Business Ideas For Women Online and Offline From Home

business ideas for women

Females today are driving not only homes but are in leading corporate jobs. The one who is housewives now, is still think about good easy business ideas for women that they can follow.

Many a time keeping their family first women leave their jobs behind. But the urge of doing something with their talent never ends.

If as a housewife you can spare time from your busy schedule. I could not agree more you starting a with low investment, I am writing this article to keep in mind, the time, investment and need to work on a women business ideas from home.

Before we move further, some common questions that you need to ask yourself.

  • What are your passions as a housewife?
  • How can you take advantage of your education and qualification?
  • What is best for a housewife to keep the balance between family and work?
  • Do you already have a list of women business ideas in your mind?
  • What you prefer? home based or online ?
  • How much investment you can do to take quick?
  • How much time you can dedicate once you put your foot forward?

I am sure you will have your honest answers for all the above questions with you.

See, these questions are not to raise any doubt on your talent. But to ensure that you are ready for challenges which you may face later. One more thing, there is no guarantee that you will make your desired monthly money from these.

But, again they are worth a try!

If you will follow your passion while keeping in mind the rewards these can bring. I am sure you will end up making some extra money for your family. If you think there are too many questions above for your brainstorming.

Here is why!

There are two opposite methods that you can try, one is online and second is offline. What is the difference? The planning part is a bit different in both the ways, though few identical strategies.

We will share both options for you and it’s your choice which one you want to go ahead with.

First, let’s Begin with online Women business ideas

women make money from home

Start a Blog

Yes, you heard it right!

Blogging is the number one online business ideas for women at home. Which can be done with a few quick implementations. The best part about blogging is that it opens so many other money-making options for you.

Budget required : $20

If you do not believe that you can take this online with $20, have a look at this blog. All I had was $20 to begin and it is making me $300-$500 from last 3 months. The best part, it’s a Google free blogging platform Blogspot and monetized with AdSense.

The plan is simple: Start a blog at

Choose if you want to stay at BlogSpot domain like Or, You want a custom domain like

The custom domain comes in less than $20 which you can take from Google only. Once your domain and blog are set up, search for free themes on Google, install anyone that you find suitable for your blog.

Note: create social media pages for your blog with the same name if possible. This is important, I will share more on this later in the article.

Time to add articles to your blog.

From the begining, plan to write about your favorite niche. Here is how you can find a niche for your blog for free, in case you find it difficult. Once done, add 10-15 articles on your niche to your blog, do not post them at one go but maintain a schedule.

Like, 2-3 a week or more if you can write more blog posts.

Note: after 10 blog post, apply for AdSense its free with Blogspot blogs.

Though approval takes time, with BlogSpot it is super-fast. Ideal words per articles are though 2300, you can start with words near 1000 for each of your article. As a newbie, right now you don’t have to think of anything else except adding more and more content to your blog. With time, Google will catch and rank your article for keywords. With that, you will see traffic coming your way.

Ok, you have done it all!

But how come this is a home based Women business ideas?

The answer is, by keeping a tab on the earning part within your blog panel. With AdSense, you can make money with ad display and clicks.

These ideas for ladies are running for many known faces in blogging spear. Some of them make over $10000 per month with this. Do not expect that you too will make earning from this, it takes time. Plus, ladies who make thousands of dollars are doing this from at least a year or more.

Without doubt, this is the most successful home based women businesses ideas available today without any investment

Please read these guide for further learning:

Social Media : An Easy Women business

online business ideas for women

Everyone uses one or other social networking sites for personal use. Time to make some money out of these networking sites.

Top choices for you would be Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter which all free to register.

What would you want more where there is no investment? The only problem is, you need the followers!

Indeed, that’s the most difficult task second to creating eyecatching content. If you already have some following on social networking, your task is easy, a little bit. Following on social networking sites can help you, condition your followers are relevant to a specific niche. For example, look at the people who become famous on Instagram and their earning from sponsorships. Indeed some good amount of money they make on passive!

If you do not have followers, start adding more by following simple steps:

  • Follow other accounts,
  • Engaging with threads
  • Commenting and Liking
  • Uploading viral content or content that attracts more engagements.
  • Once you have followers on your accounts you can earn with:
    • Affiliate marketing
    • Shoutouts
    • Sending traffic to your blog (the one you created earlier)

This process of money-making may take time as it’s hard to build following on social networking sites. Still, one of the free and successful home business ideas for housewives tried by other women.

Here are few post that may interest you:

Video sharing sites : another Women business Ideas

If you have already listed down the passions you have (I asked the same at the beginning), now is the time to go in front of a camera for video sharing sites. Trust me, this is so easy that this is used to make fast money as a kids also!

Pick the best one that you can create continuous video content about. Go to YouTube and build your channel for the content uploading. Videos that solve the problems or provide solutions have better chances of success. In case you find it difficult to get views, use your social networks to promote YouTube.

Upon gaining subscribers with engagements on your channel. You can use the following methods to earn money with this online business idea for women with YT:

  • AdSense ads on videos
  • Promote Affiliate Products
  • Get sponsorship for your videos
  • Send traffic to your blog (To earn from ads display)

Read more on YouTube monetization option available for you and YouTube growth tips.

Freelancing – Simplest of business ideas for housewives

If you are already well versed with all the above methods, but a bit confused.

Go ahead and choose to freelance!

