7 Best Online Transcription Jobs From Home Companies 2021

best freelance transcription jobs from home

One of the easiest of business available online today is online transcription jobs from home. Be it a housewife, full-time employment holders or even college students, anyone can start this.

Single mothers who are looking for earn from home opportunities can also apply for these jobs.

If you do not believe my analysis, you are free to search for “online transcription jobs”. I am sure you will get tons of feedback on how legit this job opportunity is.

Not only this is easy to do, this provides excellent side income to you.

When it comes to other part-time jobs like tutoring, there is always an exclusive English language barrier. With freelance transcription jobs, you can pick work in many foreign languages. Though, English language work is much easier to find.

One more advantage of freelance transcription jobs is no geographical limitation. You can pick to work from any location as most of these are remote transcription jobs.

In this article, I have collected the best transcription companies websites that provide remote work. But before you rush to check out the list, something very basic you need to know.

Most common question to ask before you search online transcription jobs.

best online transcription jobs

What is transcription and who are freelance transcriptionists?

Transcription, as you know, is typing out what you hear on an audio file or in some cases video files.

As a freelance transcriptionist, you may be provided an audio or video file, business meeting conversations, hearing of courts, lecture from colleges, etc.

Your job is to type the speech on text or word file for the client or any other software which employer deem fit.

Not all transcription jobs are full time employment through companies. Most of these jobs are freelance jobs or on contract basis.

Today most transcription companies provide work on their website. All you have to do is get registered on their website for get notified for work opportunities. Many times, these freelance transcription jobs are based on bidding also.

Another advantage of these jobs is flexibility to work for many transcription companies at once. Of course, you have to submit the project on time to all of these companies.

What skills do you need to be a transcriptionist?

There is a big number of transcriptionist workforce available in the market for companies.

The one with the following qualities will rank higher:

  • Good accurate typing for quality and error-free work.
  • Speed of typing to finish work on or before time.
  • Good concentration level for hearing audio files which many time are not good quality sound.

These are the basic requirement to become a good transcriptionist to grab freelance transcription jobs.

How much do freelance transcribers make?

So you have all the quality to become a good transcriptionist, but how much they make?

For general transcription work, average pay starts from $10 per hour. But, it also depends on organization policies. Experienced freelance transcriptionist can makes around $60 per hour from their jobs.

You can grab more and more work all depends on how long does it take you to transcribe one hour of audio.

With experience and reputation building with companies, you can increase your income many folds doing freelance transcription jobs.

One more thing…

If you want to make higher than $60 per hour, you have to move away from general transcription for sure.

The big money is in Medical Transcription and Legal transcription work. But, they need a higher education degree or certificates alongside the good experience.

How do I train to be a transcriptionist and gain experience?

how to become a transcriptionist

A suggestion would be to start working for a low wage for small companies for the experience.

In fact, many small companies provide online transcription jobs for beginners as they demand fewer rates for their work.

By this, you will get good transcription practice along with experience. You wil learn maintain speed, accuracy, errors correction, time management, etc.

But be aware, due to high competition, companies take advantage of starters. Hence it is always recommended to check the details of transcription companies before applying.

This will ensure that you are paid in full for all the work that you have done as per contracted rate.

Are there enough work from home transcription jobs?

Due to the rise in outsourcing the jobs to freelancers, there is enough jobs available.

If you are planning to work as a freelancer, you will find enough reputed online sites.

Even full-time employment providing company has also started giving preference to work from home employees.

But it depends again what kind of work you get or if the company want you to be on site. Otherwise, most companies in this market provide work from home transcription jobs.

If in doubt, check with the company you are applying for.

What equipment and tools are required for freelance transcription jobs?

As you would be operating as work from home as a freelance transcriptionist, a high-speed internet connection is the first thing. This is also required for downloading audio transcription or upload of the finished project.

A good laptop or desktop with all the necessary hardware and software, capable of operating any audio/video file. Another requirement is a good headset to hear the audio clear and loud.

If you want to concentrate more on your listening rather using hand for audio rewind or forward. Invest in a good foot pedal for foot control for doing a rewind, forward, stop or start.

