How To Make Money Fast As A Kid – 15 Ideas Worth Trying!

How To Make Fast Money As A Kid

Tell me a single person on this planet who doesn’t want to earn. Forget about we adults, and even small children wish to know how to make money fast as a kid?

The world moves at a fast pace, and many do not want to wait for their education to get over. When you see around, you will find many examples of the little one with their businesses and earning ideas. Nowadays even schools going 13 years old are searching for ideas to make money from home. 

I definitely won’t blame them as time has changed!

Gone are the days when one had to go through school, join and save in college, and pay hefty fees of professional courses. All this to get a suitable job that can make them a handsome salary. Keeping the truth in mind, I am writing this post to find the best ways to make money as a kid. 

The complete list is in two parts:

  • How can kids make money Offline
  • How can kids make money Online

Before I start, some words of caution!

  • They need to keep their parents in full view of jobs that they will perform. 
  • Do some research before proceeding while taking help and guidance of their parents 
  • Take the advice of parents when finalizing whether it’s safe to perform.

Easy Ways For Kids To Make Money Near Home

easy way to make money for a kid

The best thing about entrepreneurship is that it does not see if you are a 12-year-old or a retiree. Though time has changed, few rules are the same as they use to decades ago.

First, money gives equal opportunities to all, and It’s an individual who has to step forward, identify, and grab the opportunity. Second, start small, scale it, and then take the big leap.

Today there are 100 ways for kids to make money, only if they are ready to step forward and start their entrepreneurial journey.

Let’s start our list:

Start lawn care Service

One of the how to make money at home with a little Investment. 

Everyone has a lawn at their backyard, and if you are helping your parents to clean your lawn, it is a cakewalk. All the necessary equipment required for this is already in your yard.

The only thing that you have to take care of is the commuting part if the job is at a distance from your home. I am sure you will find out the cheapest way to get out of this situation. PRO tip: The lawn care industry is worth $77 billion alone in North America…My advice is to start taking monthly contracts to scale it later.

Dog walker

If you love pets, this is another idea how to make fast money as a kid and one you might already be doing at home. The pet care industry is around a billion-dollar a year, and pet owners are spending a massive amount on their pets, especially dogs.

Yes, they have money but not time to give their dog a pleasant walk. With this situation comes an opportunity that offers ideas to make money. All pet-friendly kids can start this at any time. Go around the neighborhood to identify pet owners and their needs. Make an offer for your services with a price tag to owners.

Renting your stuff

Tell me if I am wrong here? Real estate rental income is one of the most desired passive income stream one dream of. 

How to make money fast as a kid? Go and take a dip into this evergreen rental niche, with a small twist according to your age, and it can become a success. 

Above has all the potential ideas to earn. Everyone has some excess stuff that others do not have or, in few cases, can’t effort. Make a list of such things and analyze what other kids might need for a short period. Another list with your friend’s name who would love to rent your listed stuff for a price. 

Once both are ready, start contacting your friends to see if they want any item on rent. 

Start a Yard Club

Take the initiative and start a local kids club for your neighborhood. Another opportunity to learn skills which might help them in the future. Who knows you may become an event planner and organizer in the future? 

You can start this without any investment or very little cash that you can loan from your parents. You can choose to make a schedule that fits within your yard and of pieces of stuff you already have. For example, organizing yard playing activities or singing day. 

Think about neighboring kids and how you can attract them to take the membership of your club. 

Garage Sale/Sell unused stuff

Check and find the remaining stuff that you have in your house. Don’t tell me you can’t find anything! 

There is always something, somewhere hidden in our house or, ask your parents for items which are not used for ages…or as a family you don’t need them anymore. Unused pieces of stuff can be of any nature, e.g., toys, books, cards, clothes, etc…. and then there is always someone who wants to own those.

First thin, make a list and show that to your friends and tell them they are for sale. 

Out of used stuff?

Look for garage sales within your neighborhood, go and buy stuff that you think you can sell. It is one of those easy ways for kids to make money that has some nice profit in it.

