Best Job For College Students Online Without Investment

jobs for college students online without investment

Are you a student and want to use your free time to make side income? Here is the list of best online job for college students to start alongside their studies.

In most of below listed part-time jobs for college students, the basic need is of a laptop and internet connection. This is all that you need to start these side jobs and an easy fit into your roster of daily things.

Looking for a career after completing your studies has become an old age concept. Now students can start working online for some of the easiest work and can build these as a full-time career.

The best part about these jobs is the flexibility of timing and no geographical limitation. Many of the listed jobs don’t even require any initial investment to start. Additionally, these jobs for college students can help them pay their bills.

Everyone is looking for a side income but not everyone is aware of available options to achieve the same. In this article, I have tried to put in some of the best available options for students to start.

options of part time job for college students online:

1. Social Media Manager

There are many small-time organization who do not hire a full-time social media manager. Instead, they hire freelancers who can do the same job for them. The scope is consists of creating content, schedule posts to generate high engagements.

If as a student you are familiar with the social media accounts management, this is a perfect one for you. Not only this is a flexible and easy but among free online jobs for students without investment.

To start this, you can go to job boards and post your availability for the social media manager job. The other option is to go to freelance websites and register as a freelance job seeker.

Your social media accounts can also help you connect with individuals and small business organization. When it comes to setting your charges, an ideal amount is $15 to $40 or negotiable as per the term of requirement.

Social media manager jobs are indeed one of the high paying jobs without a degree!

2. Register as Online Tutor

I am sure you have done your schooling with flying grades and are on the same track in college. Here is an opportunity to teach students from the school who are looking for help in many subjects.

Online tutoring market generates billions of dollars each year with a focus on Asia. Many job sites offer to teach and pay a very good fee.

Another dimension of online tutoring jobs for college students is peer tutoring. If you will search online, you will find many who are always looking for help in their studies.

A great way to take advantage of your knowledge and strengths while helping others. Ideal online job for college students with no experience while making up to $25 per hour.

You can go through my articles featuring best websites to find online tutoring jobs for college students, work from home moms, and teachers.

3. Start Resume Writing

This is an easy online job for college students that got the potential to bring in quick cash. No count on the number of peoples graduating from college and seeking jobs. All they need is a good resume that explains the key points required for a job.

Plus, job seekers are looking for a change and want to polish their current resume to stand out from the crowd. With this, comes a good opportunity to look for contacts in your network and offer your services.

Here too, freelancing sites comes handy to find peoples who are looking for a new or polished resume.

4. Start a profitable niche blog

Students with good command over their writing skills have an amazing opportunity. Here is an online job for college students with future six figures potential.

Niche blogging is a proven part-time or full-time job which has built wealth for bloggers. For proof, you can look for top bloggers who make consistence six-figure every year with their blogs.

If you can invest a small amount for the domain name and hosting, I recommend starting this as soon as possible.

Choosing a niche for your blog become the most important aspect when you start blogging. Here is how to find a good blogging niche that becomes profitable for you.

But with niche blogging, how can college students make money online

Simple, from advertisement and affiliate marketing. Both of these options are good enough to make a side income for you. If you plan it right and I said it earlier, you can build a passive income job for yourself.

5. Work as a Freelance Writer

This is another part time job for college students online that need good writing skills. This job is flexible for those who want to work from home, work on their schedule and set their price.

The only issue with this job is that you might get the subjects that you are not well versed with. But, if you can learn the basics of research, put the time and can develop an on-topic content, you will do good.

Freelance writing can make some good money with by just writing the content for clients and delivering as per agreed schedule.

Where to find work?

First, check within your network through social media sites to find initial work. Freelancing websites are good to find an online job for students without registration fee.

Millions of prospects clients are members of these sites to get their job done. Which means your chances to land a freelance job increases.

You do not need to pay anything to these websites for registration. They will charge a small commission from your fees only and when you will get paid from clients for your job.

Although this is a good online jobs for students to earn money for their expenses, I recommend niche blogging over this.

6. Become a Virtual Recruiter

A virtual recruiter does basics HR work like posting jobs and finding suitable candidates. Later, conduct a preliminary interview and upon clearance negotiate salaries on the organization’s behalf.

Another of freelancing job to help the organization connect job prospects for an opening. LinkedIn makes this an easy online job for college students without investment.

Though the pay is high for the full-time recruiters, still with this part-time job you can make $20-$40 per hour. For finding virtual recruiter freelancing work, registering with freelancing websites increase hiring chances.

7. Design PowerPoint Presentation

This is another easy jobs for college students that they can make money off. Use of PowerPoint presentation is a common practice among students in college. Now is the time to use these skills to generate some good side income.

Freelancing sites offer PowerPoint presentation design services to individuals or organization through freelancers. Many public speakers and professional individual with lack of time hire freelancers to make their presentations.

