14 Best Summer Jobs For Teachers In 2021

Online teaching jobs for teachers

Summer vacations are around the corner, everybody including teachers will enjoy the free or less stressful time. Not all but many teachers plan to use this time with online summer time jobs for teachers from home. This is to earn a side income during free time and exploring new territories.

Again, with all due respect, I am no way saying that teacher’s salary is not good enough to run their family. But what is the harm in trying to earn money online for a holiday trip or buying a new car?

Then there are teachers who uses this summer time with many other activities, like:

  • Taking up new courses for teachers to enhance their skills
  • Learning new things
  • Vacation
  • Helping students to cover their courses and improve grades.

But, if you one of one of those interested in part time or summertime job for teachers, here I am writing about three relevant things:

  • Where to find online teaching jobs?
  • Summer jobs for teachers online.
  • Part time jobs for teachers after school.

You may be new to teaching or an experienced professional, there is always an opportunity accordingly. I hope that by this article I’m able to help you find a temporary or part time work of your choice.

Ps. These jobs are not only for working teacher but also good enough jobs for retired teachers.

Again, the choice is yours to use your time for summer jobs for teachers online or after school time.

Let’s start with places to find Summer jobs for Teachers Online

Summer Jobs For Teachers Online

Generally, every teacher who wants to try these online jobs has a few similar questions in their mind. How much money do online teachers make? And How can I become an online teacher?

Answers to both questions are in the listed websites. Though not the updated rates, you can check at the time of applying if there are any changes in wages.

VipKid Online Teaching

Vipkid is one of many online teaching sites based in China. This is a good place to find online teaching jobs in English. This site is providing US parallel education to kids in China. They pay $18-$22 to their online teachers based on qualification and experience. These all are home based online teaching jobs, plus they have paying student base of near 500,000.

Qkids English Teaching

Another online education company with a student base of 500,000 from China. Founded in 2015 this company is connecting teachers from the US and Canada to kids in China. These opportunities are for online summer jobs for teacher to take primary classes. Most of the students are aged between 5-12 for English education.

Which means these are also remote and you can apply from anywhere. Their base pay starts from $8 but has many other incentives to make it up to $20 per lesson.

Payments will be through bank transfers which are easy for teachers also. Plus, they take care of all the transfer fees if applicable.

Higheredjobs Teaching Job

This one is the leading source of jobs in academia. They have more than 5300 education institutes posting jobs on their site.

For sure teachers can find a job as per their experience level. While searching, do not forget to set the filter for remote teaching jobs. This will show only jobs that interest you.

Insidehighered Job Search

Insidehighered is a good source of information for higher education. Which also provides job search for students, faculty, and members.

Register yourself on their website and search the online teaching jobs.

Though they are not as big as any other job portal, you can still find exclusive educational jobs. Do not forget to set your filter on remote/online while searching.

Indeed or Other job Portals

Why this is here in our list?

Because Indeed is one of the biggest job search portals with jobs for teachers online besides million others.

Though, registering on the website may take some time you need to be a bit tech-savvy. Once you create a profile, searching remote teaching jobs may not take much of time. One search and all the relevant jobs are in front of your screen.

Finding a part time online teaching jobs from home with job portal is not difficult. Here is a short list of other jobs portals which may help you find part time jobs for teachers:

  • LinkedIn
  • Aileensoul
  • Glassdoor
  • Craigslist
  • Google for Jobs
  • CareerBuilder
  • Monster
  • SimplyHired
  • ZipRecruiter
  • CrediBLL

Here are some of the best summer side jobs for teachers that they can consider this summer. Even if you are an aspiring student or substitute teacher, anyone can start with these jobs.

Some More Part Time Teaching Jobs During Summertime

Part Time Teaching Jobs

Become a tutor

Not every student is sharp enough to get the desired grade in class. Many students look for putting extra efforts in to their subjects.

This is a great opportunity by offering your help and getting paid for tutoring students. During summer, teachers can take up tutoring jobs for students looking for improvement in their subjects.

Though, not big money but definitely worth giving a shot. Depends on subject teachers can charge anything between $30-$50 per hour.
Like above, you can find both online tutoring jobs as well as offline jobs. Also, consider the advantage of these tutoring jobs is its work from home nature.

As a rule, before going ahead with such a summer jobs for teachers, please check your institute’s policies.

Give sports coaching

If you are a physical education teacher and take care of any sports in your school. This is a perfect opportunity for you.

Start your summer coaching center for a sport that you admire. Plus, help youth train for developing skills for higher competition.

Sports is an evergreen phenomenon with enough scope of train local kids or students.

Creating a Lesson

What would be a better idea to convert all your experience into one lesson during summer vacation?

Use your time to create a lesson that will help children in their studies.

This can be a huge opportunity keeping aside the online teaching jobs that we shared earlier. Learn to build a website where you can put your lessons and advertise it free online with social media.

You can build this website as a membership site to make extra money from summer jobs for teachers online.

Resume writer

Not everyone has good writing skills. Teachers can take advantage of their writing skills and offer their services to write or build resumes.

Though not enough money with this job but have everything to convert this into a part time job.

Worry about clients? Do not worry, peoples are ready to shed some money on a perfect looking resume for job application.