Shoe Shine

There are three times the leather shoes in this world than humans…..Lol, I made this up now! 

But in reality, almost every household has at least a couple of leather shoe pairs. The best part about this is that work is daily. 

Another easy way how to make fast money as a kid, if only you are not afraid to get your hand dirty! 

Total investment in this business might not cross $20, which you can loan from your parents. Remember, this is a time-consuming how to make money as a kid but may need commuting through your cycle. 

Not the top one, but some how to make money fast as a kid near their home. 

Grow Plants

If your mom doesn’t mind cleaning your clothes daily, here is a job for you. Planting for neighbor’s can make some decent money for you.

It is an evergreen repetitive work as most houses do have a small part of the land, which many have already converted to a garden. The problem starts with a short of time due to the busy schedule of working couples. So If you were thinking of how to make fast money as a kid, this is something you can have a look. 

Go, check with your neighbors, and offer them your services. Many will say no due to their contract with the professional organization. 

Then, others don’t mind handing over their garden to a kid. Not those of how to make money as a kid, but if you can spare time, give this job a try. 

Lawn Fertilizing

Do not get confused between planting with fertilizing, remember, many of the neighbors you approached denied planting earlier? 

Here is an opportunity for you to earn a value addition from your side. Plus, you can use this as a back-up plan. Generally, most of the planting companies visit weekly for the plant’s maintenance. Between two, there is a scope of doing the value addition of plant fertilizing.


Neighbors who denied planting jobs earlier can be approached with the option of fertilizing only. Not only will this be another way for kids to make money, but you can also develop negotiation and marketing skills. 

Deliver groceries

Today a consumer wants to save time, money, and efforts.

Service providers and manufacturers know this very well. They are hence giving door to door delivery to attract more customers. The trend of online shopping and next day delivery is rising due to consumer behavior.

But, local businesses find it challenging to compete with a large organization. These open other ways for kids to make money by offering delivery for the local store at a minimal price.


Approach your neighbors for the home delivery of their groceries from local shops. They would love to take such services as they will save gas and you can charge money from them. Act smart here and cash in the scope of double charge both from neighbor and shop owner. Delivery service companies that operate apps are considered best jobs for college students or one who want to generate side income on weekend.

Sell Homemade Drinks

Selling lemonade or another homemade drink is another perfect way. Mom is the best chef when it’s come to home-cooked food and drinks preparation. Take advantage of your mom’s skills and sell drinks to your neighbor.

I hope you have heard many good stories of big corporates started from home recipes. Who knows… The next entrepreneur is closer than your imagination!

Pro Tip: How to make fast money as a kid with this idea? Put your stand near parks. 

Why? Because peoples who came for a walk or running need refreshing drink more than anyone else. End of the First list…Let’s move to the second list. Above are some of the best ways near the house and neighborhood. 

Note to Parents: Remember, there are more than 100 ways how can kids make money online that they can perform to earn and learn all together. Yet, important is to help them pick one that they can peruse with a little help from your side. If one idea fails or they find it challenging to adapt, move on to the next one. Hence your role becomes critical if they feel demoralized in their first effort. 

Online Ways To Make Money for Kids: Tried and Tested Ideas!

ideas for kids to make money

Every home has an internet connection, and there is a flood of young ones making money online. YouTube is a good job in social media and a great way to share content that kids love. Not only kids as young as 12 are watching such content online, plus their parents to love to go after contents involving kids’ niche. Social media is a module which give an opportunnity as a high paying job without a college degree to everyone!

Before we start with our list, here are words of caution! 

If you are a kid, you are always accompanied by your parents during your online work session. For the parent, help your kid understand the pro and cons of the internet. Making a schedule to do research together with kids is a good idea.

YouTube Kid Content

Today, the number one choice for peoples who want name, fame, and money is YouTube. Not only content, but you can also money watching youtube with many money making apps.