This is the best online business ideas for women from the comfort of their home. Write articles for other peoples to make $5-$10 per 500 words.

Manage social media accounts for $30-$40 per hour (you need to be well versed in running ads). Work as a voice-over artist for $50 per 5 minutes video. Promote others through your social networks following with $5-$10 per sponsorship post. These are a few good business ideas for housewives and girls who can spare some time daily.

Here is the complete list of sites which provides freelancing work.

Though there are a lot of options for you, start with the best of them:

If you find any other from the list which you prefer, the choice is always yours. Those with good writing and social media management capabilities. This can become a high paying online business ideas for women!

Amazon Is another successful Offline business ideas For Womens

With Amazon, there are two different types of earning streams. One is FBA and second is the Associate’s program.

As we are sharing only online ideas, hence will brief about associates program only. Another one I will brief in offline business ideas. The base for working on this is already built when you started blogging. So are the social networking account with following.

Now you can try new things, like Amazon associates with the help of them.

Here you will apply with Amazon and upon approval, post the product links or ads on your blog. Every time visitor buy products clicking your blog link, you will make a commission.

Though not high rates but their commission rates vary from 1% – 10% on different product categories.

Let’s move to the offline business Ideas for Women sitting at home.

offline business ideas for women

Party planner

If you love parties, planning and people management, this one is for you. Plus, who has more time management and planning skills than full-time homemaker ladies?

The business of party planning is not tough, but do need a lot of time in follow-up.

You can choose to either do it full fledge or work with the children party planner. There is a trend has started to outsource all the party activities for children’s function. A parent today do not have much time due to professional reasons or do not want to spend time. The planning and advisement at the local level first to check if this is a viable business for women.

Amazon FBA

This is the second way that multinational eCommerce company provides to everyone. In this module, you find a product, buy it, and sell on the Amazon site with your profit.

Trust me, peoples are making millions with FBA. All you have to do is find a product which already has demand in the market. Build your brand and packaging and start selling on Amazon. China is the favorite destination of FBA brands to outsource manufacturing.

All this is achievable without stepping out of your home. If done right, this is a high paying job without a degree or higher education!

Day-care business idea for women from home

For moms who love staying around their kids, this is a perfect opportunity. Though, you need to do a lot of changes at your home to open childcare.

But, it has a lot of benefits:

  • You stay at home with your children
  • Make the best use of your time
  • You generate revenue from what you already do, plus the number of kids.
  • You gain respect in society and become more socialized

Try enrolment in short courses related to the operation of a day-care business. This is very important before you start to analyze and go ahead. Also, study and understand all the regulation which requires for this business.

Financials figures too are good for this business. Normal charges are $30-$40 for average day-care facilities. It’s upon you to figure out the monthly numbers you can manage in your temporary facility.

Analyze how much money you want to make. Later, plan the number of children you need to enroll to reach your figure. This work was also featured in my another article about summertime jobs for teacher and how successful it can be.

Health attracts Wealth

Health-conscious peoples around me always come up with “health is wealth” statement.

I agree with them!

This opens the scope of offline business ideas for women who are into health. Peoples are spending thousands of dollars on club memberships, meals, and clothing.

You can provide them what they are looking for while saving them money. I am not asking you to start a club but consider Yoga as a medium to start at home.

Yoga practice is in boom all over the world. Each day, millions of peoples practicing this form to stay healthy.

Health clubs with yoga instructors charge hefty monthly fees ranging between $300-$500. Trained yoga instructors employed by these clubs too make a good share. You can start your yoga instructor job from your home if space allows you so.

For one who is already practicing yoga daily. Consider, joining a short yoga instructor course to gain further knowledge. Upon completion, you can charge anything between $50-$100 / month for teaching others. This business ideas for women can be started from your garage, backyard or even public parks.

Additionally, you can invite peoples to practice yoga with you for free. Once peoples start knowing you in your locality. You have a chance to convert them into paid customers.

I am sure, peoples out there want to save money on their club membership by joining you.

Among all successful home business opportunities, this one has the double benefit of “health and wealth”.

If you can manage this well within your limits, you have a profitable ideas in your hand.

Catering Service – For the love of Food

Ladies are the best chef for the home cooked food in the world! This is not a compliment but my love for my mom who cooks most wonderful food. If you love cooking and are confident in cooking for a big number of peoples.

Catering is another offline business ideas for women that have the potential to scale up.

Start-up investment is the only question that becomes a hurdle to start this.

Got money? You can start this after studying and analyzing the scope.

No Money? Try to start with small events like children birthday parties etc.

Final words

There are many business ideas for housewives and stay at home moms. The only thing required is to step forward, select the one you are passionate about and start working.

Yes, putting your first step forward is the key here. Don’t become procrastinated that you will someday receive a godsend idea.

Unfortunately, there is no such thing!

Trust your heart, contribute ample time and start making a detailed plan. Plan to fail is still the best policy, no matter you want to start from home or get investment.

Maybe you will fail in your first attempt.

Start again with an analysis of previous failures, what went wrong, where were the errors, etc.

Do not let the ideas die which you thought was the best women business ideas. The entrepreneurial journey is not easy, concentrate and stay on track. There is no such thing like get quick success in life, everything needs time to nurture. So is the case with all these online and offline business ideas for women.

I hope you will find what you were looking for in the above article.

All the best in your entrepreneurial journey!

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