City Tour Guide

Teachers use many methods for teaching children, one of them is outdoor learning. If you are known all about your city, becoming a city tour guide can bring handsome rewards.

This is one of the great alternative jobs for teachers to broaden their social circle.

Though you already know about the best hot spots in your city. Advice would be to polish the knowledge before starting with this.

Serve as a Lifeguard

Love water and be a saviour?

This is one fine and happening part time summer side jobs for teachers one can think of.

It is summertime, a flood of peoples toward swimming pools, water parks, and rafting locations. Keep an eye on the short term employment opportunities in these clubs and event creators.

There is always a need for well-spoken, caring and experienced management employee. What more, you get free access to water activities with this. This is one of the fun and best summer jobs for teachers

Standard wages are from $9 to $30 per hour for short term lifeguards.

Dog walker – Health and Money

Love pets? Here is something that can bring along some extra money in your pocket.

Become a dog walker for your friends, family, and neighbors this summer. You would love to hang out with these pets while shredding some weight of your belly. Do not worry about customers, they will jump into taking your services to save their time. Standard dog walker wages are $400 to $600 per month, depending on time.

This is one of the best side jobs for teachers that is what brings in both money and health.


If you are one of those teachers who do not want to be dependent on online teaching jobs. Here is something that might interest you if you love kids and want to help parents this summer.

Become a storyteller for kids in your locality who want to use their time.

Parents would love to bring in their children to this activity to keep kids away from mobile and TV sets.

You could be charging anything between $100-$200 for a month. Though this sounds low, what would you expect for 5 hrs a week work?

Best Side Jobs For Teachers : After School Options

Side Jobs For Teachers

All the above were part time summer jobs for teachers with somehow low paying jobs. It is bound to be, as they were temporary summertime job for teachers can do to use their time.

How to make some big money working part-time?

Compared to above all online teaching jobs, some of the below-mentioned part time jobs can make you rich!

Here are some jobs that bring enough money to quit your day job. But it is advisable to start these as part time jobs for teachers after school.

Start a Blog

This is a slow starter with a huge incentive if you continue to bring in what people want. Don’t want to spend money? You have many free options available to take blogging as a summer jobs for teachers.

Here are some of the free platforms for you:

  • Blogger.com
  • WordPress.com
  • Wix.com
  • Tumblr.com

You have enough of them to start writing a blog. Bloggers generate revenue through advertisement display, affiliate marketing and selling their courses.

How much they make? Many make a few hundred dollars a month, few make thousands and then pros who make a hundred thousand.

See, I told you it’s a slow starter, but it works! If you want, here are few of my short guides that will help you start:

You would fall in love once you start writing your blog.

Freelance writer

This is another one for those who love writing in their free time.

Thanks to the boom in freelancing websites, now you can find and take up these side jobs for teachers without much of a hassle.

These writing jobs are somehow relevant to teaching experience, with scope to earn money online with them. Looking for websites to find writing work? Here is a list of top freelancing websites to find work.

Create a video course or E-book

Above I have given one example for creating a lesson for kids during summertime. This is somewhat a more crafted and upgraded version of the same thing.

Put all your knowledge and experience in writing an E-book or video course that can help children. Write about learning maths easy ways or how to improve writing skills. Consider writing on sports training or how to increase student concentration level etc.

I mean, you have many options with you. All you have to do is on deciding the subject, research and bring the final products on table.

There is a never-ending demand for ‘how-to” subjects.

Worried about marketing or selling your course? Take help from a freelance specialist who guides and provide services to you. Visit any of freelancing site form above list and buy services of a experts.

Parent Counsellor

Not all parents able to handle their kids, hence looking for guidance for the betterment.

This is an opportunity to start parent counselling after school to help such parents. With the experience of handing kids at school, this can be a good side job for teachers.

Furthermore, parents are ready to spend a lot of money on such sessions and guidance. This part time side jobs for teachers after school will help both parents and their kids.

Network Marketing

Yes, I know this is not what is relevant to teaching. But think again, being a teacher, you are good at communication and convincing others.

This is all that it takes to become successful in network marketing. Mind it, this is one of the jobs that can bring fortune for you.

By the way, due to the high competition, it is not easy to make it from the start. Spend your weekend time to learn skills to become a successful network marketer.

What more, you already have a lot of links which is another thing necessary for networking. This side job for teachers has every potential to bring success.

Event Management

For the weekend or part time jobs for teachers after school, this is another option. Your experience of handing a healthy gathering of peoples can come handy here.

As not everyone is good at coordinating with different vendors for their events. Such peoples would love to only deal through a single window of an event planner. Yes, investment for starting the job required. Start with events like birthday parties, garage sales, weekend get-together, celebration parties, etc.

Subsequently, once you have the experience, you can scale this up for bigger events. For those who are looking for summer jobs for teachers, this is a good one.

Final Thoughts: jobs for teachers

I hope you will like above all jobs listed here in addition to your regular teaching job.

In conclusion, enough online teaching jobs from home and many summertime jobs for teachers after school are available. Only, if you are willing to put some time and want to make some extra cash with best side jobs for teachers.

No matter what you do this summer, do not let time pass while your laziness takes over. Finally, hope you will enjoy your summer, learn new things and grab the opportunities that you are looking for.

All the best to you to find a suitable summer jobs for teachers to utilize time and bring in some extra cash.

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