Once you are hired for this job, you create a presentation as described by the client and charge according to your set price. You can expect from $10-$50 for a single presentation of 20 slides.

What you charge for your services is also depends on the skill level that you have. With below example, you can see that pro service providers charge up to $500 for their services.

college students join freelancing site for jobs

8. Virtual Assistant Jobs

With the rise of self-employed individuals, increasing the demand for a virtual assistant. A VA does basic jobs such as organizing calendars, fixing meeting and data entry work.

Experienced VA charges up to $50 per hour for their services. But, they provide advance services like research, social media account management, and website maintenance.

This is one of the best online job for college students where they can work for many clients simultaneously. Apart from earning money, you will also get the experience of professional work culture.

9. Become an online transcriptionist

This is for those who got good listening skills, access to high-speed internet and want to use their free time. Ideal online jobs for students to earn money and is in high demand, especially in the North American market.

Top transcription companies always look for a good freelance transcriptionist for General, Medical and Entertainment companies. This job consists of listening to audio or video file and convert them into text files with typing.

Though sounds like an easy job one must possess good listening and concentration skills to make it big.

Once you know how to be a good transcriptionist, you can expect a lot of repetitive work from companies. All this while you can continue giving the required time to your studies and get ready for the future.

But, this job does have a geographical limitation, hence I request you to check the respective websites for more details.

online jobs for students to earn money with a small investment.

10. Take online surveys

This is one of the easiest and favorite internet part time jobs from home for college students. Those who want to make quick money can opt for this job. Though do not expect much money from this, still you can make $5-$10 per survey.

Here I have written in details about the free and paid best survey websites that pay well. You can go through these websites and check how easy it is to get registered and make money.

Please do remember to check the geographical limitation (if any) before registering.

11. Sell products on Amazon

Amazon has helped many make millions through their FBA program. Many small brands launched as FBA are now a million dollars global brands.

You must be wondering with FBA how can college students earn money?

All you have to do is find a product with a decent monthly demand. Find a manufacturer to develop and sell on Amazon under your brand name.

Although sounds quite easy, it is not easy to find a high demand for selling products with low competition. Still, you can join few free or paid FBA courses to get your hand of the winning formula.

Please note that this online job for college students do need an upfront investment to start. I am sure after analyzing, you can come up with funds to take this forward.

12. Use your photography skills

If you have a digital camera and you peruse photography, here is something you might like.

If you have ever wondered what’s the best job for a college student? I believe this is a perfect one that takes care of your passion alongside generating a side income for you.

Many stock photo websites pay up to $100 for a creative photograph. All you have to do is go and register with these websites and see if your work is eligible to become a contributor.

Here I have written in details about the top stock websites that can help you earn money with your photos. My another post for those interest to learn mobile photography tricks to go viral on Instagram.

I am sure these will help you find the one that you can rely upon to make some side income.

13. Download money-making apps

Another easy online job for college students is making money from the apps download. Many apps pay you up to $50 for keeping them on your phone. This is one of the quickest ways to make money for your expenses without many efforts.

Here is the list of top 10 money making apps that you should have a look and start today.

14. Use Social Media Accounts

What are some fun jobs for college students?

I guess social media involving internet part time jobs from home does fall in a fun job category. Everyone use top social media sites to share their photos and world news. But, how about converting your accounts into a money-making machine that too free of cost!

Here are a few articles which can easily become an online job for college students at home through social media.

Go and have a look at these individual articles to get some inspiration for an easy, creating and fun job for you. I am sure you will find that one social media site that can work out to be profitable.

15. Apply for Mobile app testing

Every smartphone has many apps that peoples use daily. Sometimes, you find many things in an app and games which you would like to give feedback on.

If this is you, here is an app testing online job for college students that can bring up to $750 per week. Your job is to download the app/games, test on your smartphone, write an honest review and you will get paid for the same.

Yes, this is all you have to do!

Here I have written a detailed article on how to get registered and start freelance app testing jobs.

Final thought:

With expensive college degree, students must find ways to get out of debt as fast as possible. These side hustles come handly to achieve this target a bit faster.

So, stop thinking and start acting on above-listed jobs to make some money that can pay your bills. Many of the above jobs are so easy that you can start acting on them even today!

Still, wonder which is the best free online jobs for students without investment?

I would recommend these three to start with:

  • Social media manager
  • Niche blogger
  • Freelance Writer or Editor

In my opinion, these are the best online job for college students that can pay some good returns in the future. Also, in case your performance is not as per your expectation. You can keep them aside and give time after you are through with your college degree.

Experience from the above recommendations will come handy in your professional life also. As most jobs today need knowledge of social media with good communication skills.

I hope you will find at least one jobs for college students with no experience to get success with. Whichever job you opt to start, please take it with an open mind. Always keep your current scenario and the prospect of these to make a six-figure business.

Please leave a comment as your feedback to this article for an online job for college students…All the best!

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