12 High Paying Jobs Without A Degree People Ignore!

high paying jobs without a degree

There is a lot of competition everywhere today, be it any job or profession. Getting easy jobs that pay high is not an easy task now when global competition is high. But there are some unconventional high paying jobs without a degree in the market which young peoples can try.

With the rise of technology and its usage, some of the best paying jobs are one performed by a single person only.

Finding suitable and high paying jobs without a degree is not easy! 

Go to school, get admission into top colleges, finish your degree, and start the job search. You spend time, efforts, and money to realize that your dream job is still far away from you.

The world has moved a long way forward now, and youth do not search for a job. They have started creating their careers with online and offline options.

Here we will read about some of the high paying jobs without a degree you can take without much of a hassle.

The rise in the corporate sector has already made graduates shying away from government jobs. They are either choosing to work for a big multinational organization or starting a solo career.

We have many examples today where young peoples start top technology companies. Be it Google, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, or WhatsApp. The number of youth denying college admission to follow their passion is on the rise. They are looking for financial freedom hence are looking beyond regular careers.

Returns in these jobs are immense, and way beyond any corporate can pay them.

How to get a job without a degree?

Gain experience in whatever field you want to join. Everybody has to start, do not mind starting with small companies, and apply for a bigger one later.

Here is our list of easiest high paying jobs:

1. Food Truck

food truck is high paid job without a degree

The food truck business industry is of $2 billion a year, where peoples have the perception that it is not a good career.

What do you need to start your truck? Money and passion for food!

It needs no college education, definitely an excellent high paying jobs without a degree that you can choose to do.

In an estimate, the most number of food trucks make near $100,000 a year. Which is an impressive number keeping in mind most of these trucks are family-run businesses.

Today, peoples are short of time, neither they want to spend on expensive restaurants. Hence they like over these food trucks for a meal on the go.

These trucks provide a perfect opportunity for young peoples who are looking to start their own business.

2. Landscape maintenance worker

The American landscape maintenance industry is over $90 billion. By estimates, this industry employs over 7 million Americans.

Not only they are big, but they also provide a high paid job without a degree.

If you are looking for a good easy jobs that pay high, this is one of the best industries to get into.

3. Catering Managers

catering is a high paying job without a college

It is another career in the food industry apart from food truck service.

If starting a truck business is not viable, you can work on catering too. There is no need for any college degree or higher education for this one too.

All you have to do is take up a short diploma course during your school or after school.

The cratering service industry pays a handsome amount to their manager. The only drawback of the job is timing. But when you are looking for a high paid job without a degree, the odd timing of this work doesn’t matter.

You have to be ready even on holidays, weekends, and odd working hours.

4. Gas Station Operation

This job is among one of the easiest high paying jobs without a degree with one of the highest satisfaction among all equalling markets.

You do not need a college degree to start working for a gas station and doing this easy jobs that pay high.

All you need is previous experience and a diploma level qualification to start working.

5. Real estate agent Jobs

Another job where experience is more important and is one of the high paying jobs without a degree. All you need is excellent communication, analytical skills, and market knowledge to start.

Back in time, real estate agents were described as bad peoples who grabs your properties.

With time, this profession has gained a lot of respect in the market. Agents now work for the client to help them find the best properties within their budget. They also help clients in their paperwork when selling or buying a property.

You can enroll for a certificate course for some reputed institute, apply for a government license, and start working.

If you feel this one is a good option for you, all you need to do is to start filling job applications in local agencies. Upon gaining experience in the market, you can also apply for the big real estate corporates for higher pay.

Today, real estate agents are among one of the easy high paying jobs without a degree.

6. Woodworker Is High Paying

highest paying jobs no college wood working

The art of wood is never a dying profession. Gone are the days when everyone has to make his or her furniture.

Today you can give a call to local agencies and hire a woodworker for all kinds of wooden work at home.

This profession is a another high paying jobs without a degree and instead depends on the experience of the worker. Indeed easy jobs that pay high with a scenario of more demand then professional workers. However, you can consider attending a crafted professional course, especially for woodworking.

