage of them. Start promoting your video on social networks and blogs that you have created.

Remember, it will only give results if all the topics are relevant to each other. Go through my guide to YouTube channel creation and growing it will free strategies.

Still shy of the camera? Got a few dollars??

Check this out…A paid program that helps you earn money on YouTube without creating videos.

Final words

These are some of the best make money online without investment ideas that you can start working on. My suggestion is to start with the blogging part.


Because it will build a solid base for all things like affiliate marketing. Plus, you can use your social networks to send traffic to your blog to generate absolutely free money with ads display. So here is the final strategy you may like to adopt:

  • Create your free blog
  • Create your social network (same name as your blog)
  • Add articles on the blog
  • Apply for AdSense
  • Promote free blog with SM
  • Start with affiliate links
  • Keep building articles and SM following
  • Wait for the free money start flowing

Also, remember the points which I mentioned at the start of this article. You have to wait for the right time when trying online money-making without investment through these methods. Start scheduling your input time that you think is required to put into this effort. Almost all of these free methods by typing on your blog, social media, etc.

There will be time during the process when you will think of scrapping these free methods. You need to stay on track…though there is no sure limit, the right time will definitely come.

In case you are in doubt about who can start with these methods. These methods can make money online without investment for students, moms at home, and office-going professionals equally.

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