Here is a list of best companies that provides transcription work from home.

best transcription jobs companies

I have tried to answer some of the most common questions which peoples ask about transcription work. I am sure you know have some basic information on how to become a transcriptionist and skills required.

There are few more of them which I will keep for a later update to this article.


If you are already aware of this job, I am sure you want to know about your options for job application.

Here are some of the well-known websites which provide online transcription jobs for beginners and experienced workers.

Note: Though I have tried to give best ideas about how much these transcription companies pay. Please do check the latest rates that they pay to freelance transcriptionists on their website. Also, as these are based in US, check their job posting page for your geographical eligibility.

3Play Media

A company started by the MIT graduates 3Play Media is one of the best transcription jobs provider.

3play media transcription work

You can access their contact job board and apply for transcript editor on their website. If you got selected, you do not have to worry about buying any transcript software.

They have their proprietary online software where contract worker can work. Hence all you need is a good computer and high-speed internet to work for them.

The best part is almost all of their contract works are remote transcription jobs. They pay between $10-$30 per audio hour based upon individuals skills and efficiency.

Allegis Transcription

With over 20+ years of experience in the transcription industry, Allegis transcription is one of the top company.

allegis transcription company

They have a large pool of clients with the frequent flow of contracts as their biggest clients are insurance sector giants. They always have opening for online transcription jobs for beginners and experienced workers.

Average contact transcriptionist salary is around $10-$15 per hour (Please do check the latest rates with them). You can apply for the freelance work from home transcription jobs through the job opening page.

Also, check their minimum hardware and software requirements for their contract workers.

Verbal Ink

If you are looking for the best transcription company to work for, Verbal Ink is one of them.

verbal ink work from home transcription jobs

Founded in 2003, they have some of the most prestigious organization as their clients.

Be it HBO, UCLA, Mayo hospital or KMPG, all these take services from Verbal Ink. They always have a job opening for online transcription jobs for beginners. But their recruitment and screening process is tough.

Not easy to bypass the process if you are not experienced in audio transcription jobs. Wages are $0.85 per audio minute i.e. $50 per audio hour which is quite high per industry standards.

Daily Transcription

Started in 2005 and provides multiple transcription services to their clients. They pay $0.75 -$1.10 per audio minute to their contract workers.

daily transcription jobs

Again, to become their transcriptionist you need to have an accuracy of at least 98% which is their standard. The same is mentioned over their website and they are proud of that.

Their other requirements are proficiency in the English language with 50 words per minute typing speed.

Another thing which they give preference is good listening capabilities to convert audio into text accurately.

GMR Transcription

Another great option for freelance transcription jobs seekers is GMR.. They are from 10+ years into this industry and offer many services to their client. Which includes the best services in translation and transcription services.

GMR transcription company

GMR transcription claims that their top transcriptionists earn $1000-$3000 monthly. What more, their website claim to give work to freelancers who agree to take at least 4 hours of audio every month.

The only condition they provide work to remote transcription jobs seekers is transcribing at least 2 audio hours previously. Only after that, you are eligible for paid work from them.

They are said to be one of the highest paymasters among all transcription companies.

Rev Transcription

They are San Francisco based organization dealing in transcription and translation work. Their top transcriptionist earns $200-$1500 every month.

rev transcription jobs

What makes them good for transcription jobs from home?

Their easy web platform including download and filing the claim for done jobs. They work on weekly payment cycle and you can get the payment through your PayPal account.


Another place to find online transcription jobs for beginners.

go transcript jobs

GoTranscript majorly hires an inexperienced worker for their transcription work. Though they are strict on their policies their experience transcriptionists make $1200-$1500 every month.

Final Thoughts…

Yes, transcription jobs are quite easy to do and anyone can start this profession.

However, basic requirement of good listening skills, accurate typing, and high-speed internet is required. I do not guarantee that you will get online transcription jobs in the above sites.

But, it is not difficult to get yourself registered with them and wait for their response.

This is a good job to earn money online on the side with your full-time job. Though, the wages are not lucrative, with experience you will come on stage to make $2000-3000 per month.

All the best for finding a online transcription jobs from home for you. I am sure you will find a suitable one to start working soon!

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