Not only this will allow you to raise your skills to the next level. But you will also get credentials to attract more clients for your service.

With the rise of the interior decoration industry, the demand for quality woodworkers has increased many folds. The best part is if you wish to start your agency. You can start it with very few government approvals.

One of the hardest but easiest high paying jobs without a degree. But have some good returns if you provide quality service to your clients.

7. Become A personal Trainer

The fitness industry is booming every year with new trends. It provides an opportunity for you to be part of the health and fitness world.

If you already have a passion for fitness and practicing it for long. You have every chance to make it as a personal trainer.

Personal fitness trainers are in demand for giving exclusive time to fitness freaks.

It is a good high paid job without a degree that you can start with certification courses too. If you are already part of any fitness chain, check with them if they provide such certification.

Upon completion of your certificate course, you can either join them or start your fitness center.

8. Insurance Agent

Another one of the high paid job without a degree. If you are looking for a career, this is a good one for you. Or, if you are looking for multiple streams of income, this job is ideal for you.

Though qualification does not count in this profession, it’s an added advantage for your growth.

The minimum requirement to start is your high school diploma and license from your state.

9. Elevator Installers and Repairers

You are ready to grab this great high paying jobs without a degree and with a high school diploma.

Check your local laws about other qualifications or certification before you can apply.

But, not everyone is capable of doing this job as this required flying multiple times in elevators.

Peoples with high concentration levels are the best ones to take up this job.

 In our list, this is one of the high paid job without a degree.

Employees take up to $80,000 yearly from doing elevator installation and repairs.

Unconventional and Online High Paying Part Time Jobs In 2021

high paying part time jobs

1. App Development

Yes, apps are everywhere, and it is difficult to live without them.

There is an app for every task that you can imagine which needs the internet. Be it finding a job, service providers, dating, or listening to music.

App development has given a new dimension to our day to day work. Some of the simplest of apps were sold in millions by their developers. A few examples of such apps are Slack IFTTTMagic, etc.

If you want one of the high paying jobs without a degree or experience, app development is for you.

Start learning to code, there is a lot of free option available online. Keep learning and give peoples a solution to their problem through an app. This market is big, forget about the apps that we have mentioned. Even game apps are making over $15000 a month in revenues.

What easiest high paying jobs as 200k a year? That, too, without a college degree? App development seems to be the answer to these questions!

2. Social Media Manager

Another one of creative high paying part time jobs that don’t require a degree but knowledge of social media.

Everyone uses social media, but only a few know the in-depth details. We are not talking about the big corporates who only hire peoples with a degree in their belt.

There are thousands of small enterprises or individual business owners who want their presence online.

If you are well versed in managing social media pages and running ads, this is a comfortable high paying jobs without a degree or experience.

Excellent communication skills and creativity will help you grow in this field. Though not six-figure income, you can earn up to $40000-$50000 from handling multiple projects at once.

If you already have your own social media account, here are few guides that may come handy.

3. Multi-level marketing (MLM)

This field is already quite saturated, but you can try your luck here also. One of the best part about this profession is that you can do this alongside your regular job.

Multi-level marketing is taken up by peoples for their passive income strategies.

Though tough one to crack, this job does not require any kind of education. Almost all the companies provide free training to their associates to gain knowledge and understand selling.

If done right and you become successful, this can become a high paying part time jobs that do not need a degree you can ever imagine.

Conclusion: Easiest High Paying Jobs?

Finding a job is tight right now, especially even after you have finished your higher education from a reputed college.

Time has changed; instead of waiting for the right job, come your way. Move forward and take up the jobs which can provide you money to run your home.

Sidewise, you can keep looking for your dream easy jobs that pay high or choose any of the above options.

If due to one or another reason, you were unable to complete higher education, you can look around as there are many options still open.

Jobs for peoples who only have school higher education can also find high paying jobs without a degree.

Please drop your feedback on the jobs mentioned above. Also, let me know if you know any other one from the list of the high paying part time jobs!

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