I am sure you must have heard about Ryan Toys Review YouTube channel, who makes millions each year. Who helps him make videos? Of course, his parents. That is the reason I had mentioned a few times on the importance of parents. 

Encouragement them if they come with few ideas. Everyone, including mom, dad, sister, and brother, loves YouTube content, let it be a toy-related journey to learn dance, singing, or study-related. 

They need to find what interests them most, what they can create as a video to share online. Create something which is loved by the audience of your age or parents can get benefitted. Interesting content related to studies, toys, sports, and local places is right, keep it simple and straight to the point no show-off, please!

In case you need editing of your content, ask your parents to help you out. Learn how they do it and try to perform the task in the future. Once the channel has grown some audiences, look for ways to monetize your YouTube videos.

How to make fast money as a kid? Go, create some fantastic viral content for YouTube!

Start a website or blog

Like our first option, creating a blog is another how to earn at home. If you have excellent writing skills, you can share a lot of things online, which can inspire millions of other kids. 

For example: Start an online diary as a blog with some research on blogging niches. You can share your thoughts about school, study preparation, sports achievement, etc. 

When writing the content, try to be interesting enough that encourages others to share. Your parents and friends can help you to share your content on social media to drive traffic to your blog.

Though this may take time, the wait is worth it! 

Once traffic starts coming, you can monetize it with amazon or AdSense ads. It is another popular way peoples make money without investment online with . Take this as an opportunity and learn how to make fast money as a kid online through blogging. 

Create Memes

Got funny bone? Create meme and post on social media. 

Memes on current affairs and real-life situations generate a lot of attraction if it goes viral and relevant to the current issues or real-life situations. There are hundreds of sites out there who run on the meme only. If you have no access to the internet, start creating memes and upload them of social media. Learn how to use Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest to promote your content for free.

Request your parents to share your mems in case you do not have access to the internet on desktop or mobile. Kids have more chances to get success with meme creation than YouTube or blogging. 

Though not the greatest but an how-to earn, a few viral memes and you are up to something. A suggestion would be to ask your parents to create and monetize a Facebook page or build a blog where you can share your work. 

Once your get famous on Instagram, Facebook or blogging it is easy to monetize if your memes can generate traffic. Forget about kids, here are some high paying jobs without a degree that parents can work one!

Sell Online

Buying pieces of stuff from garage sales and selling them online is another of the ideas for kids to make money. For sure, you need help from your parents, but it’s not complicated. Look for the advertisements in your local newspapers for garage sales, go there and buy the used item which you consider you can sell. 

For sure, you need to take a small loan from your parents for this, but you can also buy things as per your pocket money. Start collecting items that you purchased from the sale and sell them by adding profit online. 

You can also look for items within your house that are useless for your family to sell on eBay. Do not think much about how to make money as a kid from this method. There are many other sites like eBay or even buy and sell apps that you can try. This is a tried and tested how to make fast money as a kid online for many years. 


Many kid’s movies are releasing every year in cinemas. Plus, you have cartoon channels filled with many series. Reviewing these can become an excellent job for kids. You need a space to put-up your reviews where a blog or social networking page can come in handy. Don’t want to limit yourself to cartoons? 

Look around, and there are so many things that you can review. That is how to make money fast as a kid from home by giving an opinion. 


All the listed jobs that make money for kids are one which is already accomplished by many. Remember, there is so many as a kid at home and offline. 

The only thing that stops kids from being future entrepreneurs is anxiety to start. Plan to fail was and is the strategy for many well-known kids before they become successful. If other cerate doubt in your mind that earn online as a 13-year-old? Tell them to go and watch Ryan Toys Review on YouTube to see the proof 

The above list has many ideas to start with, and If you have gone through the list, you must have noticed two things. One, many are kid ideas. Second, few good options that help start as a small-time work and scale it to serious business in the future. 

The choice is yours as a kid, what you want to do in the future? To get a nine-to-five job or find ideas on how to make money fast as a kid and keep working on it!

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